How to Add Meta Description Easily To WordPress Blog Posts – [Guide]

You are searching for meta description in such a short time. You’re a very advanced learner indeed. We have to appreciate you for that. Honestly, it took us a lot of time to figure out what actually the meta description is. In this post, we will show How to Add Meta Description To WordPress Blog Posts.

Before proceeding with Add meta description first read these topics if you need

If you don’t need these, then it’s a must that you are really proceeding quickly. First, let’s see what meta description actually is.

What Is Meta Description?

The Meta Description is a meta tag that describes a post or page. It is mainly the short or summary of the post or page. Google or any other search engines use this meta description to let the viewers know about the post. Also, social media like Facebook or Google+ uses meta description. Whenever you share a post on a social network, it will also bring the meta description.

write good meta description for seo add meta description

Now let’s Begin the steps to add meta description to WordPress Blog posts.

How To Add Meta Description To WordPress Blog Posts

STEP 1 :

First Install the Yoast SEO Plugin. With this plugin, you can do all sorts of work related to SEO.

Step 2 :

After completing the installation go to Plugins from the dashboard and activate the plugin to Work with it.

add meta description

STEP 3 :

Now again go to your dashboard and go to posts. Click on Add new to start writing a new post.

add meta description

STEP 4 :

You will now be redirected to the adding new post section. Now write your post and add a tittle to it. After finishing, scroll down to the lower section of your page, There you will find Yoast SEO plugin. Go there and click on “edit snippet”.

add meta description

STEP 5 :

It will open a new body to the Snippet Preview section. You will find the place of adding Meta Description. Write your desired meta description in the blank area.

add meta description

Now You’re done. These are the easy steps to add meta description to WordPress Blog Post.

If you’re still having any confusion, simply comment and tell your problem to us. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading. Help us by sharing our post.

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