How to Add a New User To Your WordPress Blog – Step by Step[Guide]

Having two or more user in your blog will help you to generate more post for your blog in the least time expected. The more people will write for your blog, the more posts you will have. Thus you’ll be able to have a fully organized blog. In this article we will show you how to add new user in your blog with proper, elaborate but short steps. It will help you to ease the pressure of small details that you need.

Now let’s start the process.


STEP 1 :

If you look at your WordPress dashboard , in the lower portion of it, you will see ‘USERS‘. Go there and you’ll find ‘Add new‘ option. Click it.

add a new user to your wordpress blog

STEP 2 :

Now it will redirect you to a form like page where you’ll have to add the information of your new user. Such as : username, full name, website, email etc

N.B : Username is unchangeable

how to add a user to your wordpress blog

STEP 3 :

Now  add a password to protect the user account. You will be given a default password from WordPress .Click on show password to see the password given by WordPress.

how to add a new user

It will show you a password. But wait a minute! It looks a bit tricky right? No problem, you can add your own password by simply editing it.


If you want the new users to know about their account tick the send user notification. If you don’t, simply untick.

STEP 4 :

Select a role for your users. There are five roles to choose from :

  1. Administrator
  2. Subscriber
  3. Contributor
  4. Author
  5. Editor



STEP 5 :

If all the steps are done, click on add new user . The new user will be successfully added to your WordPress blog.



To switch to the newly added users, just log out from the id you’re using, and login using the new username and password.

User Management Manual

Its always safe to just keep a single Administrator to a blog, because you might not be able to recover your blog if your user is deleted by the other user of your blog. So it is very important to maintain this simple thing. If you are the only administrator, you will have your freedom of choice to give positions to your other users. For that, You have to find the User section on your dashboard and click on All users. A new window will appear like below. There you can add or remove users and manage their position in your blog.

That’s it, now you can add and manage your users of your blog. One thing that every viewer wants from your blog is knowledge about the question they are asking. In the internet people are always looking for something. So it’s very important to maintain the knowledge base of your blog. But something that doesn’t look good won’t keep the viewers attracted for the highest period of time. So it’s also important to maintain the outlook of your blog. Here are 15 responsive themes for you that will surely increase the viewers staying time. Most of the free themes don’t provide the options of editing as will. These themes are premiums, but unlike those themes that are priced above a $100 bucks. These are only $49-$69. So you can grab one now!

I hope you will solve your issue of adding users as well as the appearance of your blog. If you have any questions or facing any difficulties regarding this process simply comment below or mail us. We’ll reply as soon as possible. Help us by sharing. Because sharing is caring.

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