How to Add Viglink On a WordPress Blog – Step by Step [Guide]

If you’re thinking about earning money for your blog with the least effort Viglink is what you should go for. But there are some necessary steps before starting to earn money. You need to Add Viglink on WordPress blog. Then you can focus on making and making money only. Otherwise, you’ll only have an account which won’t be of any use.

add viglink on wordpress blog tutorial

What is Viglink Anyway?

Viglink is an outbound monetization service for bloggers. Just like getting an affiliate link from a specific company, you get a bunch of links without becoming an affiliate to that specific website. How easy does that sound?

Moreover, Viglink does not decline any one’s request, because you don’t have to give an affiliate request to Viglink. You just have to create an account on Viglink and get affiliate links from over hundreds of websites and products.

There’s an affiliate website for a Chrome browser extension, called Grammarly. I have tried many times to be their affiliate partner. But they didn’t accept my application. How depressing is that? But with Viglink I don’t have to face this type of situation because there’s no application required. All you need to do is create a Viglink account right now and follow the next steps of this post to add Viglink on WordPress website.

How To Create a Viglink Account

If you have a Viglink Account, skip these steps and go directly to the Add Viglink On WordPress Blog section.

Step 1:

Click on the button below. It will create a new window of Viglink’s Homepage.

Register Now

Step 2:

Click on the sign-up now button.

add viglink on wordpress website - homepage

Step 3:

Another window will appear, provide your email address and click on SIGNUP. Then you will see that in the same window they are asking for a password. Also, there’s message above that you will receive an email from them.

add viglink on wordpress blog - email id

Step 4:

Now go to your Email and find the message. It should be up in your inbox, if not, check the spam messages. There will be link given on the message. Click on the link, you will be redirected to the Signup procedure. But this time you’ll be verified.

add viglink on wordpress blog - email confirmation

Step 5:

Now on the next step write and confirm your password, read and click on I accept Viglink Term of Service and Privacy Policy. Then click on Create Account.

add viglink on wordpress blog

Step 6: 

Now your account is ready. Just give the necessary information on the required fields. Now click on “save contact info”.

add viglink on wordpress blog

Step 7:

After saving the contact information. you have to include information about your campaign. Follow the image below. Add your Blog’s name on “Campaign Name”. Then Select a “Category” of your blog. On “Type”, select “Blog”, another option appears where you will have to select your Platform. Select WordPress. Click on Complete Signup to finish the process.

add viglink on wordpress blog

How To Add Viglink On WordPress Blog?

Step 1:

Install and activate the Viglink Plugin from WordPress Dashboard. Read WordPress Plugin Installation GuideIt will help you to get through the process.

Step 2:

Log into your Viglink account. Go to MANAGE and click on Install.

add viglink on wordpress - manage

Step 3:

The red boxed portion is the secret API key. It’s blurred for privacy. Make sure you keep your key private too. Now just simply copy it.

add viglink on wordpress - install viglink


Go to your WordPress and from the dashboard > go to settings > click on Viglink.

add viglink on wordpress


add viglink on wordpress - api key

Paste the copied API key into the box and click on Save Changes.

Now finally you are done with Add Viglink On WordPress Blog. If you have a Payoneer account, Must read – 15+ Affiliate Programs and networks that pay through Payoneer.  Don’t forget to claim your Free Payoneer MasterCard($25 Free).

I hope this post will help you to add Viglink on WordPress blog. Now you can work your way through the Viglink affiliate program. If you have any questions or suggestions simply comment or email us directly. We will reply as soon as possible. Help us by sharing this post.

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Thank you for sharing! Im just starting out in figuring out monetization options that are easy. Its so daunting for a new blogger. This seems very easy and I had no idea it existed right on wordpress! Great informative blog.

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