Affiliate Disclosure

BloggerTracks is a beginners track for blogging. From the day I started BloggerTracks, it has grown to be at a certain stage that it’s giving blogging lessons to a lot of new bloggers who want to learn and earn.

Affiliation of different products is one of the few ways in which BloggerTrcks earns it’s money. Whatever I use myself or find useful enough for people, I share theirs links via writing reviews or discount posts with pros and cons. All the reviews are pure and on the basis of personal usage and research.

Now BloggerTracks is at a point where it’s not possible for me to find out all the affiliate links and mark them separately. So, whenever you’re clicking a link or button, it might be or contain an affiliate link. But there’s nothing to worry.

When you’re paying for something through BloggersTracks affiliate link, you don’t have to pay me extra. After you have payed the product provider, they will give me my commission for forwarding you to their websites. Moreover being an affiliate partner I have access to exclusive discounts for my readers.

This disclosure is to make you aware that whatever you do on BloggerTracks, if you’re clicking on an affiliate link and paying, I will receive a commission and it will help me to generate revenue. With this revenue I am able to run BloggerTracks.

All the articles including affiliate links are not subjected to popular choice or other affiliated reviews. They are written on the basis of my personal usage and research results.

If you have any questions regarding anything, you can contact me any time using the Contact Form.

Nishat Mahmud