15 Best Android Apps For Bloggers in 2019 – The 15’s List

The Android operating system is the most popular platform and OS for Smartphone and Tablet devices. There are millions of applications that can be used in an Android device from play store. There are writing apps, Games, Photo editing apps, Collage apps, Social networking apps etc. For a Blogger in 2017, those who are starting new and those who have already started their journey, for overcoming the lags in blogging some Android apps can be really helpful for them. Here is the list of 15 best Android Apps for bloggers that can be found in play store. These applications are for keeping a smartphone or tablet and making bloggers work easy by doing the best use of them.

This list is created for a beneficial purpose. It is completely a manufacturer of my personal blogging experience. So some lists can also have different opinions about different apps. But with these apps, you surely can work on your daily schedules and jobs in the easiest of ways.

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Here is the list of the 15 Best Android Apps For Bloggers which are essential and must have:










Journey - Dairy, Journal




Google Drive


Google Keep


Google Analytics App






Photo Editor Pro


Swiftkey Keyboard





1. WordPress

WordPress, without any doubt, is the best blogging platform on the internet. It not only lets the WordPress.com hosted blogs to be managed but also lets self-hosted blogs to be controlled and managed by this CMS. Which means you can have a blog hosted on Bluehost or Hostgator but you still can manage it by WordPress, as WP comes as default CMS in these Cheap Hosting Platforms. So, with the WordPress APP, you can manage your blog on the go on your smartphone or tablet. You won’t have to carry your laptop everywhere.

best android apps for bloggers

2. Blogger

Just like the WordPress blog, Blogger is an app that bloggers should look forward to. This a personal blog management app. If you have a blog on blogger, this is a must-have app for you. But according to its usage, in comparison to the WordPress app, it is very limited. Surprisingly, this app is a creation of Google, this makes it an official app of Google.

best android apps for bloggers

3. Tumblr

This app is a similar app for WordPress and Blogger. But a Tumblr blog is known to be a microblog, rather than a macro blog or normal blog. Because Tumblr blogs are not about writing big posts, it’s more about short quotes, images, blurbs, videos etc. Tumblr bloggers can write contents, schedule post and reply messages with the Tumblr app. So this app is very useful for those who have Tumblr Blogs.

best android apps for bloggers

4. Weebly

Over 30 million people have created websites on Weebly desktop, a Weebly app has 1 million users. This app is as same as the desktop version, offering all the features of smartphone and tablets. Activity monitoring, detailed stats, easy to use blog post editor, instant comment respond are some of its great features. One can also instant payment by Stripe, Square or Paypal.

best android apps for bloggers

5. Journey – Diary, Journal

This app is not a conventional Android app for a blogger, but for those who want to write on the go, and keep a track of it, should go for this app. It has a secret diary feature, it can be synchronized with Google Drive, supports tags, browse entries by lists, timeline, calendar, photos or atlas. These features are quite remarkable as anyone who doesn’t want to forget what he thought during a journey or even on a vacation if something important hits his mind. Those who are running a Live Journal blog should use this app to keep the information and ideas listed.

best android apps for bloggers

6. Writer

The most important thing in a bloggers work is the writing, and when it comes to writing it has to be distraction free. The Writer is a writing application without the fuss and distraction of a traditional word processor. Other apps and notifications are quite a distraction that breaks the concentration necessary for writing. The Writer is the best word processor in this job which solves these problems. Its aim is to keep the writing procedure as distraction-free as possible. Which helps a writer to be more specific during his work.

best android apps for bloggers

7. Google Drive

Google drive lets bloggers store all kinds of stuff. Like Word Documents, Excel Documents, Audios, Images, Videos etc in cloud storage. All they need is to have a Google account, where they can keep the record and track of their activity. If you were working on a post on your computer and left in half, you can again work back on it on the go on your phone or tablet.

best android apps for bloggers

8. Google Keep

This is another easy to use an app from Google for bloggers who love to write while they are out from home. Being off duty, or those bloggers who work on their blog as a side business and have other jobs to do, they can be very much helped by this specific application from Google.

best android apps for bloggers

9. Google Analytics App

The official Google Analytics mobile app helps a blogger to monitor his blog on the go, better to say everywhere he goes. With this app, a blogger can check key metrics, Compare date ranges, apply segments, Monitor real-time data, save a report to the dashboard. He is an all-rounder statistical app for any blogger to use and keep on the phone. It has over 1 million active users.

best android apps for bloggers

10. Evernote

Evernote is an all-rounder organizing app for a blogger. With this app, a blogger can write, collect and capture ideas. It supports plenty of formats such as PDF, text, sketches, audio, video, web clipping. This app can easily scan writings from a piece of paper. Microsoft Office docs can be attached while working on it. This is a must keep app for bloggers.

best android apps for bloggers

11. Dictionary

A dictionary is a great friend in writing a blog post. Some might not remember or find suitable words to write the perfect line for his post. With a dictionary, one can easily find out the meanings in English and write a sentence perfectly. There is no specific app for this, A blogger needs to have an English to any(spoken language) dictionary.

best android apps for bloggers

12. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is a must have android app for bloggers. To make a blog post very attractive one has to add photos. With this app, a blogger can edit, add text, set pointers, make collages, adjust size etc. So this is an all-rounder photo edit app having more than 100 million users! I have already written a post before about how to write a perfect business post regarding Increasing Affiliate SalesReading this post will help you to know more about making a post attractive.

best android apps for bloggers

13. Swiftkey Keyboard

This is the best keyboard for bloggers who want speed. The swift keyboard lets a blogger write very quickly. Writing a post is the most lengthy work for a blogger to do. So have some speed om the keyboard is something that will increase the speed of post writing and Swiftkey is there for this job.

best android apps for bloggers

14. Feedly

Feedly is an RSS feed reader, a blogger can read RSS feeds from other blogs and keep up to date with others. A blogger can subscribe multiple RSS feeds by this app. Feedly is a very famous app between bloggers and blog writers.

best android apps for bloggers

15. SERPMojo

SERPMojo is an app to keep a track of your post rankings. This app will help you a lot to have all the details of your posts, when it was doing good, when it was falling down in ranks, all in one post analytics. It’s a one of a kind in-app purchase app. But with this one, you’re sure to keep a record of your working progress.

best android apps for bloggers

So that’s it, here are the apps that a blogger needs. These are must-have apps only. None of these are useless, if you trust me, try these and you’ll get the result yourself. A website doesn’t run on Android apps, it runs on Plugins, it needs themes, responsive ones.

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