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Before writing any content, you must find out if the keyword you chose has the highest search volume and CPC rate. Without knowing that, writing a content is worthless. Because if the keyword research isn’t proper, your content might just be a loss project. So it’s important to find the right keyword with a Keyword research tool or a keyword planner. Usually, there are lots of keyword research tools and keyword planners out there but which are the best keyword research tools for SEO?

7 Best Keyword Research Tools [For SEO]

I did my research about keyword tools and selected 7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO. Let’s see the result of my research, shall we?

The result is based on the highest search result shown by any keyword tool or keyword planner.

Here are the 7 best keyword research tools that I recommend to use for any type of blogs that want to do well in SEO ⇓

7 Best Keyword Research Tools & Keyword Planners

1. SEMRush

If you want to know about the most reliable keyword research tool+Competitor analysis tool+keyword planner, SEMRush is the one you want. If you ask which one is the best keyword research tool for a blogger? The answer will always be SEMRush.

7 Best Keyword Research Tools [For SEO] - semrush

What Features Does SEMRush Have

  • Domain Analytics – In this feature, you can keep an overview of your domain and your competitors’ domains. You can have many domains listed in this section and check their rankings for several keywords, check backlinks. You can also do traffic analysis which is one of their new features. Even you can do a domain vs domain analysis.
  • Keyword Analytics – This feature is for doing a lot of things. You can have an overview of your keywords, matched phrases(the phrases related to your keywords), related keywords. You can check a keywords difficulty. Also, there’s a unique option called keyword magic tool, which helps you to find millions of keywords related to just a word. 
  • Projects – This option is to use some of the inbuilt tools of SEMRush known as SEO Audit, Position tracking, SEO Ideas, Link building, PPC Keyword tool etc which will help you to launch your campaign globally.
  • SEO Content Tool(NEW)This tool will analyze your rival domain’s contents and give you ideas for optimizing your content. So that you can have a better ranking position.
  • Lead Generation Tool(NEW) – This tool is specially built to increase your conversion rates which will eventually increase your website revenue.

With SEMRush You Can Do

  • Find highly profitable keywords(both paid and organic)
  • Compete with other big shot websites
  • Find what features you need to have to rank higher on SERP
  • Analyze and find high ranked websites SEO secrets
  • Create high-quality long tail keywords
  • Have more organic traffic
  • Increase revenue

This is the most recommended keyword tool in the business (High Quality & High Budget). Also, we use this tool for keyword research.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the free best keyword research tools. Because of being free, it doesn’t have enough specifications like most other Keyword research tools.

Best Keyword Research Tools [For SEO] 2017 - goggle keyword planner

The reason I included Keyword Planner on this list is that it’s directly integrated with Google Adwords. This is the reason behind its popularity. What people don’t know is this Keyword Planner has got some limitation as well.

The best thing about Google Keyword Planner is that it is able to dig deep for information on Google. But the sad truth is this Keyword Planner is not applicable for other search engines. Nowadays people only care about Google search. But what they don’t know is, still a large number of people use different search engines rather than Google. so the people who target those search engines, get easily ranked. But in this procedure, nobody will get any help from Google Keyword Planner as its only devoted to Google Keyword research. 

This is a very big limitation. But still, if you want to keep your area small and have a large competition you can use it. But I personally will not recommend this to people for its limitation.

3. LongTail Pro

LongTail Pro is one of the leading keyword research tools and keyword planners of the industry. With this tool, people can easily analyze a keyword’s profitability. Not just this you can do a lot of things with this keyword tool.

7 Best Keyword Research Tools [For SEO] 2017 - For Any Type of Blogs - longtailpro

What Features Does LongTail Pro Have

  • Keyword Competitiveness – In this feature, you can able to find that why your keyword isn’t in the top 10 of Google Search Result. It will show you that what is the difficulty of ranking those keywords. Also, it will show you some similar keywords and you can use those similar keywords to get higher ranking in Google Search Result.
  • Custom Difficulty Targets – You can create a custom project by adding your domain. It will help you to discover your keyword targeting difficulty with your websites so that you can search a proper keyword for your website.
  • Determine Metrics – In the features, you can easily find out your domain strength, domain age, page strength, referring domains to your website and website page, website indexed page, the number of backlinks and the number of Nofollow links and Follow links. 
  • Calculate Keyword Profitability(New) – This is the brand new feature of LongTail Pro. This brand new feature will help you to determine a keywords profitability. Like if you’re going to start an Amazon Website, an Adsense Website or you want to sell your own products through your website then this feature will help you to determine a keywords profitability.
  • Export Results – This feature will help you to export your keywords lists, keywords metrics data, keywords competition data and the list of top 10 Google Search Results.
  • Real-Time Filtering – By using this feature you can able to find the filter keywords result by CPC, advertiser competition, keyword competition, local searches, the number of words and much more.

This is the most recommended keyword tool in the business (Low Budget Purpose). By clicking up on the button below you can get up to 33% OFF any plans of LongTail Pro (This discount offer is only valid for BloggerTracks readers).

4. SECockpit

SECockpit is one of the best-rising keywords planner and research tool. By using this tool you can easily find a proper keyword for your website. Also, you can be able to find the better keyword opportunities than your competitors.

This is the keywords planner and research tool which has been recommended by Best SEO Specialist – Brian Dean.

Best Keyword Research Tool - SECockpit

What Features Does SECockpit Have

  • Keyword Research at Fast Speed
  • Internation location and language tagging
  • Keyword analysis data without restriction
  • Find out keyword value within seconds
  • Find better keywords than competitors
  • Pro feature – RankTracker

5. SerpStat

They call themselves the SEO hacking tool. Because with SerpStat you can do 5 things at once. And those 5 things are the 5 keys to success. The keyword research is free and the data is given for free also. But some features are opened only if the account upgraded and some research limits are withdrawn.

7 Best Keyword Research Tools 2017 [For SEO] – Best For Any Websites - serpstatThe 5 things that you can perform with SerpStat are-

  • Position Tracking (Pro Feature)
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audit (Pro Feature)
  • Competitor research

If you go to SerpStat from our website you will get 20% off on yearly subscription. So try SerpStat now. You won’t be disappointed.

6. KWFinder

This is one of the most dedicated Keyword Research Tool among the best keyword research tools. KWFinder is an ideal keyword research tool which enables you to perform keyword research for different languages and different locations. 

Best Keyword Research Tools [For SEO] 2017 - kwfinderYou can use this Keyword research tool for free. Also, you can buy one of their plans to get better suggestions and more keyword search. the basic plan will do. it’ll cost you less money but it’s purely efficient. If you don’t believe try using the free one first. Then you can buy their plans if you like using them.

7. Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is another dedicated keyword research tool for Google Search Engine. It’s free to use but you can pay for extra benefits.

Best Keyword Research Tools [For SEO] 2017 - keyword tool.ioThe best part about this tool is it generates over 750 Keyword suggestions. But there is a very big drawback. You cannot see the search volume or CPC rate of any keyword without buying pro. So it’s better to buy the pro rather than using it for free. Because you might end up choosing a keyword not knowing its search volume. It might have even less than 10 searches per month. 

What We Recommend

If you ask us to choose one of these Keyword planners & Research Tools, we will directly recommend SEMRush. Because if you check the features they provide, no other keyword research tool and keyword planner have a match with them. So without any hesitation, go for SEMRush and you will get 7 days free trial. You can anytime cancel their subscription if you don’t like them. But I can assure you, if you start using them, you’ll definitely love them.

But if you have a low budget, you should definitely choose LongTail Pro because they are the 2nd best keyword tool if you measure by the features.

Our Work is Done, Now It's Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to decide that which one you would prefer to use. We can just recommend you one of the best keyword research tools but can never force you to get a keyword research tool. But if you look forward to using a keyword tool, must check their features and compare them with SEMRush’s features.

If you have anything to share or anything to ask, comment and we will reply as soon as possible. Help us by sharing our post. We will be ever grateful. Thanks for spending your valuable time reading this article.

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