8 Best Places to Buy Domain Name In 2021

I have been blogging for over four years now, but I still can remember the struggle of the first day of my journey. I had to find the best place to buy domain name. But I didn’t have anyone to guide me through the procedures. I do understand how painful this can be. That’s why I decided to write this post about the best place to buy domain name.

For starters, you need to select a very unique domain name to target customers of your niche.

But it’s not enough just to select a domain name, you have register it so that you can have the ownership. Not all the places where you can register them provides the equal price.

So, it’s very important to select a place where you can have more benefits and less price.

A domain name can cost starting from $0.99 up to $19.99. You have to be very careful about buying it from the right place.

There are various places to buy a domain name from but let’s not make you confused by talking about a lot of them. Here’s a list of 8 best place to buy domain name.


Registration Price

Renewal Price


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Free Lifetime

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Free Lifetime

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If you can not yet decide which one to go for, read the following thorough discussions. I’m sure it will help you to choose, also I will recommend the most acceptable.

Best Place to Buy Domain Name - Brief Description

1. Inmotion Hosting

Best Place to Buy Domain Name - Inmotion Hosting

Keeping their magic number a secret, Inmotion Hosting is proving itself to be one of the best domain and hosting providers in the business. Like others, they don’t have any offers related to their domain name registration. But they do offer a free domain name registration for a year with their hosting service.

I have learned one thing in four years of my journey. If you have the slightest way of lessening any money, you should go for it. I have faced many errors in many products that are necessary for creating an article or making my blog look good. You won’t really know what’s up ahead. So, for starters, don’t make the mistakes I made by choosing a place where domain names cost too much and hosting price is really high.

If you want to consider this you should really start looking forward to different specifications of web hosts who provide domain names as well.

We personally recommend you to host your website on Inmotion Hosting, Because they provide Free Domain Name for 1 Year.

Now, specifically, if you want a hosting service that provides you with 99.9% uptime guarantee, SSD to keep you 20X faster and service that is available 24/7 and top-notch, you can go for Inmotion Hosting. It is one of the best place to buy domain name. Because with their hosting, you can get the domain for free for a year. Also, being one of our readers, you will get a special 47% discount on their hosting plans.

The renewal price of the domain name will be $14.99 per year. Don’t worry about the renewal price, we can assure you that you will be happy after using their services.

2. HostGator

Best Place to Buy Domain Name - HostGator

9,000,000 domains, maybe the biggest domain and hosting provider of the world, Hostgator is considered to be one of the best web hosting providers in business. Though they charge $14.99 per year for domain registration, you will get up to 75% discount through our blog.

The number of their clients show that their service is up top. If you are using a proper internet service, you will see that our website only takes half of a second to load.

It’s only possible because We are using HostGator cloud hosting.

I have used many web hosting services but this one by far is the most satisfying. Although, cloud hosting is a bit expensive for starters. If you have enough budget, I recommend that you should go with Hostgator.

Our second personal recommendation is HostGator, BloggerTracks is also Hosted on HostGator Cloud Hosting.

Because if you search for best the best budget cloud hosting, you will see that most of the well known and established bloggers are suggesting Hostgator. Because with them you are able to get the finest support in the lowest of prices.

Also, with that 75% hosting discount for being with us, the domain registration price drops to $5.00 per year. So, being one of BloggerTracks’ reader, you will get a proper discount.

3. Bluehost

Best Place to Buy Domain Name - Bluehost

Serving 2 million people and having 3 million domains Bluehost is one of the best domain and hosting provider in the world. If you ask for someone reliable to host your website and provide you a domain name registration for life, you should choose Bluehost.

Yes, That’s right. Bluehost provides you with a domain name that is free of cost and you can have it for the lifetime if you keep your website hosted on Bluehost.

If you ask me to suggest you with 3-4 web hosting providers whom you can trust for performance, Bluehost will surely secure the 3rd or 4th place. Because the level of dedication they have towards their clients and the features they have, make them a very powerful contender in the web hosting and domain providing business.

Our third personal recommendation is Bluehost. Because they provide Free Domain Name & SSL for the lifetime.

If you search for keywords like how to create a website, you will surely see that 70% of the articles are suggesting you to start your website on Bluehost. Why? Because it’s reliable and the costs can be minimized. Also, they have the simplest control panel for hosting. That’s why WordPress, the greatest CMS (content management system) highly recommends Bluehost as the best place to buy domain name and web hosting.

The best thing is being our reader you will get flat 60% discount on purchase.

4. GoDaddy

Best Place to Buy Domain Name - GoDaddy

GoDaddy is by far one of the cheapest domain registrars of the world. You can register your domain only at $0.99 per year! It’s a great place to buy domain name.

But whenever you’re buying a domain name you should consider the fact that keeping your domain name on one place and hosting your website on somewhere else is a very hectic job. Because you have you do many technical work all by yourself.  If you’re willing to do it you can buy domain name from here.

But if you don’t want all that botheration, then you can easily choose the other recommendations. Because just like GoDaddy is one of the cheapest domain name registrar, the hosting is not so cheap. It’ll cost you $4.99/month at first. Then the renewal price will reach $9.99/month. I have to accept that the service is quite remarkable.

But with this price, you are losing a lot of insurance money that you will need in future. suppose you want to create articles with some widgets that I personally use. For that you will need Thrive Builder. But if you are to spend too much money at first, it will become an unnecessary burden for you. That’s why we don’t recommend GoDaddy’s hosting. Instead, you can go for the ones I have recommended.

5. 1&1

Best Place to Buy Domain Name - 1and1

Being the oldest one in business, 1&1 hosting are considered the guardian of others. Established in 1988 they are in the business for 32 years.

They have an option of $0.99/year domain registration which is one of the cheapest offers on the internet. Also, they have a hosting plan for Linux and Windows which starts from $12 for the first year. With the plan along with other features, they provide free SSL certificate.I have written the importance of SSL Certificate later on.

Do you want to expand your business online? If yes, then the next question would be do you have a low budget? if yes, then 1&1 hosting is for you. And you can trust them undeniably because they have been in business and serving people for 30 years.

If it wasn’t for their service, they wouldn’t have been in the business for such a long time. I won’t lie, some other brands have passed on because of providing better services and specifications. But if you ask for reliability over more specifications, you should definitely go for 1&1 Hosting.

6. SiteGround

Best Place to Buy Domain Name - SiteGround

They are one of the most expensive domain providers in the world yet they have hosted and registered over 1 million websites. There is no way of lying about their domain price. A .com extension domain costs $15.95/year.

Domain price is too much. But if you relate the hosting price then it will not be much of an irrelevant price.

People are increasingly falling for Siteground because of their features. They provide free Cloudflare CDN, Free Let’s encrypt SSL feature, SSD storage, Free auto daily backup, Free website builder and many more! Plus WordPress recommends them. The leading CMS of the world will not recommend them unless they are too damned good.

This is why their service is considered to be world class. Also, you can get all of that with a flat 60% discount as a BloggerTracks reader.

7. A2 Hosting

Best Place to Buy Domain Name - A2 Hosting

In many places A2Hosting is suggested as the best web hosting platform in the world. As a cheap one, A2Hosting is really up to the mark. But their domain name costs $14.95/year.

That’s high, but 8 million domains and 6 million websites say otherwise! Yeah, they have over 8 million customers. This is only possible because of their superclass service.

If you are willing to buy a domain name, you should know what an SSL certificate is. SSL certificate provides your readers a guarantee that your website is safe to be surfed on and it also helps to get better rankings.

A2Hosting provides you a free SSL certificate which costs up to $19.95/year. This is one of the several reasons why people choose A2hosting whereas their domain price is high.

Also, they have a little something called the A2 Site Accelerator which helps to increase the loading speed of a website.

These are the reasons why people love A2hosting. And people love to obtain their service more because they provide 51% discount on purchase.

8. FastComet

Best Place to Buy Domain Name - FastComet

Only over 45,000 clients from 80+ different countries, but still they are listed here. It’s because they haven’t had any bad reviews from their users.

FastComet does not deal in domain names. But with their web hosting packages, they offer a free domain name registration for the lifetime. The only way of enjoying this is to have your website hosted on FastComet.

Their price starts from $2.95/month which is quite lower than others. Other web hosts start charging higher each month from the renewal, but FastComet guarantees the same renewal price as the first purchase.

They have many features like Free SSL, Cloudflare CDN, Free SpamExperts, Web Application Firewall, Malware Remover and many more things.

If you want all this, Free domain name and SSD cloud hosting at the cheapest price you can choose FastComet. Before purchasing, Activate the promo code bloggertracks10%off. You will get flat 10% discount.

Recommendations to Buy Domain Name

If I start giving a rating on all of their services, it will take a lot of time for you to read. Also, thorough ratings are unnecessary. We have kept Inmotion Hosting in our toppers list because of their service and support. We can easily say that their specifications and services can be rated 5 out of 5.

And the prices are good enough for you to go with. Again, we have that 47% discount prepared for you.

This recommendation is a necessary one as this blog is running on Hostgator. For their services, I am keeping them listed here. But as a cloud hosting user, there’s no use of lying about their price, which is a bit high.

But if you choose to enjoy the almost same features like BloggerTracks and pay a lot less, go for their web hosting package under the 75% discount for BloggerTracks reader. Because the hosting price is 75% less and the domain price is one-third of the original, that’s $5.00 for a whole year.

In the case of reliability, Bluehost is ranked 2nd in our recommendation. In four years, I have felt insecure for many many times. Which is very harmful for your website yet business. Because if you cannot keep your cool, you will not be able to create top-notch articles and grab your share of the business.

So, if you want to feel secure and stay tension free to have a proper concentration on your work, go for BlueHost.

The 60% discount is specially for our blog readers. Which means if you go with this recommendation of mine, you can pay once, save money and stay tension free for three whole years.

Our work Here is Done, Now it's Your Turn

These are the 8 best place to buy domain name. I have recommended some separately for your benefit.

If you’re unable to get the discounts as described, contact us directly.

Also, if you have any questions simply ask away. If you’re helped by this post, share it and let others know. Thank you for your time.

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