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A blog not only runs by the posts, it needs viewers to view and read. But you can’t expect any of your viewers to return unless you do something about it. What you can do is manage. And this “Return of Viewers” management is called subscription. If you are a WordPress user, you are a must accustomed to a person to a plugin. A plugin is what that makes your blogging work easier. The best subscription plugin for WordPress is Wp Subscribe. In this post, I will give you detailed information on Why its the best subscription plugin.

best subscription plugin

Before that, let’s discuss the importance of a subscription plugin. For visitors it –

  • Helps people to find the blog they want to find more often.
  • Receive leads to the newest post of their favorite blog.
  • Get updates about new offers and sales.
  • Gets news about new products.
  • Keeps a track with the blog they want to follow.

So these are the reasons for subscription process for the benefits of visitors. For blog owners it –

  • Makes people come over and over again.
  • Sends new updates and posts to regular viewers.
  • Does Email Marketing.
  • Helps to Keep in touch with customers and readers.
  • Increases the traffic in an organic way.

So these are all of the help that both bloggers and readers can get from a subscription plugin. But there are thousands of subscription plugins for WordPress. But why WpSubscribe? Apart from this being my personal favorite choice, there are some reasons why its the best one.

Why Is WP Subscribe The Best Subscription Plugin For WordPress?

category wise name for a blog best subscription plugin

  • It has a very attractive design.
  • Built-in layouts.
  • Edit options.
  • Doesn’t lag, optimizes with the blog speed.
  • Supports Mailchimp, Aweber & Feedburner
  • Has pop-up previews.
  • Unlimited Color schemes.
  • Pop-Up trigger and animations.
  • Higher Conversion rate than other plugins

Why wait when you can have the best options for a small price? Yeah the bad news, this awesome plugin has a price. But where there is a bad news there is also a good news. This plugin costs $39.00. Here’s the good news, you can get it for $27.00 only!!! How? Just click the button below and follow the procedures there. You can also have the free version but you won’t have the chance to select your desired color or create your personal layout. So the best decision is to go with the premium version which is recommended by Thousands of users and rated 4.3/5.

Get The free Plugin  Get It Now For $27

So make no mistake, grab the best subscription plugin now and enjoy $12 discount on your purchase. If you don’t know how to manually install a WordPress plugin after downloading it, read WordPress Plugin Installation Guide. It will surely help you with the procedure.

If you have any questions, simply comment or email us directly. We will reply as soon as possible.

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