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As I know there are a lot of Best WordPress Theme Sites on the internet. When I started this blog I was confused to choose a proper theme for my blog. I have read a lot of posts about choosing a perfect theme provider but honestly speaking I could not find anything helpful there because they put a lot of themes in their blog posts and those are not suitable for my blog.

Then I decided to go on my own. At first, I used MyThemeShop’s – Schema Theme which was fantastic and very satisfying, because it is one of the fastest themes I have ever used. But my satisfaction didn’t last for long when I saw Thrive Themes – FocusBlog Theme. I read a lot of good reviews about Genesis Framework and within a moment I changed my mind to buy FocusBlog Theme. Now I use this theme for my blog.

Why You Need to Choose a Theme Form Best WordPress Theme Sites?

There are thousands of free WordPress themes but you can not make your website more beautiful while you are using a free theme. Just think about that if those free themes are suitable for using then all those popular bloggers must use those themes and they don’t need to buy a premium a theme. Like me, I have been blogging for a very long time so while I’m using a free theme I don’t have that opportunity to make my blog more visual.

Then I decided to buy a premium theme and as earlier I told you that now I’m using Thrive Themes – FocusBlog Theme. Honestly speaking it makes my blog faster and visual. Now I can do whatever I want with my theme but that was not possible using a free theme. And that’s why you need to buy a premium WordPress theme from Best WordPress Theme Sites.

Now I will give some brief description about Best WordPress Theme Sites so that you can choose your desired one.

List & Pricing Of 9 Best WordPress Theme Sites


Starting Price

Membership Price



$228 (Yearly)


$87 (Lifetime)


$499.95 (Lifetime)








$299 (Lifetime)





Our Personal Recommendation

Best WordPress Theme Sites - Thrive Themes

Best WordPress theme providers of all time. You can rely on them.

Best WordPress Theme Sites - Elegant Themes

They provides the best themes for small business owners. 

Best WordPress Theme Sites - StudioPress

If you have a good budget then go for their Membership Plan.

1. Thrive Themes

Why I put Thrive Themes number 1 on my table list? Because Thrive Themes products are used on the popular blogs. Like I have seen a lot of popular blogs which were built on Thrive Themes – FocusBlog and Pressive Theme.

Best WordPress Theme Sites - thrive themes

They have a plugin called Content Builder. Over 44000 people use this plugin for making their blog post more and more beautiful. It helps to enlighten the content with usual accessories that help to highlight the important parts of your content. This way, the monetized part of your content will be a lot more visible to your readers, and it will help you to earn more money. That is why we have Thrive Themes on top over other theme providers. They won’t cost you money for nothing. It is like investing money in a business.

There is also an email list building plugin called Thrive Leads. It’s one of their leading plugins on their list. It helps you to build up your subscribers list very nicely. Which again leads to the new product’s direct advertisement to your regular customers and readers. Thus your sale increases even more!

And there are a lot of other plugins to choose and use from. These are actually like gold mines. If you work on them, you will get a fortune for sure. So don’t be late. Become a member of Thrive Themes and enjoy all of their products.

2. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is one of the best Best WordPress Theme Sites. They have over 401000 happy customers. I have never heard a single bad review of Elegant Themes. They have the best visual page builder which is called Divi and this is easy to use plus too much fast. I know that Nick Roach going to create more and more awesome stuff like Divi.

Best WordPress Theme Sites - Elegant Themes

You can get all those 87 themes and Divi the ultimate page and theme builder only for $80. And you can buy this plan – through this link “Elegant Themes Lifetime” and you will get a 10% discount on this plan. Whenever you buy this plan you will have access to all themes and plugins. They have some awesome plugins like – Bloom and Monarch. And this two plugin helps you to gather leads and building your social following online.

My suggestion is if your website or blog contains a lot of pages and posts then I highly recommend you to buy the lifetime plan from Elegant Themes platform. And it will be wise for you because they have the best visual page builder.

3. StudioPress

StudioPress is one of a kind all in one website builder with the flexible power of WordPress. Their industry standard design framework which’s name is Genesis Framework, already powers over 500,000 websites. Even we use their theme called StudioPress – OutReach. Which is actually very hassle-free and user-friendly.

Best WordPress Theme Sites - StudioPress

Many WordPress site users spend $79 a month on a third party service just to maintain the updates and safety of their website. But StudioPress tech solves this issues for free. Their system is very state of the art. Whenever you buy a product from StudioPress they offered you “Advance SEO Functionality.” And also you can install of included plugins just for one click. That’s why I use their theme on my blog.

 And another important thing is they have been awarded for “Fastest WordPress Hosting” of 2017. So if you want then you can host your WordPress site on StudioPress. No theme providers offer a web hosting plan and as far as I know, 0nly StudioPress offers web hosting plan. If you like all of this features of StudioPress then don’t be late, buy it now and enjoy it for the lifetime.

4. MyThemeShop

Of 361,421 happy users, we are also one. From the very beginning of our blogging journey, our first choice for a theme was a MyThemeShop product. That was Schema Premium, it’s loading speed was really fast and it had a very charming look. Also, this theme was practically Search Engine Optimized, which was very helpful for our blog.

We had our very first $50 income on our 9th day of blogging when we were using that theme. So it really proves its worth. But trust us, all the other themes that MyThemeShop have, are really very fascinating. They have their SociallyViral theme – which is social media optimized, MoneyFlow theme – which is actually proven to increase money flow for small business websites and much more. 

Best WordPress Theme Sites - mythemeshop

They also have some useful plugins. But the most important thing about being their customer is sheer satisfaction. We were satisfied having that theme because the income was great. We were monetizing properly and the theme was keeping our blog fast and optimized for Search Engines. And also bringing us more and more money.

Their products are listed in one of our blog posts. Read – Best MyThemeShop Premium Themes

5. Theme Forest

Theme Forest is the biggest WordPress Premium Themes and Templates, provider. They have over 33400 website themes and templates. And they are the cheapest WordPress themes provider I have ever seen. Their starting price starts from $2. 

Best WordPress Theme Sites - Theme Forest

As earlier I told you that their starting price starts from $2. So you need to choose a perfect theme/template for your blog/website. Even every week they hand-pick some of the new website/blog themes from their collection.

I highly recommend to every new blogger or online small business runner to buy themes from Theme Forest. Why I recommend this? Because from starting you can save and you don’t have to invest a lot to buy a premium theme. So this perfect place to buy a premium theme for a beginner. And Theme Forest is a part of Envato Market.

6. Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie was founded in 2009. They have almost 34000 customers and we haven’t seen a single bad review of this platform. You can buy all themes only for $49. That means you have access to all 53 themes on their platform and you are only paying less than a dollar for each theme. Isn’t that great?

Best WordPress Theme Sites - Theme junkie

One thing, I want to suggest you that don’t buy a single theme from this platform. Because that single theme costs $39 and you can access to all themes only for $49. So my suggestion is to buy “All Themes Package” then you can use those themes for your clients or your other websites. 

7. ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle‘s themes and plugins are trusted by 471,039 users. They have 30+ free and premium templates for WordPress. Now their collection or inventory might be small. But if you actually do the math, each of their themes is activated in the average of 15,500+ websites. That is actually a great number right?

Best WordPress Theme Sites - themeisle homepage

You can become a member at ThemeIsle and use all of their themes only at $299, which is actually a great deal. Because only one theme at ThemeIsle costs $99. Now here’s a thing, each of their themes are used on 15,500+ websites, Which is a great number. This average usage is the highest of all other WordPress Premium theme providers. So becoming a member of ThemeIsle will be a great idea.

8. Tesla Themes

With 66 themes, Tesla Themes is one of the leading theme providers of the industry. They call themselves Netflix for WordPress Themes because they provide modern and high-quality themes at a very low price of $48 each.

Best WordPress Theme Sites - tesla theme homepage

There is an option to compensate at Tesla Themes. You can get all the 66 theme just for $59. In that way, you would only be paying less than a dollar for each theme. So if you decide to go with Tesla Theme, become a member and get all the 66 themes only at $59.

9. Themify.me

About 70,000+ customers trust them. If they can, you can too. Themify.me has 42+ responsive WordPress themes to choose from. They guarantee that your website will be faster and blogging will be easier than ever if you use their theme and plugins. 

Best WordPress Theme Sites - themify.me

Now each of the themes cost $49. But you can get all of them just for $79 if you become a member. That’s slightly more than a dollar and a half. You can use different themes at times on your website. So it’ll be wise to become a member rather than purchasing a single theme.

Now It's Your Choice To Make

We have listed some of the best WordPress Premium Theme Providers. Hope you’ll decide which one you’d go with. Our recommendation would be to go for Thrive Themes. The price will seem a bit high, but as we’ve told above, buying something from Thrive Themes is like investing money in a business. And if your budget is low then we recommend you to with Elegant Themes because you can access to all themes and plugins only for $80. Our recommendation does not come empty-handed, here’s how you can Install a WordPress Theme on Your Website/Blog.

If you have any questions or thoughts to ask or share, simply comment and we’ll reply as soon as possible. Help us by sharing our post. Thank you for your patience.

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