10 Things a Blogger Needs To Look Forward To In – 2018

Blogging isn’t an easy work but it can be very profitable when you do everything right. A few people wanted to create a niche blog but they are failed of their own mistakes. They tried hard but they failed, Why? Because of low blogging ideas. Now I’ll give some ideas that a blogger needs to look forward to in 2017.

But one thing always remembers that “Failures are part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you will never change.” And I thank failure because without this mistakes I’ll never ever be a blogger. You might be so worried or out and out terrified by failure, honestly speaking I can feel your pain. Now read below and create a faultless blog.

What a Blogger Needs To Look Forward To In 2017?

1. Building a Good Relationship With Your Readers :

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - More Readers

One thing I can tell you clearly that is each and every successful blogger create a long-lasting relationship with their readers. Now, look at those big blogs, Pro Blogger, Huffington Post and Tech Crunch. Just see when they publish a post, within 3/4 hours they are getting hundreds of comments from their regular readers. It’s not because of what he is writing there fantastic, it’s because of all those readers know that who’s behind this blog. 

How to create relationships with your readers?

  • Make them friends for the lifetime.
  • Just develop a loyal following for your blog.
  • When your readers are going to trust you, then they must buy products from your blog.
  • Most important thing is without spam comment, approve all comments because it will increase your traffic. 

And this is the way you can create a good relationships with your readers. So don’t be late just follow those instructions, It will help you.

2. Building An Email List :

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - Email List Building

This is one of the important things that a blogger needs to look forward to in 2017.What is building an email list? Did you heard this before? If you have not heard this before then you are just a newcomer in this blogging world. And building your email list should be your first priority. If your going to make money with your blog then just build an email list, because those subscribers going to buy your products when they get your new post mail. One thing you need to know that’s for now the best subscription plugin is – GetResponse. They are best for email marketing, webinars and landing pages. They offered you a 30 days free trial and also no credit card required, you can cancel it anytime you want. So don’t miss this chance just sign up for GetResponse and enjoy your 30 days free trial, grow up your email list. 

3. Selling Your Products From Day 1 :

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - Sale from day 1

If you don’t post it then it will never ever sell. Everyone blogging for their income, like someone is doing Advertising or Affiliate Marketing or Own Products Branding or Fashion Life Style blog. Actually what your goals are it’s totally depends on you. But selling does not mean pushing your readers to buys those products. You have to tell gently and always reminding them that there is something for sale. Lots of people create a lot of contents but they didn’t get a lot of profit from their content. Always remember that you’re not running a blog, you’re running a business. So that’s mean what? Obviously business makes sales and increase your income. And that’s why every blogger needs to concentrate on their selling post.

4. Not Writing a Resourceful Post :

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - writing resources

Every blogger needs to write a post regularly. And also they have to maintain it. A lot of bloggers made a big mistake by writing resource posts. Because those posts are not helpful because normally a post contains highest 400-600 words but a resource post contains approximately 2000 to 2200 to 2500 words and also it take 2-3 days for complete a post. And that’s mean what? Most of the readers are not going to read your posts. So I highly recommend you to don’t write resource posts. 

5. Write a Post With Tutorial :

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - Write tutorial posts

If you run a blog then you have to write a post regularly. And you write a lot of contents but did not get a lot of readers. Then something is wrong there but what it is? You have to find it. Yes definitely I recommend you to write posts with tutorial (Screenshots, Pictures, Meme etc). Then those posts going to attract your readers for read those posts. And that is why every blogger needs to write a post with tutorial. Otherwise they don’t get a lot of readers for their blog.

6. Responding to All Comments :

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - response to comments

Every blogger needs to respond on their blog comments. Because when you respond them they will trust you, they are going to read your post regularly and also you can build your trust by responding those comments. If you don’t respond to their comments then they won’t read your post regularly. So it’s better approve all comments in your blog (without spam comments) and give a reply to those comments. 

7. Use Proper Keyword :

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - use proper keywords

Keyword research is one of the biggest important thing in the search market field. Every blogger needs to use a proper keyword in their posts. Otherwise people can’t reach to your post. If you are write a post about food then the keyword must be related to food. Now the questions is how to find out this keyword? At first go to Keyword Tool then search your keyword and use it properly in your blog post. Then people can reach to your post easily. And that’s why you have to use a proper keyword.

8. Making a Fast Website/Blog :

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - create a fast website/blog

What you think? How to make a fast blog/website? At first you have to choose a good host and I highly recommend you to go with BLUEHOST or HOSTGATOR.Then you have to choose a good CMS and for that reason I highly recommend you to choose WordPress. And then use a cache plugin. One of the best cache plugins is – WP Super CacheLast one is use a premium theme for your blog, like now I’m using Genesis Framework, Outreach theme from StudioPressNow read this post for choosing a proper WordPress theme for your blog – Best 15 WordPress Themes For Your Blog/Site. And this is most important part that a blogger needs to look forward to in 2017.

9. Don’t Do Spelling And Grammar Mistakes :

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - correct grammar and spelling mistakes

There are times when we write in a hurry and then we make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. And then your readers seeing badly spelt and typing. Don’t do this kind of silly mistakes. But if you do it regularly then you can lose your readers. And for that reason I suggest you to use WordPress Proofread Writing. Then you can correct your spelling and grammar mistakes.

10. Use Social Media Sharing Options :

This is most important thing for your blog. Every blogger needs to use a social media sharing button and then people can share your blog post if they like it. And when they share your post, you will get a lot readers. To be honest social media is the key to increase your sales, readers and comments. And for that reason I highly recommend you to use – Monarch Social Media Plugin because this the best social media sharing plugin for bloggers. 

blogger needs to look forward in 2017 - social media plugins

If you have any questions regarding 10 Things a Blogger Needs to Look Forward to in 2017 then simply comment or mail us. We’ll reply as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share.

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