Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2018 – 60% OFF! [$2.65/mo+Free Domain]

Just about a year ago when we started promoting Bluehost as one of the best web hosting platforms of this era, they only had 1.5 million domains hosted. But if you visit them today, you will surely see that they now have 2 million domains hosted on their platform. Yet other renowned web hosting platforms are losing their clients day by day, Bluehost here is pulling more people under their sleeve. That’s only possible if someone gives extraordinary services. Bluehost not only is giving extraordinary services but also is coming up with new and bright offers for more people to join them. One of these offers is Bluehost Black Friday Sale with 60% discount.

Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2018 - Up to 60% Off on Hosting Plans

bluehost black friday

Other web hosting platforms are saying they’ll give you a lot of discount on their hosting plans but at the end of the offer, you will see that it is costing you a lot because they didn’t cut any slack from the domain name. Even they will charge you for website migration if you had them hosted on some other platform. But the truth is with Bluehost, you will not have a chance to make that complaint. Because if they need to charge you for anything they’ll show you wherever they are charging you or what they are charging you for. You can always choose what you’ll pay for and what you’ll not. That’s why just not for the sake of the Bluehost Black Friday offers, but also for the sake of their reliability, most of the established website owners suggest starting a website with Bluehost. Even we have suggested the same! 

Every day, hundred thousands of websites are created but only 5000 or some more or fewer websites remain active. In this calculation, in the last year, Bluehost has hosted within an average of 1369 active websites per day! So, you can understand why Bluehost Black Friday is one of the most anticipated offers of the year. They can easily increase their prices, yet they are giving you free domain and web hosting price starting from $2.95/mo!

On this year’s Bluehost Black Friday sale, there are 3 different offers from where you can choose your desired one.

Offer #1 - 60% Off on Shared Hosting Plans

bluehost black friday

So, the highest amount of discount on their highest selling product. The shared hosting plan is the most famous plan of Bluehost. People love this plan. And fro this Bluehost has decided to give the most expensive shared hosting plan Prime with 66% discount. This is their recommended plan because it has the highest of every feature and moreover, this plan will give you access to most of their premium features. So, if you’re planning to host one website go for the Basic plan. If you have more than 1 websites, go for the Prime plan. Because it has the same price as the Plus plan but more features.

Offer #2 - 50% Off on VPS Hosting Plans

Bluehost Black Friday

So, this is The part of Bluehost Black Friday sale gets interesting. The 2nd offer is about their VPS Hosting plans. They have 3 plans which provide different amounts of discount up to 50%. The recommended plan from this offer is the Enhanced plan. This plan is the ideal one because according to the price and features, the Standard plan is not up to the mark and the Ultimate plan is overpriced. Only the Enhanced plan has an average price and necessary features. So, if you’re willing to go for a VPS Hosting plan, choose the Enhanced plan for your website.

Offer #3 - 40% Off on Cloud Hosting Plans

bluehost black friday

Cloud Hosting is the future of Web hosting. Because rather than usual storage, cloud storage is more efficient and fast. So, people are now taking cloud hosting over shared hosting plans. This plan is making websites run faster and smoother than usual websites running on a shared hosting plan. So, this offer of Bluehost Black Friday is very important. Because this offer consists 40% discount on Cloud Hosting plans. The recommended cloud hosting plan from the above three plans is the Performance Plan. Because this plan is more efficient in features than the Starter plan and more physible in price than the Business Pro plan. So, from our end, the recommended plan from this offer is the Performance Plan.

*Disclosure – This website is also hosted on a cloud hosting plan*

Which Offer Is the Best Offer for You?

Among these three offers if we are to suggest one plan our suggestion will be based on two criteria.

  • Starting a Website
  • Transferring a website or websites

Starting a Website – If you’re planning on starting a website the best offer for you will be the Offer no 1 – 60% off on Shared Hosting. Because, while you’re starting a website, you won’t need any features like very fast loading or greater space. Because at the starting stage you will not have a lot of content to take place. So, it’s best for you to concentrate on the budget rather than thinking about features.

Transferring a Website or Websites – If you already have websites that are quite established, without any doubt go for the Offer no 3 – 40% off on Cloud Hosting. Because established websites need fast loading otherwise it will lose a large amount of traffic. And because of the contents, you ought to take a bigger and expensive plan as your website has gained some weight. So, rather thinking budget, you should think about features.

How To Avail Bluehost Black Friday Offer

How To Save Money on Bluehost Black Friday Sale?

As I’ve mentioned before, Bluehost does not charge an extra penny without giving a proper reason. So, seeing those reasons one might just spend a lot more than making savings on this saving week of Black Friday. So, here are some tips which you can follow.

  • Register your domain name on Bluehost instead of somewhere else, because it’s free! (Save up to $15/yr)
  • Choose 3 years billing cycle because there are no discounts on renewal. So, do enjoy the discount for the longest time. (Save over $100)
  • Do not enable SpamExpert, DomainPrivacy, and SteBackupPro. Disable these three features. They are not free (Save over $80/yr).

Before doing anything, read their terms of service to be sure of everything. If you absolutely have any questions regarding Bluehost Black Friday, ask away via comments. Share us on your social media.

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