How to Buy a Domain Name From Namecheap – Guide [Photo Tutorial]

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Before you start a new blog or website, at first you have to buy a Domain Name. All you need to do is to select a unique Domain Name.

Just take a look to, see this is our Domain Name. We are writing about blogging and creating a track for new people to walk on the road of bloggers. So the name Blogger Tracks suits our motto and category. Here’s a little tip about Selecting Category Wise Blog Name Now if you are done selecting a name or already have selected a name before then it’s time to register the name by your name so that the patent of inventing a unique name is kept under your protection. For that, you can simply choose NameCheap. In this post, we will show you how to buy domain name from NameCheap.

Before proceeding, I would love to you some suggestion to choose a good domain name.

  • Choose .com extension if possible.
  • Choose a catchy name.
  • Make it easy to type and read.
  • Keep it short.
  • Use a keyword.
  • Don’t use hyphens, commas, and numbers.
  • Don’t use your brand name for your domain name.

Now let’s see how to buy a domain name from Namecheap. Read below.

How to Buy Domain Name From Namecheap

Step 1:

At first click on the “Sign Up For Namecheap” button and it will redirect you to the Namecheap Homepage.

Sign Up For Namecheap

Now sign up for Namecheap, then validate your account from your email and sign in there.

Step 2:

Now at first sign in your Namecheap Account, then write your domain name and simply click on the “Search” button.

Buy domain name from namecheap - domain search

Step 3:

Now first of all check that your Domain Name is available or not available, but when your Domain Name is available you can see that “This domain is available“. As I told you to go with the (.com) extension, so go with this extension. And now simply click on the “Add to Cart” button, then click on the “View Cart” option.

Buy domain name from namecheap - Add to cart option

Step 4:

Now you can see that they are offering you “WhoisGuard Protection” free for one year. Also, you can see that here I’m using a “Promo Code” but Namecheap changes this promo code every month. So if you need this small discount then go to this page – Namecheap Monthly Promo Code, and use this monthly coupon code for a small discount. And now simply click on the “Confirm Order” button.

Buy domain name from Namecheap - Confirm order option

Step 5:

It’s time to select your “Payment Method” and then fill up your “Receipt Details“. Just simply click on the “Continue” button and grab your Domain Name now.

buy domain name from namecheap - billing option

And finally, you’re done with your domain registration process. And now you have a domain name.

I Have a Namecheap Domain Name…. Now How Do I Use It?

So you have bought a domain name from GoDaddy, And now all you need to do is to build your site.

At first, you have to buy a hosting package from a web hosting platform. And for that reason, I highly recommend you to go with Hostgator, because they are number one leading web hosting company. Hostgator hosts over 15 million domains and has over 1000,000 customers. Now read those following steps and launch your website today. 

N.B. – If you have low budget then buy NameCheap Professional Plan Hosting. It will save your money and you can more than 10 websites at a time.

I hope these steps will help you to buy domain name from Namecheap. If you face any difficulties, simply comment to get proper solutions. Subscribe to get regular sale offers and discount deals. Don’t forget to share.

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NameCheap is the best Domain Provider of all time. Their domain and hosting price is cheap and reliable. Also, they offer you a small discount when you buy a hosting or domain from their platform.

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