Category and Content Selection For Affiliate Marketing – [ Guide Of 2017]

There are many sectors of affiliate marketing. If you check many websites with buying options, you’ll find a section of affiliates. Where you have an option to do the promoting for the website and earn a handsome commission. There’s affiliate option on Amazon and also on Hostgator.  Both are of the different category. One is for Day to day products, another one is for Web hosting. So based on the choice of your affiliate program, category and content selection is very very important for any blogger. 

category and content selection for affiliate marketing

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What is Category & Content Selection?

The index is the starting part of a book, where you can see different topics along with their page numbers. So that you can find your desired topic. Suppose Google search engine is a book, and Google search result is the index of it, where you can find your desired topic to read. In any search engine, blogs are categorized on the basis of their contents. So if you’re writing a book about philosophy and naming it applied chemistry, that won’t be wise, would it be?

Why Is It So Important?

Now even if you’re about to buy a pencil for yourself, you might ask why is it important to buy. This is a major stuff for bloggers. To categorize and content selection is something that’s inevitable. I’ll point out the facts first, then I’ll describe.

  • Viewers satisfaction
  • PageRank issues
  • Search Engine Optimization

Viewers Satisfaction

A viewer always goes with the thing that satisfies his eyes and mind. Even when you’re watching tv you will watch the program that is satisfying your eyes at first sight. But in this matter, after researching on thousands of people using the internet, It’s proven that first sight matters less than the overall performance. How? Let me explain.

When you’re promoting something that is related to internet service, a buyer will obviously take a tour of your blog to understand if you’re trustworthy or not. If he finds that you’re writing about internet service as well as politics and also sports, he will surely be confused that is your blog really about internet services? or it’s just like those lame news portals. So for a viewer satisfaction its really important to properly categorize and write proper decisive contents.

PageRank Issues

Though Google PageRank doesn’t exist anymore, still the criteria still exist. Due to backlink spamming, this was closed down officially. But still, It’s running unofficially on some new factors. Now PageRank is given on the basis of category and content diversity. The more diverse content you have, the more PageRank juice you will generate and thus you will get better rankings. But what’s the relation of this with affiliate marketing?

When you’re concentrating on PageRank and content diversity, you might switch to some irrelevant content that doesn’t add up with your blog category. So this is something that makes you lose rankings. So be open-minded on content selection. But remember, the products that you’re an affiliate of, should be completely focused on every single inch of your blog. For example: if you are an affiliate of Mythemeshop.Com(WP Premium Themes)you must have posted related to theme management, such as how can you install a WordPress theme or best theme add-ons. This will increase the chance of your blog to be ranked easily by Google and you will have more sale.

Search Engine Optimization

While people are busy with content diversity and category selection, what they forget about is SEO. Without SEO you can not be optimized for search engine, what I meant is, your blog posts won’t be optimized for search. Yet some of you are only concentrating on SEO only. While you’re doing that you are losing a big chance of gaining proper position in the affiliate marketing world.

You have to optimize each and every blog post for SEO. But if your contents are not relevant to each other, like you’re talking about a show on Amazon the other day, and now you’re judging Michael Jordan’s career of baseball. That is totally irrelevant. So for SEO purpose content and category selection is very important.

Choosing Sector For Affiliate Marketing

Just like any practical business, for affiliate marketing, you need to study the market first. By choosing the best affiliate sector for you, you can win the game by 50% before even starting affiliate marketing. So choose wisely.

If you have any further questions, ask me without any hesitation by comments. Share this post and help everyone.

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