How To Select Category Wise Name For Your Blog – Beginners Guide

Just think that you’re using an I Phone 7 but people are calling it a Samsung galaxy trend. How would it feel? It’ll feel terrible, I know. Consider that you’re now thinking of creating a blog for yourself. If you want to deal in with technologies, you choose a name that is related to technology. But the biggest problem of Pre-bloggers is choosing the perfect name as their blogging category. So to select category wise name for a blog is really a tough job. Today I will discuss how to select category wise name for a blog.

I will divide the whole discussion into 2 specific parts :

1. WHY?

2. HOW?

Let’s see why it is important to select category wise name for a blog.

Why Do We Need to Select Category Wise Name For A Blog?

select category wise name for a blog

POINT NUMBER 1: Product Justification

To sell a product that’s not listed in your company profile is not legal. But there’s no certain rule like this in the world of internet. We can find a lot of “fools” who are talking about politics and writing about Hollywood. Just imagine that the name of your blog is “POLITICSHANDBOOK.COM” and your first post name is ” Brad and Angelina Jolie have been divorced. Has this anything to do with politics? No, it doesn’t. So when you are about to start a blog, before thinking the name, think about in what category you wish to work on your blog. Then select a perfect name. That will do a great justification towards the products you have or will have on your blog.

POINT NUMBER 2: Viewers Satisfaction

If you have a very catchy name for your blog, trust me the visitors you have will at least remember the name of your blog, and it will make them search your blog at least a 2nd time of their visit. But again, be sure to select category wise blog name, otherwise, how catchy your name is, people won’t consider you as a good blogger. They would take you as a common spammer. You don’t wanna end up being a spammer, do you? So select category wise name for your blog to maintain viewers satisfaction. You write about poetry and name it ALISONBURGERS.COM, that won’t work. You gotta be more efficient on naming by category.

There can be made a thousand more points about the necessity to select category wise name for a blog. You should understand by the above WHY discussion. But rather than discussing more why, we should concentrate on HOW. Let’s see how we can select category wise blog name.

How to Select Category Wise Blog Name?

select category wise name

  1. A name for the blog has two parts, DOMAIN, and EXTENSION. The EXTENSIONS are pretty much constants. But the DOMAIN is up to you. & a DOMAIN is what your Blog’s name will be. Here’s a note: You choose a domain of but your site identity says the name is ANDROID & WINDOWS. Thus people will be confused. So to set the domain as per category is important. I’ve written before about choosing a perfect domain nameRead that to help yourself.
  2. There are many categories of blogging. You can Write about food, restaurants, hotels, business, photography, technology, online marketing, blogging, affiliate, web hosting etc. These are some of the categories that we can see every day of our blogging life. A tip is to use the category as the name like you are going to write about traveling, take the travel and add another word to it. Ex. – Does the name sound cool? It does. So seeing the name of your domain, people can easily understand that your blog is completely about traveling. 
  3. The hardest category name selection is for blogging and technology. For blogging, use blog/blogger/blogging and add a word to it. For technology use tech/techno or any synonymous word of technology. That’s how to make it perfect for yourself.


So these are the easy steps of making a perfect choice to select category wise name for a blog. Why wait? Apply them now. Get your hosting and apply the things you learned from here. I also have a bonus for you. 1 cent hosting deal & Flash sale flat 75% OFF from Hostgator. Choose the one you want, you’re sure to get a discount from these.

I hope you will make the best use of the ideas above. help me by sharing this post. If you have any questions, ask them via comment. Don’t forget to subscribe for more information and offers.

Nishat Mahmud

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