How to Create A Google+ Page For Your Blog – Step by Step [Guide]

When you run a site/blog you need more and more visitors. And for more trafficking, you have to create some social networks profile for your site/blog. Approximately Google+ had 3.5 billion monthly active users.

Google+ is one of the best social networking websites. You can share your post via Google+. And by sharing people can reach your post.

In this post, I will show you step by step how to create a Google+ page for your site/blog. Just follow my instructions then you can easily create a Google+ page for your site/blog.

How to Create A Google+ Page For Your Blog

Step 1:

Just click on this Google+ – Create A Pageit will redirect you to the main page. Now you have to “Choose Business Type“. And if you’re a blogger/website developer/a site owner then click on the “Brand” option. 

Google+ page 2

Step 2:

Now provide your Page Name, Website (URL) and Tick the Untick button. Then click on “Create Page” button. And finally, you’re done.

Google+ page 3

Step 3:

On the next page, you have to add your page profile picture and cover photo. Then fill up all your page information step by step. And spread your Google+ page other social networks. And see how my Google+ page looks like.

Google+ Page 4

It works like your Google Plus profile. You can easily share your posts via your Google+ page. And the most important thing is you can add your Google+ badge on your site/blog. And for this badge people can easily reach your Google Plus page.

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I hope this post will help you to create a Google+ page for your site/blog. Help me by sharing this post. If you have any questions or still need ideas, simple comment below or contact directly via email. We will reply as soon as possible.

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