FastComet Black Friday Deals – 30% OFF on SSD And Cloud Hosting

The most exciting day of 2018 is here! The big Black Friday sale! And like every year, FastComet is here with FastComet Black Friday Deal. Everyone will agree to a fact that Cloud hosting is better than Shared hosting. It’s because, in Cloud hosting, you are able to use your very own personal cloud server. But in Shared Hosting, the specification is written in the name. Yes, your server is not your personal server. Thousands of other people are using the same server as you. That’s why shared Hosting is cheaper than Cloud Hosting.

So, it’s quite certain that Cloud Hosting will be very expensive as you will only use one server for your websites. But we know of a web hosting service who provide SSD Cloud Hosting with 100% of the specifications with the price of Shared Hosting. That web hosting service is FastComet. And now their prices are lower because it’s FastComet Black Friday Sale!

FastComet Black Friday Sale

Most of the web hosting platforms have come up with several Black Friday offers. Following that same trend, FastComet has also brought two outstanding Black Friday sale offers this year. So, this year’s FastComet Black Friday Sale is double special than previous years.

fastcomet black friday sale

These two offers may seem the same at a glance as both are 30% but there’s a simple catch between these two offers. First, let’s point out what’s similar-

  • 1
    Both the Offers have 30% Discount
  • 2
    Free Domains are available in both offers
  • 3
    24/7 Customer support

These three things are the same in both cases. But the real fact is that these two offers are for two different products. And that’s the main catch. Let’s find out some more details about these FastComet Black Friday Sale offers of this year.

Offer #1 – 30% Discount on Shared Hosting Plans

This offer is specified for the shared hosting plans only. With this offer, FastComet has added domain names for free and 24/7 support which is premium grade. You can check their support quality by talking to live chat. You will see them replying very quickly.

fastcomet black friday sale

So, this is a pretty fair discount as their prices are very low. And speaking of which their shared hosting has been rater 4.7/5. You can understand that if you want their shared hosting you can take this offer now because their regular deal does not exceed any kinds of discount except for the 10% discount especially given to us with a code. So, this offer is an ideal offer for shared hosting

Offer #2 – 30% Discount on Cloud & Dedicated Servers

Now, this is an offer that nobody can refuse. Web hosting services are offering up to 80% discount on shared hosting. But none of them are giving any discounts on their real product, the cloud hosting. Because on the scale of performance, Cloud Hosting is better than Shared hosting. So, whatever they do, people intend to take Cloud Hosting plans. But FastComet here is trying to lessen the Cloud Hosting prices with an offer like this. 

FastComet Black friday sale -

If you calculate their regular Cloud Server price, you will surely see that how cheap they are and how expensive other web hosting platforms can be. So, this is quite an exceptional offer to be found on the internet on this occasion of Black Friday or any occasion throughout the year.

Which Offer Should You Take?

Having two offers, FastComet Black Friday Sale is creating a problem. Because both the offers are same and both of them apply on the same web hosting. But the difference is about the plans they are giving the offers on.

The dedicated servers are pretty much out of the talk. Though FastComet is the cheapest SSD Cloud hosting platform yet their prices are quite out of the park. But if you check the prices of the regular SSD Shared Hosting you will understand that the prices will be very reasonable after the discount though prices are very reasonable yet now.

FastComet Review - Plans Pricing

If you calculate the prices and cut off 30% discount off these prices above, you will see that the prices will be less than other web hosting platforms. So, the most suitable plan for you will be the shared hosting plan with SSD Storage And the most suitable plan for you will be the ScaleRight plan if you own several websites. And if you just have one website then the StartSmart plan will be best.

Why FastComet Is Better than Other Hosting Platforms?

This is one question that will hit your mind whenever you are about to choose FastComet over other web hosting platforms. There’s a simple answer to it. Basically, if you try to do a research on the specification of other web hosting and FastComet. you’ll surely see the difference. We have done that research and let’s compare the prices of this web hosting with others. 

And it’s quite obvious that we will only show the difference between the Shared Hosting plans because that offer is more acceptable from your end. You can check the FastComet Review for more details.

There are some usual specifications like 24/7 customer support and money back guarantee. But the real deal is about some specifications which are completely different than other web hosting platforms. 

  • Free Domain Name For LifeTime – To register a domain name, most of the web hosts take up to $15/ year for one domain name. But with FastComet, no matter how many domains you have, there is no registration fee for them. You have them registered for free forever.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN – Now every website uses a CDN AKA Content Delivery Network to deliver their contents on the internet. But in this job, CloudFlare is the best. And you can get CloudFlare CDN service for free.
  • Free Website Transfer – Free means free, no hidden charge. FastComet will transfer all your domains for free from other web hosts. Other web hosts promise to transfer domain names but the hidden fact is they will transfer one website for free only. For others, you’ll have to pay them. But with FastComet, there are no such criteria.
  • Unmetered Traffic – On some web hosts, there’s a level of having traffic each month. For some web hosts, they give a limit on your monthly/daily traffic. But FastComet gives you the liberty to have traffic with no limit.
  • SSD Storage – SSD (Solid State Drive) is the newest addition to the technology world. SSD is 20X faster than a regular storage system. FastComet has this storage system. Which gives you a website that works 20X faster than other websites. 

These are the unique reasons to choose FastComet over other shared hosting platforms. You cannot find all these features in one hosting plan. So, don’t think twice. Take decision. And FastComet Black Friday sale is the best deal you can have this year. 

Now it’s your turn to decide. We will suggest you take the Shared Hosting offer from FastComet Black Friday Sale. Because it’s more convenient than the other plan. If you have any questions regarding FastComet Black Friday sale ask via comment. Share our post and let people know about FastComet Black Friday sale offer. Don’t forget to read their terms of service.

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