FastComet Review 2017 – The Best Cheap [SSD Cloud] Hosting

l When it comes to reviewing, people are dying for Shared hosting platforms because they have prices below $5. But what people don’t know is that they can get SSD-Cloud Hosting just at $3.95/month which is an unchangeable price, means it has a price lock guarantee. This review is about that specific Hosting Platform. This is FastComet Review to determine if it’s the best cheap Cloud Hosting or not.

Who Is This FastComet Anyway?

fastcomet review 2017 - best cheap cloud hostingFastComet is a USA based Web Hosting platform who are in the business for last 7 years. They have launched their public cloud hosting service in late 2013. Since then they have more than 11,500 customers from 70 different countries who have reviewed them as best experience in web hosting. They have 7 control centers. two in the USA, three in Europe and two in Asia. They have decided to deliver PaaS(Platform as a Service). Because of this, they are able to deliver the best SSD experience to their customers at a low price.

All FastComet servers run on high-end Intel SSD drives and the latest E5 processors with at least 32 GB of RAM per node. Sounds like critical stuff, right? Their hosting service is extremely easy to manage thanks to the cPanel/WHM control panel included with every hosting service they provide. So their service is called Cpanel powered Hosting.

FastComet Review – Feature Highlights(Pros)

Least Plan Price


Domain Name

Free For Life Time

Plan Renewal Price

Same Price For Life Time

WordPress Installation

One Click

Cloudflare CDN

For Free

SSL Certificate

For Free


User Friendly



Average Loading Time

0.82 Seconds


Daily & Weekly(For Free)

Customer Suport


Money Back Guarantee

45 days

User Rating

[wp-svg-icons icon="star-3" wrap="i"][wp-svg-icons icon="star-3" wrap="i"][wp-svg-icons icon="star-3" wrap="i"][wp-svg-icons icon="star-3" wrap="i"][wp-svg-icons icon="star-3" wrap="i"]


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Price of the SSD Cloud Plans

FastComet Review - Plans Pricing

FastComet have three basic plans. StartSmart, ScaleRight SpeedUp. On the basis of performance, the best plan is the SpeedUp plan. But it’s not the ideal plan to start your website with. Because the price is $12.95 per month. Quality matters but price matters too. The best thing to mention in the FastComet review is that they are providing one site Cloud Hosting just at $2.95/month. Which is absolutely crazy. This is the price of shared hosting on 0ther platforms. Yet, FastComet is proving SSD-Cloud Hosting at the same price. This is why the pricing is an important part to mention in the FastComet review, as it’s very low.

But don’t start worrying about quality right now. Because they provide the best service possible in the price, which is unbelievable. This is what we will discuss in this FastComet Review.

        .                         [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Free Domain Name For LifeTime

fastcomet review - free domain for lifetimeFastComet lets you register a domain for a lifetime for Free. A Domain name registrations may cost up to $15/year varying from host to host. But on FastComet, you won’t have to pay a single penny for your domain ever. 

If you check some web hosts, for example, HostGator, you will see that they will charge you $14.95 per year to keep your domain registered under your name, which will seem like an extra spending to everyone. This is an important factor in Fastcomet Review. As there are some web hosts who only provide a free domain name. But FastComet gives you the option to get a free domain name on any of their products

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Fixed Price Forever

fastcomet review - fixed priceIn the maximum number of web hosts, the first discount price you receive is just a promotional price for the first time. When your billing cycle ends, the price even rises to $10 per month which was $4 or $5 before. How good will it be if the price was same forever? It will be best.

FastComet has this thing for you. They Guarantee a price lock for you which keeps the price same even if you are renewing your plan with them. So $3.95/month for 3 years you buy, after three years, it will still be $3.95/month. This is a major factor of FastComet Review.  No cloud hosting platform offers this.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] One Click WordPress Installation

fastcomet review - wordpress installation

This is a very usual factor in all web hosts, but it’s worthy enough to mention. FastComet lets to install WordPress CMS just at one click. Just so you know, WordPress is the best CMS for blogs. Because you can just write in a usual way without any coding. Also, you can add sidebars and customize them as your will. So the best decision is to choose WordPress as your CMS.

FastComet also lets you install other CMS’s apart from WordPress in one click. This is why this needed to be mentioned in FastComet Review. Because most websites offer WordPress Installation in one click but not all other CMS’s.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Free CloudFlare CDN

fastcomet review - cloudfare cdn

CloudFlare runs from 100+ data centers all over the world. The CDN(Content Delivery Network) automatically caches your contents and distributes it all over the world to deliver them faster to your visitors. This improves your website performance for any location and clears the access delay caused by your hosting server physical location.

FastComet lets you get CloudFlare CDN for free. You can have CloudFlare CDN activated for your website with a simple click. This part of FastComet Review makes them different from other web hosts. 

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Free SSL Certificate

fastcomet rreview - ssl certificateAmong all the ranking factors introduced for Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO, having as SSL Certificate is one of the must ones. Why? Because SSL certificate will make your website URL Https instead of Http. Now that extra ‘S’ beside Http is a proof of secured search result or secure browsing.

When the whole internet is insecure, your website is giving your visitors a risk-free website. This is what actually matters to search engines and they will rank your website articles better than those websites which don’t have an SSL Certificate. It costs up to $19.99 but you can get it for free from FastComet. That’s why I mentioned it in this FastComet Review.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] User Friendly Control Panel

fastcomet review - cpanel

Control panel is the menu of your web hosting, where you are able to control everything from your website. In C panel ‘C’ stands for Control. And with FastComet you will have the control of your hosting and you can manage everything easily with the Point-and-click management system. 

Using the cPanel web interface you can easily manage your applications, files, email accounts and databases without installing any extra third-party software.This is a very important factor of this FastComet review because and easy interface makes your management easy.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed!

Fastcomet review - uptimeNow, this is a very important factor. that is why I have included this here in the FastComet review. All the websites promise to have 99% uptime at least. But with FastComet, The Uptime is guaranteed. What makes it even better is that the web hosts, cloud hosting servers have very low downtime or almost zero downtime. FastComet is an SSD-Cloud hosting platform with the least price ever along with the quality. They promise 99.99% uptime on every type of hosting they have. But as long as I’m concerned, there’s no downtime recorded in an SSD-Cloud Hosting plan. So be sure about their guarantee. Which is absolutely true.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Average Loading Time

fastcomet review - avg loading speedThe minimum decent (bearable) site loading speed is below 1 second. Only the high priced and usual web hosts are able to maintain that. Web hosting platforms which are priced below $3 are not able to maintain this. They usually have a loading speed above 1.5 seconds which is very bad.

FastComet is giving you an average loading speed of 0.82 Seconds only! It’s true. you’re getting a very fast web host at a very low price if you’re signing up on FastComet. This, in fact, is one of the most important factors of FastComet review. Be sure to rely on this one as its 100% legit. 

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Website Backups

fastcomet review - daily backups

Daily and weekly backup are important for a website. Why? Because there’s no guarantee, for any reason you might lose your website. Or you might do something that violates Google’s any policy or the policy of your web host. In this way, your website can be shut down for good. Then you will lose all of your contents. 

Then comes the help of your website backups. With these backups, you can get all of your contents back and upload them as like as it was before. FastComet automatically backs up daily and weekly. You can have all things safely stored. And use them if you face any problems in future.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Customer Support

fastcomet review - customer support

There’s a tendency of all the web hosts to say that promise a 24/7/365 customer support. But there’s a big question. How much time will it take them to reply? 24 hours is a huge time limit. It can be a minute or it can be hours. Customer support can be painful whenever you are facing any trouble with your hosting platform or Cpanel and getting a very late reply. FastComet has a reputation for prioritizing every customer as important and replying each and everyone quickly and responsibly. They have numbers of people with different issues and expertise. That’s why they are pretty quick with their 24/7 customer support. Which is very mentionable is this FastComet review. 

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Money Back Guarantee

fastcomet review - money back guarantee

Most web hosts offer the money back guarantees just in case if people face problems and decide not to host on this platform anymore. But usually, the money back guarantee period is 30 days or so. But FastComet gives you a 45 days money back guarantee.

Their money back guarantee is lengthy not because people start complaining within a month and decide to leave them. Oh no. They have given a longer period because they are so confident that if you choose them as your web host, you will fall in love with their service. 

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] User Rating

fastcomet review - user rating

If you have searched for “FastComet Review” on your browser, you will also find some website articles where people have added their reviews about FastComet. But you don’t need to check them. We have studied over 500+ reviews and rated them.

There were also some negative reviews there, but the number of negative reviews is below 10. But still, we did a study and researched about what people said and found some cons. We have discussed them in the lower section of this very post. But anyways the rating will still be 5[wp-svg-icons icon=”star-3″ wrap=”i”] .Because their price is nothing compared to their quality. So they do deserve a 5[wp-svg-icons icon=”star-3″ wrap=”i”] user rating.

FastComet Review: Feature Highlights(Cons)

Tutorial Section

Very Old Videos, not updated with WordPress


Lack of Cons

It’s not about the pros they have, it’s about the cons. And the negative reviews we read were actually baseless. People were complaining about their products. But when the developers started to reply to them, they stopped the discussion. I myself even tried to talk to their client support service to point out some cons, but I was astonished to see all of those things that I tried to point out were legitimate. They had a logical answer to everything. Even they were very friendly. Before writing this post I talked to them many many times. Every time they replied within 10 seconds. This is another mentionable factor. 

Try to talk to them yourself, you’ll see how fast they reply to you. Now, think how fast their service will be?

Do We Recommend FastComet?

Yes of course. Without any hesitation. This is just the FastComet review. We have compared them with 3 other web hosts and made the decision of recommending FastComet. You can read the whole post to check why we have recommended them even after comparing with other web hosts. Then you will understand if the reviews are right or wrong.

There’s another better option for you. What you can do is, Go to their website and talk to their support right away. You will find an open chat box on their homepage. Give them a knock and they will reply you in seconds. It’s not a bot chat it’s another human being replying to you on the website. Just think that while you’re not their customer, they are still prioritizing you. So think how they will help you and how their service will be if you start using them as your web host? Don’t think much. Just go for their SSD-Cloud hosting plan. And trust me you will not be disappointed. If you agree with me and decide to buy a hosting plan from FastComet reading this FastComet review, Click on the button below. Or if you want to compare further, click on the above link. 

Buy A Plan From FastComet

N.B. Get the StartSmart plan for three years to enjoy the lowest rates

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My Work is Done, Now It’s your turn

I have discussed everything that is needed for this FastComet Review. Now it’s your turn to decide. I cannot force you to buy a plan. But at least you can go and check their website. Talk to their customer live chat. They will tell you why you should go with them. And their service is a quality itself.

If you have any questions about FastComet Review or simply have something to share, comment below. I will reply to you as soon as possible. If you think I have helped you anyway, help me back by sharing my post. Simply click on the share buttons for me. I am happy to have you here.

Editors Review
  • Hosting Service
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Coupon Code Working 100% Guarantee
  • Renewal Price Will Be Same Forever


This is the best SSD Cloud Hosting Platform. They provide you free domain name and SSL certificate for the lifetime. Also, you can get a flat 10% discount by using this (bloggertracks10%off) coupon code.

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