10 Bestselling GPL WordPress Themes Of 2018 – For Multiple Startups

I think it is not a secret that people are trying to jump-start various startups and showcase them to the whole world nowadays. This tendency is spreading around the whole globe because human beings are trying to become independent and to develop themselves. Indeed, startups allow entrepreneurs to build on their skills, to become professionals, and to have a wealthy-life.

Clearly, not all the startups succeed. However, you have to give a try, especially, when you have a few five-star ideas in your mind. If you are going to make your own business, follow us to find out how you can highlight startups using these 10 best selling GPL WordPress themes.

To start with, GPL is a stunning feature that can help you to save a bunch of money and time. GPL, or General Public License, allows customers to use one product forever and for the diversity of purposes. Talking about this license in a web development, it enables customers to use one ready-made website template for versatile projects. To make it simple, buy once and use infinitely.

Talking about a web world, every business must have an online page, which allows spreading a word about your business. Moreover, giving an “online life” to your biz, you save a lot of cash and valuable time on promotion. The thing is, that web space and social media are way popular these days, thus, people are staying up-to-date using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Moreover, a large portion of advertisements happens right there. So, it’s a perfect place to promote your products and services.

As we can see, a website is a must-have tool to empower your biz. Moreover, a modern market has a plenty of solutions that can spice up any kind of business you have. There are two alternatives: web developers & web studios and ready-made website templates.

As for the web developers/studios, for sure, you can ask them to make you a turnkey site. However, stand ready to hear “low” prices and “fast” deadlines. In general, asking developers is not the cheapest and the fastest way to build a good-looking website. But still, if you are okay with that, we would like to recommend you a list of top rated web developers named Web Studios Catalog. There are only the best-certified professionals that will definitely provide you with high-quality services. Moreover, this catalog allows you to search for a developer by means of location. Thus, you can discuss your projects while having a cup of aromatic coffee.

Speaking about ready-made website templates, there is a wide range of CMS platforms that will help you to build the desired website. We would recommend you WordPress because this content management system requires no programming knowledge. So you can build a top-notch website fast and effortlessly. Moreover, every WordPress theme is pre-loaded with an easy-to-use documentation, WordPress Live Customizer, and a Power Page builder that allow you to edit your pages in a real-time mode without touching a codeline.

By the way, among all the companies that provide customers with pre-made solutions, we’d like to recommend you TemplateMonster as a time-tested five-star provider. These guys were the first who’ve launched an idea of ready-made website templates and still rock. Their wide range of bestselling GPL WordPress themes will meet everybody’s expectations. Moreover, their 24/7 customer support is always ready to help you.

Now, let’s check these 10 best selling GPL WordPress themes that will help you to promote numerous startups.

10 Bestselling GPL WordPress Themes

01. Monstroid2 - Multipurpose GPL WordPress Theme

GPL WordPress Themes - Monstroid2

If you’re looking for a website that can be used for any possible purpose, Monstroid 2 is a perfect option for such a case. It comes with various page layouts and design skins that can help you to build a unique and functional online-project. It doesn’t matter how you want your website look – vivid, minimalistic, or corporate. This template can provide you with a multiplicity of variants. That’s why this very theme can easily be named universal because it’s really hard to find something that will suit the presentation of different kinds of business.

02. Elbrus - Business & Marketing Responsive WordPress Theme

GPL WordPress Themes - Elbrus

One more theme that will help you to create a marvelous website for any kind of business. It’s not a big deal to install and customize your future online-project because Elbrus comes with a number of page layouts and Visual Composer, which includes an amazing drag-and-drop builder that will be useful for those who are not acquainted with coding. In addition to this, you get an opportunity to create any header you want and a friendly support who won’t leave you to fix your issues on your own.

03. HomePro - Real Estate Broker WordPress Theme

GPL WordPress Themes - HomePro

It’s crucial for a real estate WordPress theme to be powerful and functional, but also look interesting and comfortable for your future clients. In such a case, we can call this theme a perfect variant for this purpose. Using the Cherry Plugin, you can make the visitors’ search a simple process and filter the results into various categories and subcategories. Moreover, it’s easy to show your projects with the help of Cherry Project and provided variants of layouts and filter options.

04. Fenimore - Law Firm Responsive WordPress Theme

GPL WordPress Themes - 58958

Fenimore is a law firm WordPress theme that can be simply customized using such a powerful tool as a drag-and-drop builder which allows every person to create a website, even if he/she is not a master in coding. Furthermore, the theme is fully responsive so your clients can read your information using not only their laptops but also mobile devices. Finally, you can give the desired look to your website thanks to a big collection of multiple layout options.

05. Madeleine - Spa Health & Skincare Responsive WordPress Theme

GPL WordPress Themes - Madeleine

In order to help your potential customers become your loyal clients, you need to buy a beauty salon WordPress theme that will draw their attention to your services. So, don’t be bothered because we already have a superb variant that you will definitely like. Madeleine is a template that comes with an amazing intuitive design, that will provide some comfort for your website’s visitors. Moreover, they will be excited not only with the design but an opportunity to book an appointment online without any additional phone calls.

06. BeDenstist - Dentist WordPress

GPL WordPress Themes - BeDentist

BeDentist is a dentist WordPress theme which comes with tons of functional features that will be helpful in your future website development. More than 25 modules, the library of presets, and a drag-and-drop builder will turn the process of customization into a simple (let’s say even cozy process) that doesn’t need any particular effort. In addition to this, your clients also can request an appointment having your full schedule right in front of their eyes. Moreover, a variety of custom widgets allows you to give more functionality to your website and establish your online presence.

07. Farmland - Agriculture Industry WordPress Theme

GPL WordPress Themes - Firmland

A modern and stunning template that was made considering all possible trends in a web design. If you still think that a usual design can prevent the website from being functional, you’re deeply mistaken. Farmland combines both power and zest. With the help of various layout options, you can make changes in the page structure and save your own variant in a built-in library. Such a tool as content modules allows adding different types of content to the website starting from images and ending with contact forms.

08. CarRepair - Auto Repair WordPress Theme

GPL WordPress Themes - CarRepair

If you want to show everyone the quality of your services, you definitely need to purchase this car repair WordPress theme. WordPress Live Customizer will show you all the changes without page reloading and prevent you from making some tiny mistakes in the customization process. Moreover, this theme is fully responsive, which means that it will look amazing no matter what kind of gadget the visitor chooses to use. In addition to this, you can use multiple layout options to create a unique look for your online project.

09. Jericho - Barber Shop WordPress Theme

GPL WordPress Themes -Jericho

Nowadays, you can see barbershops practically on every corner of your city. It may not seem so easy to fight your competitors, but with the help of this theme, you will do it in just a few minutes. To start with, Jericho comes with a drag-and-drop filter which means that you don’t need to work with coding. Moreover, you can show your professional work right on the website using TM Gallery and display them as you choose. All in all, a collection of Google Fonts will help you to add some elegance to your online project.

10. Kustrix - Fashion Blog Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

GPL WordPress Themes - Kustrix

If you are so fond of fashion that the thought of creating the blog about it occurs to you more than often, you just need to take a look at this theme. With the help of Kustrix, you will create not just a blog. You will create something that is interesting not only to read but to look at, too. Furthermore, you can view the process of customization in an online-mode, thanks to WordPress Live Customizer. In addition to this, this template comes with an enormous number of premium widgets that you will find very useful.

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These are the 10 Bestselling GPL WordPress Themes From Template Monster. And I hope this post will help you to choose the perfect theme for your WordPress website/blog and don’t forget to use this promo code – (bloggertracks15) it will help you get 15% off on the purchase. If you face any kind of difficulties regarding this post feel free to contact us or simply comment here. We will reply you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share our post.

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