I Have a Domain Name Now What? – [Ans: Build A Website Today]

Having a domain name is not enough. After registering a domain name, you gotta do many things. So the question you can have is, I have a domain name now what? Don’t worry a bit. What you need to do right now, is follow our lead. You don’t have to think anything. Just follow our steps, and you can have a website of your dream.

I Have a Domain Name Now What?

If you have a domain name and don’t know what to do, you have to follow the steps below – 

1. Buy  A Web Hosting Plan

Domain name providers like GoDaddy have their own web hosting plans with their domain names. But these plans are not good enough and can be expensive for some people. So, what you should do is get a web hosting plan from a top rated hosting platform.

We use HostGator Cloud as our web hosting platform. They have the best service with the least price.

You can go to HostGator. We are a verified partner of HostGator and for that, they have created a custom page for you as you can see below and enabled 60% discount for our readers. So if you choose HostGator you can enjoy the benefit of being our reader. Domain name price has also been reduced by $8.

Domain Name Now What - hostgator

2. Connect Domain Name With Web Hosting Platform

The best place to register a domain name is GoDaddyJust not because of it’s cheap because it’s the most used registration platform all over the internet. For starters, people actually buy their domain name from GoDaddy and then connect their property with their web hosting plan.

Why Do You Need To Connect Your Domain Name With Web Hosting Platform?

You have a domain name, and following above you have bought a web hosting plan for yourself. That gives you two products at hand. But with only one goal. Creating a website. Both things are basic necessities to create a website.

So you have the basic things. But still, they are separated. To start your website with the name you have chosen, you have to connect your domain name with web hosting. Because only after that you will be able to write, upload, post in your website. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do anything even if you have a domain name and a web hosting plan.

But this job is a bit tricky. Most web hosts have the same procedure of connecting domain name. Here’s a little tutorial for you about – How To Connect GoDaddy Domain Name With Web Hosting Plan(HostGator)

By any chance, if you have bought your domain name from Namecheap, Here’s How you can connect your Namecheap domain name to web hosting plan.

3. Install A CMS(Content Management System)

The next part of I have a domain name now what is to install a CMS.

To do something on a website, having a CMS(Content Management System) is a must. But first, let’s see what a Content Management System is.

A CMS is a software or a bunch related programs which are used to create and manage digital content. Digital content as in whatever you write or upload or post on your website, you have to do that through a CMS and in order to manage that later, you also need a CMS. So this is the most important thing for your website. It’s the platform which you’d have to be on to maintain your website. To do anything on your website you need CMS.

WordPress - The Best CMS

There are some CMSs on the internet. But the most widely used CMS is WordPress. In WordPress, you can do everything easily, like – plugin and theme installations, PHP coding, HTML coding, content writing and much more. 

On other CMS like Joomla, you’ll face a lot of trouble setting up. But on WordPress, there’s no problem in setting up, there is no manual problem solving, all you gotta do is install plugins as your will and that’s that. Those plugins will help you in managing your website. This is why 90% of the bloggers use & suggest WordPress to other bloggers and people who want to start their own website. So, our recommendation is WordPress.

4. Install Necessary Plugins On CMS

 Domain Name Now What? - wp plugins

As you’ve read about plugins above on the CMS part, it’s actually time to talk about plugins. Plugins are necessary add-ons that will help you throughout in managing your website. There are plugins for everything. SEO, buttons, tables, content maker, timer, coupon manager and thousands of others. Plugins are basically there to sort out your small to the smallest of problems that will occur in managing your website. There are some basic plugins that are a must for your website – 

  • Yoast SEO – For Search engine optimization
  • Updraftplus – For backup.
  • WP Super Cache – To clear cache
  • Jetpack – To check site stats
  • Akismet – Anti-spam plugin and much more depending on your specification. 
  • TinyMCE – For writing better content.
  • TablePress – To Create tables for content.
  • MaxButton – To Create Buttons for content.

You have to install these plugins on your CMS. You can learn the method from our article – How to Install WordPress Plugins.

5. Design Your Website

Just like using a theme on a cell phone, WordPress also provides free themes for your website at first. But for better looks and a perfect diagram of your own, you will need a theme that you can modify on your own! For that,, you will need a premium theme. But don’t worry, there are cheap themes that you can buy. There are a lot of premium theme providers on the internet. But all of them are not equally satisfying. We have chosen some of the best theme providers for you.

Here are some best WordPress premium theme providers –

  • Thrive Themes – This is definitely the one to choose. Their themes actually have the ability to increase your subscribers and customers.
  • Elegant Themes – They have 87 different themes on their list. If you search for best premium themes, you are sure to find them on the list. Also, they have an amazing offer of getting 87 themes just at $69. In this way, you will only be paying less than a dollar for each theme.
  • MyThemeShop – They have many themes which are very popular with new bloggers. For starters, these are the themes to go for.

Once you have bought or chosen and downloaded your desired theme you have to install it on WordPress. Here’s how you can do it – How To Install WordPress Themes. Most of the themes come with documents and tutorials. You can check them to make your website great.

You need to have a very nice logo. Nice as in catchy. It must be very eye soothing yet people have to notice it. If you can do graphic design, you can make your own logo. But it’s always better to make people work for you to lessen the pressure. You can always hire a Professional designer from Fiverr and make your logo just for $5!

6. Become Professional - Create an Email Using Your Domain Name

In this step of I have a Domain name now what, you will get to understand what being professional is about.

How awesome must it feel to see the domain name of your dream is right at the end of your email address? Very, right? And it’s also professional. 

How is it professional? Because it increases the brand value of your domain name.

You can always get your own domain named email address from Google, but that will cost you $5. If you follow our method, you can get it for free! Here’s how you can do it – How To Create A Free Email With Your Domain Name.

7. Get Social - Create Social Media Accounts

 Domain Name Now What? - social media

This is the last step of technical work in I have a domain name now what.

When you have a website you must have an audience who will surely visit your website now and then. As a matter of fact, when you are on a social media, whatever you write or post or share, reach your friends.

But on a website, there’s actually no way of reaching people without topping the search results. Which actually takes more than months. So the best way to reach people at a starting stage is to create an audience in the social media. the must-have social media accounts on your website are –

You should hurry up before someone else starts using your domain name as their page or account username. The same domain name in username increases the brand value. For example, https://facebook.com/bloggertracks is our facebook link. As you can see, the name of our site has been added at the end.

8. Start The Good Work - Content Writing

All the technical work in I have a domain name is done. The next steps are optional but helpful.

After doing all the technical work just to start posting on your website, you have reached the place where you can start writing.

You must be thinking all the hard work is done. That’s not true. The hard work will start from now.

Your website is good to go but without content, your website is nothing but a blank page. So it’s very important to write contents on your website. But you just cannot write anything on your website.

No Sir. You have to write what is actually related to your website’s specification or category. For example, if you desire to do affiliate marketing here’s what you need – How To Select Category and Content For Affiliate Marketing.

9. Submit Your Website To Search Engines

 Domain Name Now What? - google search console

If you don’t do this part your website will never be found in a search of any search engines. Because search engines will not index your website on their directory.

Just like a book index, we can find the top results that are on the internet on any search engine’s index by searching what we can call is SERP. If you don’t submit your website, you cannot think of people reaching your site by search. So, submit your website to a search engine right away.


You will start having traffic on your website once it’s indexed by a search engine.

10. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The next step in I have a domain name now what is to know what SEO is.

After submitting your sitemap, you might think you’ll get perfectly ranked if you write a post perfectly. Well, that’s true. What you actually need to do is optimize your website according to the search engine’s specifications. This is called SEO(Search Engine Optimization). 

There are some specific ways to optimize your website as per search engines. Most of them are related to your content writing and other utility work in between content writing. 

Here are some articles that will help you with the basic problem identification and solution of SEO – 

11. Monetize Your Website

 Domain Name Now What? - monetize

There must be a goal for you to work with. Our goal is to basically teach people the right way to choose when they decide to start blogging or their own website. While doing this we must have a limited income to run this website. But to be honest the income is not really limited. You can earn thousands of dollars by working on your website. For that, you have to monetize it perfectly.

If you check our post which is about 15+ Affiliate Network & Programs That Pay Through Payoneer you will definitely understand what we meant by monetization. We have added our Affiliate links on each of the network’s title, if you click and sign up for the program, it will not cost you any money, but we will get a small commission from these programs. 

This is just an example, we have many monetized post on our website. Take the above link as an example and try to work on your website this way, only if you’re passionate enough to start your career in this sphere. Here is an important article which will help you 

Starting from I have a domain name now what ended up in monetizing. So start monetizing. This will seriously help you out in future. It’s a great scope for building up a career. But you have to be passionate enough to work on your website and monetize it to earn big bucks.

Our Work Is Done, Now It's Your Turn

All the steps of I have a domain name now what is given above. Follow them accordingly to build your website.

You must understand why we have written all the facts in detail and added so many outbound links so that you can understand thoroughly and make your decision by judging all the facts. So be careful about what you choose. Be sure about trusting us with the recommendation. If you have any hesitation simply comment or send us an email. We will be glad to assist you. We will also be very thankful if you spare a second and share your thoughts with us on comments. Don’t forget to share if you received any help from our post.

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