HostGator Review 2017 – Reviews Complaints [HostGator Shared Hosting]

In many professional and famous blogs, you will see that they have suggested buying HostGator Cloud Hosting Plan and have activated a discount for you. But I will confidently show you why for a starter, you should go with HostGator Shared Hosting Plan(Baby). In this HostGator review, I will discuss reviews and complaints made by customers.

hostgator reviewThis very blog was hosted on “HostGator Hatchling Plan” with their 1 Cent Coupon Code. I was running my experiment on the blog where I actually work and monitoring their performance. As a user of them, I will share my personal experience being a customer to HostGator Shared Hosting.

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HostGator Review: Feature Highlights(Pros)

Least Plan Price


Coupons & Discount

Up to 60% OFF

User Experience(As Beginners)

Best Experience


User Friendly

WordPress Installation Process

One Click



Average Loading Speed

0.7 Seconds

Domain Transfer Process

Free & Easy

Customer Support


Money Back Guarantee

45 Days

User Rating

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Check & Buy

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Plans and Pricing

HostGator Review - Shared Hosting Plan


HostGator have three shared hosting plans.

  1. Hatchling plan: This plan starts at $3.95/month. It comes with a single domain, unlimited storage, unlimited subdomains. After 3 years discount cycle price $6.95/month.
  2. Baby Plan: It starts from $5.95/month. It offers unlimited domains, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth. After 3 years discount cycle price $9.95/month.
  3. Business Plan: This plan also starts from $5.98. It comes with unlimited domains, storage, bandwidth, a free dedicated Ip, SSL and a Toll-free number. After 3 years discount cycle price $14.95/month.

Coupons and Discounts

hostgator review - 60 percentHostGator have some range of Coupon codes and deals that will let you save up to 60% on your sign up. So it’s also another pro that they have. This is a very nice marketing policy for them and a very nice opportunity for customers to buy their desired plan. Use (BT60PERCENTOFF)and enjoy 60% off on yearly plans. While you’re redeeming this code, let us suggest you a little. Go for the longest billing cycle, as you can only use a coupon code only one time for a website on every web hosting platform.

If you use the code (BT60PERCENTOFFprice will be – 

  • Hatchling Plan – $2.78/month for up to 3 years
  • Baby Plan – $3.98/month for up to 3 years
  • Business Plan – $5.98/month for up to 3 years
  • Domain Name price $4.99/year

                                                                                           [wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] User Experience(As Beginners)

Hostgator review - user experenceAs I stated before, I started this website on HostGator with a shared hosting plan. So at the time of our novice blogging period, the best help we could receive was from HostGator as being their customer. I always had a fear of what to do next. But the factor is that the all-rounder facilities that I received from them, was pretty overwhelming.

Moreover, for the record, my journey didn’t have to slow down a bit. And my WordPress dashboard was fast too. So to be honest with the beginner’s experience, I would definitely say that HostGator was pretty charming as a first hosting platform.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] cPanel

hostgator review - cpanelHostGator have the easiest Cpanel of them all. The layout they have are nicely designed and the sections are specified into categories. So whatever you are looking for can be spotted easily.

There is also an invoice creating an option where you can select products and create a virtual invoice for yourself and compare prices. 

Basically, cPanel is the best control panel for web hosting platforms. And HostGator is powered by it. They are willing to support their customers by giving them easy Control Panel.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] One Click WordPress Installation

hostgator review - one click wordpress

In any website, there has to be a Content Management System aka CMS to control and manage everything of it. For adding content, media and editing them later as necessary, you need a CMS. Without a CMS you cannot run your website. The best and the most popular CMS is WordPress.

On HostGator WordPress, the most popular CMS (Content Management System) can be installed by one click. All you gotta do is log into your Cpanel and find the option to install WordPress on your website. Just by clicking once, your WordPress will be ready to use on your website.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] 99.9% UpTime Guaranteed

hostgator review - uptime

99% uptime is not enough. Because if you do your math, it says, for 99% uptime your website will have a 3 days downtime in one year! That’s something you let to happen. Because it takes 2-3 days for a blog content to be indexed by a search engine. You might lose your ranking because of the downtime!

99.98%, just shy by 0.02% from a 100%. But trust me, I didn’t see my site’s downtime for even one second in 6 months straight. So the 99.98% factor, which some bloggers might show as a con of HostGator Shared Hosting, is not actually true. Because without using, you cannot actually assume the UpTime.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Average Loading Speed

hostgator review - avg loading speedI don’t need to create a log for you about the average loading speed by month wise. Because it’s just a waste of your time and I intend not to bug you with a long post. So the average loading speed is almost 732ms which actually is not pretty bad considering other web hosting platforms shared hosting plans.

Believe me, if you actually try to compare with some other platform’s loading speed, you might end up thinking HostGator is actually the fastest one in its class. You can actually test the loading speed of their homepage. I hope you will get a better result than we had. You can check for yourself.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] Domain Transfer Process

hostgator review - domain nameThe HostGator domain transfer process refers to transferring a domain to HostGator from another web hosting platform. It is an easy process. It’s just a pro side for HostGator. But when it’s about opening a new website, this doesn’t really matter at all.

Many web hosts charge extra fees to transfer domain names to them from other web hosts. But with HostGator, the domain transfer process is easy and totally free of cost. So if you have a domain to transfer, transfer it free to HostGator. And of course about the process. It will be a piece of cake to handle for you without any hassle.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] 24/7/365 Customer Support

hostgator review - customer supportHostGator provide a 24/7 customer support on their Cpanel for their each and every customer. There is no class division between cloud hosting customers or VPS customers or Shared hosting customers. All are treated in the same way.

So don’t think when they’re a bit delayed to reply(say 2-5 minutes at max) they are prioritizing a customer who pays more than you. To HostGator every one customer is same. All are treated equally. 

They will solve your issue for you and teach you the way how to do it. So that you don’t have to ask them again rather you can do it yourself.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-partial” wrap=”i”] 45 days Money Back Guarantee

hostgator review - money back guarantee

Another important factor in HostGator review is having a money back guarantee. They have a 45-days money back guarantee. So if you think blogging is not your thing or you don’t have enough time to run your website, you always can ask your money back within 45 days of signing up. Read Their Terms of Service to know more.

Usually, everyone provides 30 days guarantee. But HostGator is so confident about not losing customers, that they have increased their money back guarantee for 15 more days. That’s why people rate them very highly and recommend them to other people who want to start a new website or simply want to change their host.

HostGator Review: Reviews/Complaints

As customers have different satisfaction level, many have issued many complaints against HostGator WordPress Shared Hosting plan. In This HostGator review, as I told before, I’ll talk about the complaints.

Loading Speed: Some say that HostGator is Slower than BlueHost. Apparently, both of these web hosts have an average loading speed of 0.7 seconds. So basically this is a wrong judgment.

Cpanel: HostGator has a cPanel where all the things have specific Icons according to their work area. But many customers complain that their cPanel is a tricky one to handle. The truth is it might seem a bit tricky at first. But according to beginner user rating, it has a better cPanel than most other Web Hosts.

Domain Name Cost: In regular plans of HostGator, Domain name costs about $14.95. Which is actually high. But with their 60% Off coupon (BT60PERCENTOFF) the domain registration price is $4.99.

Average Loading Speed: The prime complaint against HostGator is about the speed if you compare their loading speed with InMotion Hosting or SiteGround hosting. Hostgator is 1.5X faster than both of them.

Again I say everyone’s satisfaction level is different, so it’s better to judge my own self rather than listening to other peoples’ whining. If HostGator was such a messy web host, it wouldn’t have 9,000,000 (9 million) domains hosted on its server. The number proves it’s quality.

Do I Recommend HostGator Shared Hosting To You?

Yes, of course. Because if you now start to compare HostGator Cloud Hosting with HostGator Shared Hosting, we will also say that they are better. But costly. If you’re starting new and fresh, to spend more will not be a good idea at all. Because within some time if you don’t start earning big money, you won’t be able to run your website in the first place. With shared hosting, your investments won’t be that big. Your blog at the first stage will not be in a place that it will need cloud hosting as there won’t be many contents. So to choose cloud hosting as a beginner will be a loss. If you can get 75% of the experience just by spending half the money, why should you decide to spend more?

Take Me To HostGator Shared Hosting Homepage

To specify the whole HostGator review, I recommend Baby Plan From the Shared Hosting Sector.

Now It’s Your Turn To Decide

Play smart and safe. Keep things in the budget. You can do that if you take our suggestion reading HostGator Review. Go with HostGator Shared Hosting plan(Baby Plan). It will save you a lot of money, and also is not unusable as like other bloggers portray it.

You must’ve picked up a plan for yourself already reading HostGator review. If you have any questions, ask us via comments, we will reply As Soon As Possible. Help me by sharing my post.

Editors Review
  • Best Shared Hosting Service
  • Coupon Code Working 100% Guarantee


Best Shared Hosting service provider of all time. Beginners can use this for starting their online journey. You can get up to 60% OFF by using this (BT60PERCENTOFF) coupon code.

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