How To Choose A Domain Name – 20+ Tips To Perfection [Guide]

Before buying a domain from any hosting service, to choose a domain name is the most important thing to do. A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. In today’s world, there are millions of websites each containing a unique domain name for itself. Because the domain name is an introduction to a certain website to its viewers. So having a proper and perfect domain name for your small business/blog/website is as important as choosing the best hosting service.

But selecting the perfect name can be and is a hard job for anyone if u ask me, it took me weeks to select the perfect name for my website. And while choosing mine, I found out some important factors which really are helpful to select the perfect name for your domain. I’m going to share those factors to you as tips so that you don’t face any trouble selecting the proper and best domain name for your website. Now let’s see how to choose a domain name. 

How to Choose a Domain Name?

Anyone can have a similar looking or pronouncing or sounding domain name as yours. So people might get confused about finding your website if your identity isn’t clear to them. So on the basis of people’s review and advises from name experts I will give you the best 20+ tips on choosing the perfect domain name. Now read below and see how to choose a domain name. 

how to choose a domain name


1. Make it Easy to Read

To help your website to be noticed by people, choose a name that everyone can read. This will not only help you in having the proper name for your identity but also will help you to create traffic. For Example, People can read their name with ease. 

2. Make it Easy to Type

Select words which people know. So that they can easily type the name of your website on the search and find you more frequently. This is also a search ranking factor which you would need to rank up your website in search engines.

3. Use a Keyword

A keyword can be anything that is related to the contents of your website. Such as if you are interested in posting about blogging, you can choose a keyword like a blog/a blogger/blogging. For example, see our website’s name, it’s BloggerTracks. Our site is all about blogging so we decided to choose the proper keyword which would make the people realize what this website is about. So if they are searching anything that relates to blogging, they would understand that they’re at the right place.

4. Keep it Short

Prevent yourself from choosing long words like realization or circumstances in domain names. Because when people see a long post or a long name or anything that is too long for them to read, they simply avoid it. So keep it short and be noticed.

5. Keep It Simple

Don’t choose words that are unknown or too hard for people all around the world to understand. Always keep it simple by choosing simple words related to your website content or business.

6. Use An International Language

If you are not willing to keep your website enclosed within your country if you want people to understand the name you choose as your domain name, be sure to use an international language. English is preferred all around

7. Choose More than One Word

Before selecting one name, choose 5 or 6 names at least and compare them.Check which one of them goes the best with your website or business. Then select it finally.

8. Don’t Follow The Trend

Trends are not meant to stay forever. They are like seasons. They will fade away eventually. So it’s not wise to follow the trend in choosing a domain name. Better is to stick with traditional names. 

9. Let the Name Do the Talking

If you are gonna start a business blog, be sure to choose a unique domain name because your business name will be your domain name. For example, HOSTGATOR is a business company of hosting, and their domain is

10. Check the Names in Domain Name Generator Tools

Checking the desired name and finding and extension to it can be easy by using a DNG TOOL. Domain name generator tools can be helpful. But don’t rely on a single tool. There are many tools to generate names. Use them and compare the names to select the best one.

11. Area Targeted Name

If your business is local, consider adding city or state name to your domain name. For example

12. Avoid Numbers

You should strictly avoid adding numbers to your name unless it relates to your business or website content. Example: – number should be avoided ……. – related to business.

13. Avoid Symbols

If you have a name of two parts not use any sort of symbols to separate them. Because people might forget what your separating symbol was. So it’s better to avoid symbols rather than using them.

14. Choose a Catchy Name

Choose a name which has a catch to people. Thus people will always remember the name for its unique appearance. It’s important to be memorable because people forget names, phone numbers, address etc. So a catchy name can do the magic for you. For example – or

15. Research It

Do consider researching the names you choose to make sure they’re not trademarked by others. Because if they are you might face legalizing troubles which would cost you a lot.

16. Keep Name and Contents Compatible

It’s necessary to maintain compatibility of your name with your website content. Otherwise, people will think they have been misled. They will take you as a spammer and won’t come back again. But this doesn’t happen to the brands like because they have a brand building service which helps them to be popular all over the world.

17. Use the (.COM) Extension

Who doesn’t love a (.COM) extension? Research proves that most of the people click on websites with a (.COM) extension. So choosing the proper extension is very important to keep your website or business running.

18. Protecting Your Brand Name

To maintain the uniqueness of your brand name, try to purchase various domain extensions. For example .net, .co, .me, .biz, .info, .org etc. But you won’t need to create websites on every extension. You can just keep them additionally to protect your brand.

19. Own the Misspelled Domain Names As Well

The best domain would be the one that can be reached even by misspellings. To make that happen, you should purchase the misspelled versions. This prevents competitors from registering other versions of your domain name.

20. Check Social Networks

To maintain uniqueness you should check social networking websites to see if there’s anything with the same name that you chose for your domain. Thus you can make assurance of the uniqueness of the name.

21. Modify Your Name if It’s Not Available

Here is where choosing more than 1 name works. You’ll never be out of options. Though one of your names are taken there’s nothing to be impatient about. It’s just one of your names, you’ll have plenty of options if you brainstorm.

22. Act Now

The inspiration of work gets boosted if the first step is accomplished. If you have already chosen a name, don’t waste your time, purchasing domain costs very little. That’s why every single day 84,000 domains are being purchased. So get your desired domain now from GoDaddy. It’s the most reliable hosting service. This website is hosted on HostGator as well. 

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