I Need A Website – What To Do If You Need A Website [Full Guide]

“I need a website” if you’re searching for this, you’re in the right place to know details about it. You searched for it because you want to know how you can fulfill the need for a website. In this article, you will get the step by step procedure of “I need a website”. So that you’re “I need a Website” can turn to “I have a website!”.

I Need A Website - What To Do If You Need A Website

Before get going with the procedure let’s find out the reasons why you need a website.

  • A website saves your money.
  • Having a website is easy to connect with people all over the world.
  • You can create a brand value for your company or yourself by creating a website.
  • Having a website is the best way to keep your customers updated with your products.
  • A website creates a wider market for you to do business.
  • A website can work as an international medium of your business.

How to Make Money With a Website?

i need a website - why do i need a website

Right now, if you have a business that needs to be shown to the world right away, a website is what you need. You can create a customer base all over the world. If people are just a click away from you, your business will surely expand and you will be more successful. People all over the world are trying to put their business on the internet so that they can have more customers and earn bigger profits. 

So, why should you wait? If you already know about the importance of having a website, then start following the steps below. If you follow every step while reading, you will have a website build for yourself within 10 to 15 minutes.

Here are the things that you need to do if you say that I need a website.

What To Do If I Need A Website

1. Select a Domain Name

Deciding a domain name is a very tough job. A domain name is the name of your brand that you want to create on the internet. Just like the name of our website, Bloggertracks. The motto of our website is to teach people to be on the track of bloggers. So the name goes to our standard and website category.

I Need A Website – What To Do If You Need A Website - domain name

The name between the www. and .com is your domain name. The full name of our website is www.Bloggertracks.com. BloggerTracks is the name of our brand. That is what you have to decide, a brand name for your website.

But deciding a domain name is the toughest job of a website setup. But you can do that easily with a little bit of help from us. Read –

The first article will help you to know what to make sure before selecting a domain name and the second article will help you to select a domain name according to the category of your website.

The next thing about a domain is to register it. Many people will suggest you register a domain name from one place and then to buy a hosting from another place. But the domain transfer process is very hard. So to save just a couple of dollars for just one year, it’s not recommended to follow steps like this. After the first year, domain registration cost will turn out to be the same. So we suggest that register the domain name from the same place you buy a hosting plan. This will save your time. Time is more important than money.

2. Choose a Web Host

If you have no place of your own, you have to rent an apartment. Having a web host is as same as that. To keep your website’s data and your web content, you need to host it on a web-hosting provider. At this time, there are thousands of hosting providers. But you have to choose one among them. Let’s us sort out the features that you need to make sure.

I Need A Website – What To Do If You Need A Website - web hosting


Below $6/month

WordPress Installation




Money Back Guarantee

Least 30 Days

SSL Certificate

Given For Free

Avg. Loading Speed

Less Than 0.5s

Customer Support


So these are the factors that you should look forward to before jumping into a web host selection conclusion. Now, as I’ve mentioned earlier, there are thousands of web hosts around showing almost the same features. But which one will be ideal for you?

Our recommendation: A2 Hosting

I Need A Website – What To Do If You Need A Website - a2 hosting

Why Do We Recommend A2 Hosting?

Among thousand other web hosts, why A2 Hosting? Because they have some amazing features and very well-qualified. We ourselves have hosted 3 websites including this one on A2 hosting servers.

Least Plan Price

$3.92/month (with 51% Discount)

WordPress Installation




Money Back Guarantee

For Life

SSL Certificate

For Free

Avg. Loading Speed


Speed Comparison

20X Faster Than Other Web Hosts

Customer Support

24/7/365 with Avg. Response time of 90s

Get Discount Now

A2 Hosting Detailed Features

  • Least plan price is $3.92 per month (with our 51% discount coupon).
  • One-Click WordPress installation.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee which is better than the ideal uptime threshold.
  • A2 Hosting has anytime money back guarantee. You can get your money back at any time of your billing cycle.
  • They Provide Free SSL Certificates for websites.
  • Their Avg. Loading Speed is 391ms(Milliseconds).
  • Proven 20X Faster than most other web hosts.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support with an Avg response time of 90 seconds.

So undeniably they are the best in this price range of web hosts. We use it ourselves and recommend it to people who are saying, “I need a website”. Here’s the A2 Hosting Sign up guide (With Discount) for your ease. Do read their term of service

Go To A2 Hosting Hompage

3. Buy A Premium Theme For Your Dream Website

I Need A Website – What To Do If You Need A Website - theme

Your dream will not be fulfilled if there are glitches in it. Without a premium theme, your website will not the premium look. So our suggestion is to buy a premium theme as soon as you log into your dashboard. Having a premium theme is considered to be a proof of quality. So if you want your website viewers to think that your website is a high-quality website, you should get yourself a premium theme.

We have listed some of the Best Premium WordPress theme providers for your benefit so that you can easily find your ideal theme for the website of your dream. There’s also a limited time offer for you.

N.B. – If you buy your hosting plan from A2 Hosting Clicking that button above, contact us. We will gift you with a Premium WordPress Theme worth $47! This is a limited time offer. So, get your hosting deal now and get a chance to have a $47 worth premium theme for free!

4. Install Necessary Plugins On Your WordPress Dashboard

I Need A Website – What To Do If You Need A Website - pluginsWordPress plugins are the necessary application like add-ons which will help you to maintain your website. There are thousands of plugins for WordPress. But all of them are not necessary for you. There are some plugins that are a must for you –

  • YOAST SEO – For on page SEO.
  • JetPack – To Check traffic stats on your website.
  • Akismet – To Keep Your Website Spam-Free.
  • UpDraftPlus – To Keep your content and media backed up.
  • WPSuperCache – For clearing cache and maintaining dashboard speed.

These are the must need plugins for your dashboard. Installing these plugins will be your first job on WordPress dashboard. One of these plugins requires extra setup procedure which has to be very precise. That is YOAST SEO. Here’s an article about YOAST SEO Setup which will help you to complete the full setup of your SEO plugin.

5. Submit Your Website To Search Engines

i need a website - why do i need a website? - google search console

Ever heard about Google Search Console? No? Well, Google Search Console is the place from where you can control trafficking and ranking of your website. If your website is facing any error and that error is not letting people reach your website, you can find the error here and solve it as well. Google search console lets you index each and every post published on your website. But to monitor everything, you have to submit your website to Google Search Console.

Our Work Here Is Done, Now It’s Your Turn

So, that’s all you have to do to start saying “I have a Website” from “I need a Website”. We cannot force you to follow the steps but trust us, you’ll be benefitted. If you want to follow our steps or if you have followed our steps or even if you have simply anything to share, comment here. We will reply to you as soon as possible. We’ll be very happy if you share this post so that more people can know what to do if they need a website. Thanks for stopping by.

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