How to Make/Increase Affiliate Sales – Write The Perfect Business Post

When it comes to blogging, we all have our categories. Some are making money with Ad-sense, some are doing it by PPC (pay per click). One just needs to have visitors for his blog for these two types. But for an affiliate marketer, he is not only to have visitors but also have those visitors who are willing to pay and buy something that they actually need. An affiliate marketer has to make sure that the person who is visiting his blog, buys something so that he can get a commission. At least 1 person from the 500 visitors he has got in one day has to buy something otherwise the electricity bill, internet bill, and other bills will tear him apart. So the main concentration in the game of affiliate marketing is to concentrate on How to Increase Affiliate Sales. In this post, I will give you the best idea of writing the perfect business post to increase affiliate sales. So you won’t have to buy E-books that cost you a fortune.

Let’s Increase Affiliate Sales


The first step in this guideline is to know about the basic structures. Remember one thing, you can bring up visitors to your blog by thousands of ways. But if your posts are not up to the mark, then you won’t have any sales. So let’s start with the basic structures that will help you the most in writing the perfect sale post to increase affiliate sales.

increase affiliate sales


The name you’re choosing for your posts has to be really catchy. If you search for something on Google, you will find several numbers of results. But you’ll choose only one. Which one? The one that catches your eye. And to do this to your visitors, what you need to do is select the perfect headline for your post. Suppose if you write “elegant themes are Giving 50% discount” this doesn’t sound catchy, does it? So play with words, Write it like this, “elegant themes special sale deal- up to 50% discount”. This is pretty catchy. These type always catch the attention of viewers of the internet. But never make it sound too irrelevant, it will create a negative effect.


Try to avoid long paragraphs. When people see the post name and click on it, the first impression to create is not to make afraid or bored at the first sight. How to avoid that? To make people avoid this, you gotta avoid Long Boring Paragraphs. Try to write in short paragraphs. Make it short and make it step by step, just like a tutorial. People often try o find the most important part of the instance. So make sure that the main thing they need to know that can earn you some commission or income, is just before their eyes. Thus their attention would be at the right place and it’ll increase your affiliate sales.


You might think who reads the conclusion anyway, but the truth is people actually do read the conclusions. Thanks to our beloved internet writers, the viewer’s mentality have been changed. Due to the writers, intellectual style of “adding the important info in the last portion” has worked its charm. Sound annoying right? nothing to do, it will take a long time to change their thinking. So it’s a win-win game if you just work your way out through this. Just like the name, the conclusion has to be something catchy and in the words of media people “it has to be spicy”. So pour some spice on your conclusion. It’s important because reading the conclusion helps visitors to decide whether they will be back on this website again or not. So just like I said, Pour some spice on your conclusion.


The basic structure is the layout of the post that will increase the affiliate sales of your blog. But the deal apart from the layout is the writing skills that you will imply.

increase affiliate sales


Writing a blog post has nothing to do with writing an essay. Because when we write an essay we use the toughest of words to impress the teacher. But those words were annoying for us. So don’t sit to impress a teacher when you’re writing a post for your blog. Make it as easy as possible for people to take out the meaning of what you wrote.


Follow a systematic dialogue. Suppose you’re writing about how to drink water from a glass. You wrote, “grab the glass of water and take it near your mouth. Now pour some water in it.”(!!) How is that even possible? You are saying to keep the glass near the mouth and pouring water at the same time. This would’ve been better if it was like, “first grab a glass and pour some water in it. Now bring it to your mouth and enjoy the glass of water.” This is why you need to follow a systematic dialogue. Don’t complicate things for someone who’s reading. Because he’s already in some complication, that is why he searched and found you.


Try to talk to the visitors like a communicative way. So that it makes them think they are talking to a real person. Not a machine or just reading a page. This enlightens their instincts and helps them to be satisfied, which will eventually help you to increase traffic and sale.


Just like people decorate the Christmas tree for being more attractive, just like girls do makeup to look more beautiful, you can use decorations to make your posts attractive. Not only the following decorations decorate your posts but also makes the work of visitors easy. How? Let’s find out.



Adding an image to a post is not mandatory, but when you are willing to give your visitors the chance of not going away from your blog, inserting images is a must. Because when people will read from your blog they’ll look forward to viewing the images of the products they just read about. If you provide those, they won’t get off your site and this will increase the chances of affiliate sales. You can also add video tutorials by giving videos links or upload them by yourself.


There’s a part of a basic structure that says, to makes people find the things they want at a glance. Using a table is the best option for that. You can show the total analysis of your post by adding a simple table. Suppose if you re-reviewing the hosting plans of HostGator, just simply add the prices and features in a table by name. Viewers will directly read that. They will be satisfied at the least time. Thus it’ll increase affiliate sales.


Don’t forget to add buttons alongside with tables. By this, you can do two things.

  1. Hide Your affiliate link.
  2. Decorate your post.

So you should add buttons to your post. This will help a lot to increase affiliate sales.

Thanks for reading this long and boring post for such a long time. If I have helped you in any way to increase affiliate sales, share his for me. If you still have confusion, you can ask away in comments or send me an email directly. I will reply as soon as possible.

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