3 Best Ways to Install WordPress Plugins – Step by Step [Guide]

WordPress is the most used website creating and management system (CMS)  on the internet. Because of its ease of usage people prefer using WordPress. But WordPress without Plugins is just like a sky without clouds. For that reason, everyone needs to know how to install WordPress Plugins properly. Without knowing the proper idea of installation procedure you will suffer a lot.

To work properly on WordPress, users need some of those plugins that are available in WordPress plugin search which makes the management of a website user-friendly. You have to install and activate these plugins. Some of the plugins only need activation, some need to be verified with specific codes or keys. Thus WordPress theme plugin installation can sometimes be tricky enough for new bloggers. That’s why a step by step guide for beginners is necessary. So that they don’t face any trouble making up their WordPress user-friendly. In this post, I will show you how to install WordPress Plugins.

Types Of WordPress Plugins

There are three types of plugins on WordPress. 

  • Those which require being activated by keys or code. (Free & Premium Plugins)
  • Those which require being a license key. (Premium Plugins Only)
  • Those which Don’t require any codes or keys to be activated. (Free Plugins)

There is a huge diversity in WordPress plugins. There are thousands of plugins which require a code to install and also thousands of plugins which don’t. To guide you through the process for key activation plugins I’ll show the installation process of  Akismet. Then I’ll show you the license key activation by installing the WP Coupons and Deals plugin. And for non-key activation plugins installation guide I choose Hello Dolly.

1. How to Install WordPress Plugins - With Activation Code

How to Install WordPress Plugins - Akismet

Step 1:

On the WordPress dashboard, you can see a widget named Plugins. If you place the mouse there a sub menu will show and you have to click on Add New. Then a page will appear where you have to write the desired plugin name and make the search.

Step 2:

When you have finished searching, the search results will show your desired plugin, suppose I have searched for Akismet so it will show me the result for my desired plugin. Then click the install now button and wait till it installs.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - Intsallation Akismet

Step 3:

After doing the installation you will have to activate the plugin from the installed plugin list. As this plugin requires an API KEY to be verified there are some more steps to do to activate it.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - Sign Up For Akismet

Step 4:

To get the API KEY, sign up to Akismet. once you’re signed in, another page will show up with some paying options. Yes! Akismet is a paid plugin. But here’s a surprise, I’ll tell you how to get the API KEY for FREE.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - Aksimet Plan

Step 5:

Click on the boxed option of the photo and there will be a page where you’ll get to choose your subscription offer. The default offer would be 36 months 120$, change it to 0 months subscription. you will receive an API KEY and once you Insert the key your AKISMET will activate for 0 months. So whats the benefit? You can use the plugin without a subscription charge.

How to Install WordPress Plugin - Akismet Final Part

2. How to Install WordPress Plugins - With License Key

How to Install WordPress Plugins - WP Coupons and Deals

Step 1:

At first, go to your WordPress Dashboard then click on the plugins and then click on add new. Now search for WP Coupons and Deals Plugin. After that, all you need to do is to click on the “Install Now” button. And then activate the plugin.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - WP Coupons and Deals Installation Procedure

Step 2:

Now again go to your WordPress Dashboard and now you can see that here is a new option “Coupons”. Now click on the “Coupons” option then Click on the “Upgrade” option.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - WPCD Upgrade Option

Step 3:

As earlier, I have mentioned that the “License Key” option will be available for Premium Plugins. And it’s the best plugin for coupons and deals niche website. So you can grab this plugin anytime you want. If you want you can read – WP Coupons and Deals Plugin Review.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - WPCD plan choosing

Step 4:

Now you can see that I’m using their “Pro Plan” and I have added my keys perfectly.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - WPCD License Activation

3. How to Install WordPress Plugins- Without Activation Key

How to Install WordPress Plugins - Hello Dolly

Step 1:

Again you’ll have to reach the dashboard and click on plugin then add new and search for Hello Dolly on the search bar.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - Hello Dolly Installation

Step 2:

Once you find your plugin, click the install now button and activate the plugin from plugin list. And you finished WordPress plugin installation steps.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - Hello Dolly Activation

And finally, you are done with your WordPress installation process. I hope this post will help you to install plugins for WordPress. If you have any questions or suggestions about how to install WordPress plugins then simply comment here or email us directly.

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