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Selecting the perfect one among the thousand available WordPress themes online is the toughest job of the earliest stage of blogging. Most of the bloggers don’t know the importance of choosing the perfect theme. A perfect theme helps to increase both growth and revenue of one’s blog. And this post is all about top rated MyThemeShop themes.

For WordPress, there are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes. So to choose the perfect theme is not really an easy job to do. But if you ask any professional blogger to choose between free and premium WordPress themes, most of them would go for premiums. Because custom changes can be made on a premium WordPress theme but free WordPress themes are write protected. So you can hardly make much change to the default look.

Before selecting a theme, one should look forward to some pointers that actually matter

  • Is your blog/website enough good looking at the first sight?
  • Can you easily make changes by yourself without supports help?
  • Is the selected theme up to the mark as it’s price?
  • How responsive is your theme while someone is visiting your blog/website?

Now to choose the theme provider. There are hundreds of providers with a huge range of WordPress themes to choose from. But do all of them cover the above pointers? Not really. So it’s another tough job to choose the right web designer to buy a theme from. How to do that?

Let’s see how to judge with some questions

  • How long have they been into business?
  • Are they popular enough to be trusted?
  • Are the themes cheap enough to be bought?
  • Is the offer limited time or lifetime?
  • Are the product upgrades free forever?
  • Are they adding new products and optimizing the old ones?

If these are the pointers that you have, then the company you should go for is none but MyThemeShop themes aka MTS

Now Who Is This MyThemeShop?

MyThemeShop is a company who provide Best WordPress themes. There are bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs working and testing all the themes they have and are publishing practically. They don’t just create themes, they nurture each and every one of them till they are ready to be used by bloggers all over the world.

They have 104 Mythemeshop themes to choose from which they have categorized in Blog, Business, e-Commerce, Magazine etc.

Features of MyThemeShop Themes

  • Fully SEO optimized themes
  • In-built ad management system
  • 100% responsiveness
  • 500+ fonts to choose from
  • Built in Google forms
  • Video tutorials regarding every issue
  • Proper documentation of every product
  • All themes are created by HTML5 and CSS3 markup
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Built in shortcodes for every theme
  • Author bio box included in every post
  • Compatible with most browsers
  • Unbelievably fast page loading
  • Smartphone friendly
  • Built in social share icons
  • Favicon and Logo uploading options

Now it’s time to talk about the top 15 premium WordPress themes. Before that, to make your work easy Read: WordPress Theme Installation Guide

Top 15 Premium MyThemeShop Themes

Here is the list of 15 beautiful MyThemeShop Themes which will be suitable for your website


Mythemeshop themes - authority

This theme will help you to build trust and authority of your blog with the visitors. People have rated this theme 4.9/5. This theme is created after Mathew Woodward’s blog which has an income of six digits. To create a theme manually just like this one would cost at least $200 if you give this job to a theme designer.


  • Supports multi languages
  • Seo Optimized
  • Very responsive
  • Speed optimized

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Schema, by far, is one of the fastest ever WordPress theme all over. It includes all the feature MyThemeShop provides. It’s the most popular theme of MyThemeShop and also all around the world as an iconic theme. This theme will help you to rank up on the google search.


  • Fully responsive
  • Ultra fast page loading
  • Seo Ready
  • HTML5 and CSS3 ready
  • Powerful option panel
  • Built in review system

This is the recommended theme.

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Mythemeshop themes - sensational

This theme converts an average blog to a stunning one. You can select your color scheme and style layout to make it perfect looking for yourself and the visitors. It’s an ideal theme for the starters.


  • Multiple layouts
  • Fluid responsive layout
  • User-friendly options panel
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Unlimited backgrounds
  • Custom widget
  • Optimized for ad-sense
  • Custom dashboard design

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This is a theme for professionals. It has a modern responsive design and various sections like headings and others. This theme will allow you to compete with pros of the blogging world.


  • Drag and drop sections
  • Responsive for all devices
  • Has a slider section
  • Projection and team sections
  • Blog Feed and gallery sections
  • Woo commerce sections
  • SEO optimized

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This is an amazing theme that has an engaging design which is fluid responsive. This theme lets your blog to load very fast. You can customize it as your will. It is also optimized for search engines and advertisers. It includes a review system too.


  • SEO optimized
  • Fully responsive fluid design
  • Has narrated video tutorials
  • Many shortcodes are included
  • Floating navigation menu
  • Multiple single post layout
  • Clean commented coding
  • Supports all browsers

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SociallyViral is designed to engage, to bring a huge traffic to your blog. This theme itself will boost the visiting rate of your blog. With some added features, you will be able to redirect a huge traffic from social networks and it’ll help to boost your search engine rankings.


  • Social media icons
  • Shows trending posts
  • Full socially integrated
  • Adsense optimization
  • 4 different loading effects
  • Subscription box
  • Fast loading
  • Easy and light weight
  • Schema integrated that’ll help to boost rankings
  • Mega menu dropdown
  • 630+ Google fonts

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Mythemeshop themes - thunderstruck

This is the most eye-catching theme from the designers. It has many many features, nice color contrast layout. Being a fast theme it is fully optimized for SEO and advertisements. It also consists an awesome control panel.


  • Premium support
  • Automatically optimized for devices
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Custom dashboard design
  • All google fonts supported

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Mythemeshop themes - steadyincome

This theme is the ultimate one for Business blogs. If you want to be an online marketer, Entrepreneur or blogger, trust me this is the theme you want.It’s fully packed with many features, such as powerful subscription, featured product section and an amazing design that will amaze your visitors.


  • 100% responsive
  • Featured product display
  • Partner logo sliders
  • Newsletter subscription box
  • Promotion sign up form

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Mythemeshop themes - video

Video is a magazine blog WordPress theme that is designed for media posts. If your concentration is on videos, if you want to build your dream media blog, Video is the ideal theme to go for. All the features from the builders are available on this theme


  • Intelligent social pop up
  • 4 pre-defined homepage layouts
  • Supports Facebook, Youtube, and others
  • Fully optimized for video
  • Watch it later option
  • Like/Dislike buttons

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Highly recommended for Movie websites.


Mythemeshop themes - true pixel

This is a fully responsive WordPress theme. This theme is ready for widgets, you can consider this theme as the icon of elegance. You will have a very catchy layout with enough space for your content.It is customize-friendly for speed and easy use.


  • Amazingly mobile friendly
  • Schema integrated for search engine rankings
  • Test approved visitor long time stay rate
  • Integrated social media buttons
  • SEO mastered
  • Great options panel
  • One click installations

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Mythemeshop themes - ad sense

If it is one thing that you want is to earn money then this is the theme you want. This is one of the WordPress themes that are ad friendly. It has features that will help you the do better ad management, ad blocker detection, content locking and ad placement. This theme helps to show ads to the users who don’t want to watch ads.


  • #1 ad friendly WordPress theme
  • 8 pre-defined layouts
  • Different ad placement areas
  • Built in ad blocker detector
  • Option to make blog background clickable

Highly recommended for Adsense websites.

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Mythemeshop themes - money flow

MoneyFlow is the theme for those who are serious about earning online. if you are looking forward to creating your livelihood over blogging, this is the theme you should go for. You can have many advantages to monetize and enhance the visitor level to more than your expectations. Its dynamic design will help you to get hold of the people who visit you once.


  • 24-hour support
  • HD video tutorials
  • Powerful option panel
  • Ajax category filter
  • Amazing fonts and icons to select from
  • Off-canvas mobile menu

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Mythemeshop themes - my blog

MyBlog is the choice for professional bloggers. If you want to build a brand of your own This is the theme you should go for. It’s only for the serious ones.


  • 8 pre-defined layouts
  • Mega menu compatibility
  • 2 innovative slider options
  • 11 necessary widgets
  • SEO and ad optimization

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Mythemeshop themes - fortune

Fortune is one of those WordPress themes that are for multi purposes. It’s not only a responsive but also ad optimized. It will increase the rate of reading and be earning.


  • Offers unique layouts
  • Designed to load in a flash
  • Unlimited Google web fonts
  • Uses HTML5 and CSS3
  • Premium support

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Mythemeshop themes - blogging

Because this particular theme is created on HTML5 and CSS3, it has made blogging easier.It is designed for bloggers who want many many contents on their blog. It’s properly optimized for search engines, so it’ll bring a lot of traffic for your blog.


  • Mobile phone friendly
  • Speed & Adsense optimized
  • Awesome option panel
  • Shows Facebook comments on blog
  • Social media icons are included
  • Schema integrated for better ranking

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So these are the top 15 MyThemeShop themes for your blog. Try the demos before downloading and buying the premium version.

Read: How to Install WordPress Theme.

I hope this post about MyThemeShop Themes will help you to select the perfect theme for your blog. Help me by sharing this post. If you have any questions regarding MyThemeShop Themes or still need ideas, simply comment below or contact directly via email. We will reply as soon as possible.

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MyThemeShop Themes can make websites look great. They have great color combinations and all the themes are 100% responsive. Also, their prices are less than most other theme providers. Which makes them absolutely amazing as a theme provider.

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