Payoneer Review 2020 – Is it Safe and Legit? Or is it Better?[+$25 Bonus]

One of the most common questions asked online is “Is Payoneer safe?” To add some weight to that, some also ask “Is Payoneer legit?” To get answers to these questions, as a blogger myself it’s my duty to let everyone know that yes, 2020 is here and in the advanced world, Payoneer is one of the safest and one of the most legit online payments methods.

The most widely known online payment method undeniably is PayPal. But as once spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibilities”- it’s also true in a way that with great services comes great obstacles. If Paypal is so famous why do we need Payoneer?

That’s because, in some countries like Bangladesh where I reside, PayPal is not available. But currently, our country has the 2nd largest number of freelancers and online workers. How would they get paid? The answer is Payoneer.

But can you trust Payoneer? Is it a safe and legit way of transacting hundreds and thousands of dollars? in this Payoneer review, you’ll get all the answers you need. As a bonus for reading through the article, you’ll receive a $25 sign up bonus from Payoneer.


payoneer review

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Introducing The World's Biggest Online Global Payment Method

Payoneer is a multifunctional international Money transfer platform with which you can literally do anything. You can link up your bank account with Payoneer and transfer your money there without any charge. The best thing about Payoneer is that with them providing a master card you can withdraw money from any ATM booth with a very small amount of charge. This enables you to do safe banking with a physical Master Card and you can enjoy their service without even accessing the internet. This is best for those who have an online business or have sources of online payment. It’s also for them who have cravings for online shopping.

As PayPal is not available all over the world, online business owners, freelancers, affiliate marketers from different countries do not have a service wider and safer than Payoneer to receive and send payments. But whenever a person who’s income source is the internet or who spends a lot of money on the internet, has to make sure that the method which he is using is good enough. So, you can understand why it is important to write a Payoneer Review from our side.

Who is Payoneer?

Payoneer is one of the best Global Money transfer methods which has 4,00,00,000+ active users in 200+ countries all over the world. They have such huge number of users because they have the highest number of country access in their platform. So, it is also one of the most used Global Money transfer methods of the world.

It is known to be the best alternative to PayPal. Paypal is not available in all countries of the world whereas Payoneer is almost available in all of the countries and also they are trying to cover the whole world.

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Payoneer was founded in 2005 and since then they have 12 offices across the world. Completing an era of service, it has been listed as one of the 100 best financial companies in the world.

While other’s provide virtual credit card, Payoneer provides a Prepaid MasterCard to its users. This card can be used to pay bills, withdraw money from ATMs and online shopping. 

Payoneer Review 2020 - Is it better than other methods?

To write a thorough review of Payoneer, we must find out its features first.

  • You can receive payments from 200+ countries
  • Withdraw money using bank transfer and Prepaid MasterCard
  • Make payments to 200+ countries via MasterCard and Global Bank Transfer

Also, they have customer support and mobile apps. 

As Payoneer is a financial company, some of the features require some charges.

So, these are the features of Payoneer. Is it really worth using? Let’s find out from this Payoneer Review.

Safely Receiving Payments on Payoneer

Payoneer review - payoneer receiving paymentsPayoneer is a global platform available in 200+ countries. With them, you can receive payments from all over the world.

It is the best method for online business owners who have payment procedure online. Also, it is great for freelancers who work on different marketplaces with jobs from all over the world.

So this is very clear that with Payoneer, you can link your account at various places and receive payments.

Online business owners have biggest issues with getting money secured and safe. They don’t feel safe and comfortable about linking their credit or debit cards because of frauds and scams. Because once you provide your card information and CVV, scams can easily take your money without leaving a trace.

But with Payoneer, you can feel and be totally safe because of their security firewall.

Payment in Different Currencies

payoneer review

With Payoneer not only you can receive payments from 200+ countries but also you can receive those payments in various international currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CNY and JPY.

This is because you have the global payment service which is linked to your local bank account. No matter in which currency you receive the payment, you can always convert them to your local currencies with high exchange rates.

So, this enables you to get paid from Affiliate Networks, Advertisers and Referral Programs. Once the payment is done from their end, you will receive the money and get notified via your given email address.

Getting paid from Mass Payout Companies

Payoneer Review – Is it Safe and Legit? Or is it Better?[+$25 Bonus]

This feature is a very unique one because it’s only available in some of the global platforms but none of those platforms are as big as Payoneer. Because it is linked with thousands of Mass payout corporations and freelance marketplaces.

So, if you are a freelancer or an online business owner, then this is the perfect medium for you to handle your finances.

Also, unlike other platforms, Payoneer has an option to apply for a Master Card with which you can transact in the easiest of ways and in the shortest of time. 

So, if your concern is to get paid by mass payout companies, Payoneer is the easy solution for you. As it is free and almost available all over the world. 

Getting Bills from Your Clients

Payoneer review

The “Request a Payment” feature is for you if you are expecting to receive a bill from someone. If you have provided someone a service and you need to be paid, you can always send them a payment request and get paid on Payoneer.

Also, Payoneer provides you with proper bills and attachment papers which you can store and keep all the necessary information about your client and your service payment.

If you take cash or bank transfer, you won’t get proper exchange rates because liquid cash exchange rates are pretty low. but if you grab those bills via Payoneer, you can get better exchange rates for your local currency because online currencies have better exchange rates in local banks.

Withdrawing Money From Payoneer

payoneer review - receiving 

It’s not enough just to receive payments right? If you cannot take out the money you received what’s the use of having a platform for global banking?

The most important feature of Payoneer is not receiving, it’s withdrawing the money you have received or earned through your hard work. There are many ways to do that.

Local Bank Transfer

payoneer review

Payoneer has enabled us to transfer money from our account to our local bank accounts. Usually, whenever you are transferring money from one country to another, you have to give extra fees for the transaction and also conversion.

But Payoneer does that for you for a very small charge.You can transfer the money and it usually takes 2-3 business days to receive the money on your local bank

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

payoneer review

If you don’t want to wait for 2-3 days to withdraw your money, then this is the perfect method for you.

Payoneer provides their clients with a Plastic Prepaid MasterCard. You have to apply for a card manually after opening an account and verification.

With this card, you can withdraw money from any MasterCard atm, Pay hotel bills on websites like, Buy anything from online markets like Amazon and make payments anywhere that accepts a MasterCard.

Selling Payoneer Currency to Others

payoneer review

This is an unofficial way of withdrawing your money. You can always transfer your money from one Payoneer account to another. If someone from your acquaintance wants to buy some Payoneer currency, you can send them from your account and get hands-on liquid cash.

This method is not a recommended one. Our recommended method is to apply for the MasterCard and withdraw your money with it. Because it’s a faster method.

Making Payments Via Payoneer

Sending Money to Other Payoneer Account Holders

Payoneer Review – Is it Safe and Legit? Or is it Better?[+$25 Bonus]

This is the easiest way of sending any amount of money to others. All you gotta do is go to the make payment option, type the email address of the account you want to send the money to and type an amount. It’s very easy and convenient.

Global Bank Transfer 

payoneer review

Payoneer allows you send payments to over 200 countries in 150+ currencies. With Payoneer, you can avoid the problems of dealing with different banks and currencies. This service is fast, safe and secured.

You can also send an invitation to your payees and tell them to sign up on Payoneer so that the transaction can be as easy and simple as possible.

Payoneer MasterCard

Payoneer Review – Is it Safe and Legit? Or is it Better?[+$25 Bonus]

You can use the Payoneer MasterCard just like any other debit cards to make payments at shops, markets and even online. To order it you have to transact $100 first.

Because of it having the dual currency mode, you can easily make border cross payments via this card. Whereas it saves your time, also the currency exchange rate remains very stable.That’s why it’s the most preferred method for making payments.

Customer Support

Payoneer Review – Is it Safe and Legit? Or is it Better?[+$25 Bonus]Payoneer has a customer support active 24/7/365 days. They are determined for your help at any time of the day and night. Unlike other platforms, Payoneer replies in the least time.

Whenever asked for clarification platforms like PayPal tell to check their terms of services but Payoneer, despite having their terms of services opened, they will explain to you everything in detail.

That’s the best part of their customer support. But the setback is that live chat support is not available 24/7.

Payoneer Mobile App

Payoneer Review – Is it Safe and Legit? Or is it Better?[+$25 Bonus]There’s an app for Payoneer account holders both on IOS and Android platforms.

The application will help you in many ways:

  • You can keep track of your transaction
  • There are 20 different currencies you can check your balance in
  • 19 different languages to choose from

Payoneer Fees

Receiving Payment is free of cost. If you use USD Currency in your local bank you’ll be charged 1%. If you use other currencies, it’s free of cost!

Payment via credit card has a 3% fee. But if you are paid from random sources like marketplaces or affiliate programs, the fees are according to the service providers.

payoneer review

Withdrawal fees are a bit hefty.If you withdraw your money in your local currency from a bank the fee does not exceed over 2%. But if you withdraw the money in USD, GBP or EUR then the fees are flat 1.50%.

The Payoneer card is also a bit hard to handle. It will cost you $3.15 per transaction from an ATM booth. Balance inquiry costs $1.The annual charge for the card is $29.95. You can get a brand new replacement card for $12.95.

Start Earning With Payoneer

Payoneer has a referral program in which you can earn an amount of money every time you refer Payoneer to anyone.

Payoneer gives you a referral link which you will have to give to your acquaintances and if they sign up using the link you provided, you will see counts of how many have opened an account via your given link.

Every time someone you referred reaches a total transaction of $1000, you and your friend, both will receive $25 bonus!

It’s a very easy method for you to earn some extra cash. All you gotta is just refer to a friend and wait till they reach the $1000 threshold. You will receive your $25 bonus in no time.

Also, if you sign up now you will receive $25 bonus after your transaction has reached $1000 threshold.

So sign up now and enjoy your $25 bonus. If you have read the whole review, then you must have decided to sign up for Payoneer or not. If you still think you have questions, you can ask us via comments. If you think this review is worth sharing, don’t hesitate, we will be very happy.

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