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Want to know how to become an affiliate to more than 30,000 brands at once?

You have landed in the right place.

Because this article is about the Sovrn Commerce review, formerly known as Viglink, which is currently one of the biggest platforms for you to start making money without even breaking a sweat! 

Viglink as we know, has changed its name to Sovrn Commerce. If you have checked their website, you would see that it has a complete new look and everything seems very different than it was before. Has it changed entirely?

To know more, I dug deep and found out many things about the new Viglink and now as an affiliate marketer, it’s a duty for me to write a Sovrn Commerce Review for my fellow affiliate marketers.

As you know, many big brands have stopped taking affiliate partners. So, for new affiliate marketers, the competition has become very hard. To survive in the industry they need to become affiliate partners of such brands that are frequently searched. Otherwise, it’s just a lost cause. 

For them, Sovrn Commerce is a blessing. They have more than 30,000 merchants from where you can choose brands like Amazon, Agoda, Ebay, etc. You can become individual affiliate partners to all these merchants. So, why would you go through Sovrn Commerce? One of the unanswered questions. I will answer evenually.

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Sovrn Holdings: The Brains behind Sovrn Commerce​

Viglink became Sovrn Commerce when Sovrn Holdings inherited the business with a huge amount of money transaction. Sovrn Holdings is basically an online advertising technology firm based in the USA. They are currently operating one of the world’s largest affiliate merchant platform.

Viglink previously did have 30,000 merchants. With the inheritance, Sovrn Commerce became one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms of the world. Sovrn Holdings has been a tremendously successful company. They fulfilled their celebration of a decade by buying Viglink and renaming it to Sovrn Commerce. 

Obviously, they did not just buy a company and changed the name accordingly. They did bring some improvements along with a new name and a new look. 

Know Sovrn Commerce Better: Make Money With Non-Monetized Links

Sovrn Commerce lets you generate links manually and use them on social media platforms, threads and discussion groups, anywhere you want. 

But you have to do all the work all by yourself. Find a specific audience and keep pasting the links till you make a sale. 

There’s an automated method though for which you’ll have to get a website of your own

The biggest trust issue occurs to a random visitor of your website whenever they find a link that looks like an affiliate link. People tend to click on links that look more organic.sovrn Commerce review

Because, we do like to review and compare stuff first, but not really rely on the judgments of others.

What if the link was Non-Monetized one but still you made money? Is that even possible? 

With Sovrn Commerce it is. There’s a method of installing Sovrn Commerce to your WordPress website. That installation automatically turns non-monetized links from your affiliate merchants into affiliate links without changing anything. 

Thus you can earn money via commission. It’s a completely automated method. All you have to do is apply for an affiliate partnership with you selected merchants from Sovrn Commerce Dashboard. After that whenever you put a normal link, it automatically becomes an affiliate link. 

You can do that with all of your affiliate links from different affiliate platforms. With a little help from a WordPress plugin called ThirstyAffiliates. You can easily cloak your inorganic links with organic-looking ones. 

Sovrn Commerce Review: Better than Before?

Viglink AKA Sovrn Commerce as we know was a programmatic aution affiliate service that automatically turns non-monetized links into monetized once. But, that’s just the cover of a book. Let’s open this book up and find more about their pros and cons.


  • Brings the most wanted affiliate merchants under one platform
  • Makes affiliate link look organic
  • Completely SEO Friendly
  • Automatically chooses the best merchant links for any article
  • Payment within the due time Via Paypal
  • Linking is automatic but controllable
  • Supports various platforms
  • Doesn’t hamper the theme CSS codes
  • Doesn’t mess with the website sitemap or the robots.txt file


  • The most reliable and easiest payment method for them is Paypal which is not available in many countries
  • Sometimes redirects to broken merchant affiliate links which is a solvable problem

The most primitive problem that newer affiliate marketers face is that they have to have a verified Paypal account to get paid via Sovrn Commerce. Otherwise, you can open an account with them but you won’t be paid. 

So, if Sovrn Commerce is out of bounds for you, we can show you other ways to earn money online with ease.

Ever heard of a little something called Payoneer? It’s the most widely known Paypal alternative. Though it’s a Paypal alternative, it has a bigger client base and better reviews. So, you can create an account with Payoneer ensuring safety.

Now time to start earning big bucks. Believe it or not, you can earn money with your Payoneer account from more than 15+ affiliate programs

So, if Sovrn Commerce is not for you, surely you have other ways to earn money with ease. 

But as we personally use Sovrn Commerce and all the other publishers paying on Payoneer, if you have the option to open both the Payment methods, you should go for Sovrn Commerce first.

Because it has a bigger market and bigger market means better opportunities. So, sign up for Sovrn Commerce today and get paid in no time!

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