10 Best WordPress Table of Content Plugins For Every Website

No matter if we’re reading an academic or a random book, the first thing we take a look over is the table of contents. Website articles are getting more informative by the day. That’s why even websites now need a table of contents for readers to locate their designated content. As a blogger, it’s our duty to make things easier for our readers. That’s why on this website we use a specific  and the best WordPress table of contents plugin.

The table of contents serves much like a roadmap of the overall article. They allow you to go through the article at a glance to know exactly where you can find the information you’re looking for instead of scrolling off your time.

As a blogger yourself, you would surely like to make your website easier for your users to use. When a user visits your website, they expect maximized comfort as well as all the necessary information. Yes, content is king. But having better content than others not only means having more information or longer articles. It means having an article that not only talks to your readers but also is very easy to go through. That’s why you need a table of contents plugin.

10 Best Table of Content WordPress Plugin Review

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7. LuckyWP Table of Contents





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WordPress, as a CMS(content management system), offers a great user-friendly attire both to the bloggers and the readers. As a blogger, it’s your duty to ensure maximized comfort to your readers. So, you should choose one of the following plugins and apply them to the articles that are quite long.

This plugin is great for custom posts and long pages. Aside from the table of contents, you can also produce a sitemap with it that lists categories within proximity of your site.

This table of contents appears before the first heading and is preferable especially for users who want to get an overview of the overall subheading before getting into the actual content.

Easy Table of Content Plugin

Accordingly, it also has a unique numbering scheme that is assured not to get lost in themes. It is great for pages or post that are rich in content to have management between lines.

However, for bloggers, you can experience certain benefits within the set-up, especially with articles or blogs that are long in structure. It is also available in many languages with its translation pack. The different option panels can also be used depending on preference.


  • Can customize setting depending on liking such as display option, and the number of headings.
  • Available in many languages.
  • Custom post types are supported though the auto-insertion works with the “_content()”


  • Not working with W3 Total cache enabled.
  • Haven’t had updates for a while.

For aspiring market enthusiasts or bloggers, this plugin is the most recommended one. It creates engaging content with easy steps and includes various additional blocks such as a content filter, feature box, notification box, and many more. Everything in one table of contents plugin!

Although for the table of contents, it lets you create the heading and its content, with the proposed mechanism it does not leave out any gist that is needed. It enables you to choose the list of style, specifically bullet, plain, or numbers.

UltimateBlocks Plugin

As you create headings, it automatically updates and produces a list that is needed. Likewise, if you do not need it, you can always exclude the heading whenever you want.

In every modification you may think of, Ultimate Block mostly have the template that you need. Do not be hesitant to click and see what more you can add or change to your work!


  • You can show or hide the table of contents depending on preference.
  • You can make the table of contents into more than one columns, especially if it turns out to be too long.


  • To create additional heading, you must have it installed before using the desired block.

From its nomenclature, you can expect an easy, user-friendly type that allows you to make a table of contents and insert it to your post, or to wherever you may need it.

Specifically, its feature includes the generating of the table contents automatically by simply parsing the wanted contents for its headers. Moreover, it can insert the table of contents to work optionally by simply selecting and enabling post type.

Thrive Architect Content Builder

In addition, you can have many formats to choose from! Such as numeric, decimal, roman, or you can prefer none.

For configuration, many demands and options are available. You can edit the appearance by using themes or create one using the color of your preference for each specific element, which include the background and border color.


  • Optionally enable the setting such as pages, custom post types, and insert tables.
  • Can choose to display the table of contents hierarchically or not. This would help for the top priority headings to be seen first.


  • Very often (I had this problem once in the last 6/7 months ago once) it gets slow while working for a very long period like 5/6 hours constantly.

This variety does not need any links or anchor while creating the shortcode existing in your post. These shortcodes serve as the table of contents, and efficiently deliver the overview of the overall section.

However, to use it, simply press the TinyMCE editor, and you are good to go! It is also known for auto-generating heading links based on tags, and with its newer version,  you can add a new heading in construction.

Simple TOC Plugin

On the other hand, the only downside is that it has not been tested with the newer updates and versions of WordPress, which may result in the function to vary.

With its simplicity, it is known to be easy to modify, construct, and to learn. If you are looking for a straightforward type, consider this kind!


  • Knowledge in terms of coding is not needed.
  • No limit in how many tables of contents you can make.
  • Auto generates heading links with tags.


  • You can only make a new table of contents per new page or post.
  • May encounter compatibility issues with newer versions of WordPress.
  • Has not been tested lately along with the feedback of the new functions in the table of contents.

Its special feature allows you to order your post even in multipage, which gives you the title and the table of contents on every subpage available. It is beneficial for those who keep track of the page’s views as it can give a concrete numbering of viewers in each subcategory.

Likewise, it also generates the automatic title in every page title as well as customizing your work. It makes the .css easier as you put on themes using the /css/ folder and create your own.

Multipage TOC Plugin

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind to not change the file provided for the plugin, otherwise it can be lost. The creation of your own theme overcomes the other standard design available while getting the appearance of your preference.


  • Automatic, and does not need a <!-NEXTPAGE-> like the old WordPress to get a default title.
  • Open for various customization and modification.
  • Lets you know the amount of audience precisely.


  • Does not have a shortcode to place the table of contents wherever across the site.
  • Needs extra work since it does not set the next page automatically
  • Does not have the option of hiding the title tag.

As an open source software, it does not uphold any warranty, but we all want a “free” item every once in a while! It is known for its shortcodes, wherein it is inserted within the page contents to achieve the wanted attributes.

At the same time, if a shortcode is without attribute, the plugin settings can be used to get the default settings that you need.

HM Content TOC

It also offers translations, specifically English, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. Although it is translated by default, all words may vary.

Consequently, it is known for being straight and simple by doing what it is intended firmly. If you want a table with contents with a minimalism feature that focuses more on its content and not on any contrast or designs, this type is surely recommended!


  • Has translations and uses shortcodes.
  • Free software for the table of contents.
  • Has plugin settings with default.


  • The jump links do not contain the name of the headers.
  • Has not been tested with the newer versions of WordPress.
  • The integration with shortcake is not visible in some editors or is impossible to use due to the structure.

From its name, it automatically creates a table of contents with just using your heading through the content of your page or post. Thus, users can find their wanted gist faster and makes the construction easier.

It is also available and is updated with new WordPress. It is compatible with the frequently used browsers as well such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

LuckyWP Table of Contents

Accordingly, the files included within it are JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and HTML. It has a trusted quality check, and an added support within the package.

As of now, it is not Gutenberg block optimized, but it carries on updates frequently. For questions before purchasing, it typically replies instantly, and even after purchasing, whenever you get stuck with a specific command or to fix an unwanted output.

Lastly, with its function and output, you really get what you pay for!


  • Up to par tech support for inquires.
  • Can support WordPress new updates.


  • Only support multi-page separated by quick tag or a single page.
  • Does not allow the table of contents button and content to be separated in different positions.

There is no doubt in mind that it creates what it is tasked to do! To do this, you only need to insert some shortcodes, and you will instantly see the default table of contents within your page according to your preference.

In addition, you can edit or configure the text that needs to be inserted before the title whenever needed. It works on multi-site. The feature includes a plugin SL framework that provides frames and tools as well. Moreover, you can translate using it with the given languages provided.

Shortcode Table of Content

However, its last update was 3 years ago though is known to work on newer versions, typically WordPress 3.0 or higher. But it was tested up to 4.5.13 versions, and it is also known to be under GPL license.


  • Supports various shortcodes.
  • Can translate and has framework features alongside it.


  • Links may take you below the heading, which may lead you to know where you are.
  • Last update was 3 years ago in terms of function but still works accordingly to newer versions.

The table of contents helps you to get into the topic or subheading of your choice easily. It can be used with multi-level table of contents and can be customized depending on one’s liking.

Its features include changing the label off in the table of contents and can also be defined by a tag. Likewise, it can insert it at any specific location that you want within the page.

CM Table of Content Plugin

To use it, you can automatically add the navigation table of contents, then add custom designs and style it depending on what and how you need it. The version is also new since it was updated last April 2019. The features were tested up to 5.2.0 version of WordPress.


  • Can collapse page upload or define it by tag or class.
  • Insert the table of contents in any location within the page.
  • The type supports multi pages.


  • Is not available in different languages.
  • May experience technical glitches, but the support team can abide by.
  • Some password protected sites may not work on mobile depending on the issue.

This variety supports easing animation within the table of contents. It is also known to be easy to use, and you can choose for the “Scroll to top” option to be active. Moreover, it has themes that can be used for customization.

You can enable or disable the plugins however you like. It is also an open source software, which means that various people can contribute to the plugin and features to be better for the next versions.

JCWP Simple Table of Contents

It was last updated 4 years ago, and not many are known to use this type. So, if it can do what you need and do the tasks efficiently, why not use it!

The recent features are tested with WordPress 2.8 versions or higher. It is tested up to 4.2.23 versions.


  • Has a “scroll to top” feature that can be activated or not.
  • Easy usage and supports customized animations however you approach it.


  • Not many people are known to use the software.
  • The features are not recently updated; specifically the last update was 4 years ago.

How to Manually Add Table of Contents in WordPress

Many prefer to add a table of contents within their WordPress, mainly designed for the readers to know the gist of the website easily. Though, in the process, the first step that you need to know is “How to manually insert it?” Think to know more, here is how:

  • Step 1

Highlight the heading and go to the “Advanced” option.

  • Step 2

In the HTML Anchor box, enter the anchor name.

  • Step 3

Know where you want to link it and go there.

  • Step 4

Highlight and select the text and link with # before the name.

After doing the steps accordingly, you are done.


Having a table of contents can be an advantage for your website since more can be pleased with its user-friendly interface and easy access. All software features stated has different additional features to offer, and so scan through each and one of them, then use it accordingly.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the pros and cons vary as the types continue to get updated. Hence, evaluate for the time being and see what you can enhance.

With this said, know and learn how to make the most eye-catching table of contents that there is! Let us know if you face any kind of difficulties regarding any steps, I’ll be happy to help you. Also, do share your insights about the table of contents plugin you’re using now or hoping to use after reading this article.

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