ThirstyAffiliates Black Friday Sale 2017 – Flat 30% Discount

This is a deal that all WordPress users were looking for. ThirstyAffiliates Black Friday Sale 2017. A flat discount of 30% is something that was never expected. But the unexpected has happened. So it’s the right time to grab what you want. Rather than focusing on what you want, one should focus on what they actually need. ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress plugin that you need.

ThirstyAffiliates Black Friday Sale

Why Do We Need ThirstyAffiliates Plugin?

As I have mentioned before, one has to focus on what they need. If you ask yourself why is this plugin necessary for you, you might end up having some unanswered questions. These features would give answers to those.

  • Built-in Affiliate link cloaking/shortening options.
  • Commission protective link redirection.
  • Open in new window option.
  • Makes it easy to insert affiliate links to posts.
  • Easy link insertion to GIF, images, banners etc.
  • NoFollow/DoFollow options.
  • Show category slugs in link URL.
  • Full backup compatible.
  • Auto linker(premium).
  • Link popularity stats(premium).
  • Scheduled Links(premium).
  • Import Links in CSV version(premium).
  • Google click tracking on Google analytics(premium).

Now that you know why you need this plugin, let’s proceed to avail ThirstyAffiliates Black Friday Sale 2017!!

ThirstyAffiliates Black Friday Sale 2017

Before starting, here’s something you should read: ThirstyAffiliates Installation and User Guide. After installation, to get premium and the Black Friday sale offer, follow the steps below :


(the offer’s valid until 4th December 2017)

STEP 1 :

Sign Up For ThirstyAffiliates Premium

Click on the button above. It will redirect you ThirstyAffiliates download page.

STEP 2 :

ThirstyAffiliates black friday sale

You’ll be redirected to the above page. You can see that the Black Friday deal is enabled. Click on Download ThirstyAffiliates now.

STEP 3 :

ThirstyAffiliates black friday sale

To get the premium plugin and add-ons, you have to sign up for ThirstyAffiliates first. So click on register to start that process. You’ll be redirected to a form like a page. If you don’t have this plugin yet click on Download and read: WordPress Plugin Installation Guide.

STEP 4 :

ThirstyAffiliates black friday sale

Fill up all the criteria. Tick the I’m not a robot option. Scroll down and click on registration. You’ll be provided with your username and password via email. Check inbox and spam messages.

STEP 5 :

Click on the given link from mail and log in using the given username and password. Now you have a ThirstyAffiliates account.

STEP 6 :

ThirstyAffiliates black friday sale

Add a valid credit card to your payment info. Then click on order. On the right side, You’ll see that a button has come, written go shop. Click it. It will take you to their product selection page. Select your desired add-on or product,(suggestion – Blogger Pack) add it to your cart. And pay with your credit card. But during the payment procedure, You’ll find an option where it will ask you to add a coupon code like this.

ThirstyAffiliates black friday sale

Now scroll down a bit and click on checkout now. Confirm your payment. Your add-on or product will be added to your ThirstyAffiliates plugin automatically.

So this was the ThirstyAffiliates Black Friday Sale 2017 for you. Get the deal as fast as you can. Because it won’t last forever. Help me by sharing this post. If you have any questions ask via comments or mail us directly. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

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