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If you’re looking for PayPal to do online business, there’s a better option for you. Before learning about how to verify PayPal Account with Wirex VCC. You can go for Payoneer. Because there are some basic features that will help you monetize faster. Means you will make money faster. Let’s point out which features Payoneer provides which makes it better.

Verify paypal

The Worst part about using Paypal is the verification part. New Bloggers might not have a credit card for themselves. So to verify Paypal account with a credit or debit card or a bank account is quite a problem. But every hard problem has the simplest solutions. Now you can simply verify Paypal account with a Virtual Credit Card aka VCC from WIREX Android app. Sign up for Wirex and you can get flat 25% OFF your first plastic card order. 

Sign Up For Wirex

Wirex is a useful app for bloggers. It lets you create a virtual credit card which is valid just like the Payoneer master card. So those who don’t have a credit or debit card or a bank account to verify Paypal account should go for WIREXBecause it’s totally free!!! Yes, the VCC won’t cost any money to be created!!

How To Create A VCC With WIREX


At first, sign up for Wirex and install the app from Google play store.


After installing, register to this app using your email address, because it needs to be verified by email. Verify the app after registration.


Before going to further steps, check the image below to see all the parts of verification at once. If you still cannot understand the way, read the process below.

verify paypal account with vcc - wirex

Now open the app, log in if required with email address and password. You’ll find an option of ORDER NEW CARD just scrolling once vertically. Click on it and follow the instructions. Fill up the form like criteria with your name address and other information. If you’re willing to verify Paypal account, consider providing the same address that you used to create your Paypal account.


Now click submit to order the card. Your card information (card number & CVV) will be emailed to your email address. 

So now you’re done creating your Virtual Credit Card. 

How to Verify Paypal Account With VCC


Login to your Paypal account. Find the option to Link a card from your dashboard.

verify paypal account with vcc


Fill up all the criteria. Add the VCC card number, Expiration date & CVV and click on Link card.

That’s it, your Paypal account verification is done. And it’s done by the easiest of ways. Mostly PayPal is what you’re looking for when you want to get paid or spend in online shopping. If you are looking for PayPal for online shopping, the next part is not for you. But if you want to earn money and get paid via PayPal, we can show you many ways how to earn money and how to increase your earnings.

How to Make Money Through Payoneer

At first, you have to create an account on Payoneer. There you will see the options yourself. You can get a Free Payoneer MasterCard (Also Free Shipping) anytime you want, with which you can pay out your money anytime you want from any MasterCard Booth. So it’s far easier than PayPal transactions.

1. Payoneer Referral Program

You can always use your referral code given by Payoneer. If anyone clicks your link and signs up to Payoneer, you will receive $25 after their first $1000 transaction. This is a business idea which many bloggers use to make money. And trust me this is very helpful to make a lot of money.

2. Affiliate Programs which Pay Via Payoneer

There are some affiliate referral programs which pay only and only via Payoneer. This is another way to make easy money. We have listed 15+ affiliate programs which pay via Payoneer. You can join them, and refer them as we did in our post. 

These reasons make Payoneer better than PayPal. So join today.

How To Earn Money Online and Get Payment Via PayPal

There are many ways you can do that, but the best way to do that is to do Affiliate Marketing. Becoming an affiliate marketer is easy, but to beat the competition and earning money is hard. There are many steps to becoming an affiliate marketer. To Know all the steps read: How To Make a Website and earn money. In this post, we have shown all the steps of earning money.

We have shown steps how to verify PayPal Account with VCC and also shown a way to earn money. We hope you will make the best use of both ways. If you have any questions or any thoughts to share, simply comment. We will reply you as soon as possible. Help us by sharing our post.

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