What Is SPAM Score? Is It Harmful For Your Blog? – With Solution

New to Blogging? Trying to increase backlinks at this point is the best and most necessary thing to do to gain better rankings and have more traffic. But this seems like an easy job right? Just create backlinks by commenting on blogs. More comments, more backlinks. And as far as everyone is concerned, having high-quality backlinks is the best and the most important deal. But are we making any mistakes? Is it being harmful to us in any way? To create high-quality backlinks, the first thing that hits out head is, “we have to comment on popular and big shot bloggers’ blog, so that’s how we can get high-quality backlinks.” But, here’s the sad part of the story. There’s a little something called SPAM SCORE which you have to be very careful about. What is spam score?

What is Spam Score? Never Heard Of It?

We all know about spam comments and spam emails, now what is spam score?  Spam score is a score count that is counted by triggering any of the 17 unique factors that are flagged as a violation from google. Confused? These 17 factors are the real deal. But there’s a great unfortunate news for everyone That is the 17 unique factors are so unique that even expert and pro bloggers don’t have any idea about these. That’s why you won’t find lots and lots of writings about spam score like other kinds of stuff. But today I will share a personal idea about the spam score count. This will sound unbelievable but I have mistakenly and fortunately found out 1 of the major factors that new bloggers do because they don’t know by doing what they think would help them to grow big is triggering a spam score flagged factor. Before discussing the factor, let’s see what harm spam score can cause to us.

How Can-Spam Score Harm Us?

Spam Score can be checked from a tool from MOZ, that is Open Site Explorer If you haven’t checked your spam score then wait a bit more. First, let’s complete the discussion about how harmful can spam score be. If spam score is high that means those 17 unique factors are getting triggered, this can lead to a lifetime IP ban from Google or a blog can never reach the SERP aka Search Engine Ranking Page. Which actually is the first 10 search results that Google search engine shows for any kind of search. I have already written about How to Write an SEO Friendly Blog post and to write an SEO Friendly post perfectly, you can use this plugin called YOAST SEO which maximum bloggers use to get their posts to reach the SERP.

One Factor Revealed

This factor was found out by me when I was checking my backlinks. When I was at the starting stage of my blog I concentrated on creating high-quality backlinks, just like most of the new bloggers do. For that, I used to comment on big blogs of famous bloggers thinking I was creating high-quality links for my blog. But there is where I was violating one of the factors. I commented on a high PR blog using a different email address other than my own. So Google thought that I was spamming the link of my blog on different sites to increase backlinks. Thus I triggered a unique factor, and when i found out about Open Site Explorer I checked my spam score and saw that comment had a high spam score.  Then I realized that creating backlinks are not so easy, Your comments can be flagged as a spam by the blog owner himself, or Google can spam flag it for him.

So What’s The Solution?

MOZ said that this issue is a violation of one spam score factors. This happens to only the SUBDOMAINS that are hosted on a shared basis. So this means that, If you’re on shared hosting, this is something that you have to be careful about. This lessens the intensity of creating backlinks. Means creating of backlinks is lessened by this. Solution to this is migrating to CLOUD HOSTING. Cloud hosting is one personal IP that is not shared with anyone else. Cloud hosting can be quite expensive if you don’t choose a perfect hosting platform for yourself. Which web hosting should I use? is a post about hosting offers from different web hosting platforms that are both cheap and best in business. You can grab your cloud hosting with a proper discount from the platforms that are listed in the post.

Tell Us What You’re Gonna Do?

I have discussed about the most common triggering factor and its remedy. Let me know what you’re gonna do about this serious issue. If any confusion occurs feel free to ask and don’t forget to share. And let everyone know about the good thing.

Nishat Mahmud

Founder of BloggerTracks.com I am a full-time blogger. I am always up for helping newcomers to choose the right stuff for their blogs and to set up perfectly. I wish to lead people on the track of Blogging World.

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