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You asked, “Which web hosting should I use?” There can be hundreds of answers to your question. But all the answers will not be suitable to your demands and specifications. Not to mention the price. As you’re asking which web hosting should I use, this means you are just at the starting point of your blogging career. So the most suitable web hosting for you will be the cheapest ones with best specifications. In our point of view, there are only four web hosting platforms that match your need, Hostgator, A2 Hosting, Siteground & Bluehost. But which one is the best one for you? In this article, we will provide you with a complete comparison between these four web hosting corporations.

Why Do You Need A Web Hosting Service

A web hosting platform is a place where you can hold all the data and information of your website to your will and use them. And people will be able to read your contents from the internet.

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A very important thing to do before hosting your website is to register the domain name. The cheapest and most reliable domain registrar is GoDaddy. Here’s a way how you can Register your domain name easily with GoDaddy. If you are done with the domain registration process, you can proceed to choose your desired web hosting.

Let’s Discuss Web Hosting Types

Speaking of web hosting plans, there are many types of plans depending on the type of hosting. Shared Hosting, VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting plans. These plans are differentiated according to necessities. Shared hosting is for the people who don’t want to spend much money and can bear their website to be a bit slow when too much data is inserted. VPS hosting is a little bit more costly than Shared with more power on the same specification.

There’s also Dedicated hosting, which is quite expensive but provides maximum utility support and speed and specifications. Managed WordPress Hosting is for those who want to run their website only on WordPress content management system (CMS) which is the most popular and easy to use of its kind. If you are confused, it’s always great to start with something small like Shared hosting or VPS hosting.

Some websites don’t have plans with less cost, so it’s necessary to consider the fact, how long you are willing to work on your website. If you have settled on your budget, you must decide the duration. Because some web hosts provide 30 days money back guarantee, some have 60 days and some provide 90 days. So if your project doesn’t have a long duration, you should consider the money back guarantee duration. So that you can complete your project and can also get your money back if you are not willing to invest much. This proves that it’s necessary to consider all the standards and make plans about your website. It’s an important factor to find the answer to which web hosting should I use.

Which Web Hosting Should I Use: Let’s Find Answers

So now you must understand why it’s necessary to make perfect decisions about your choice of web hosts. But this is not an easy choice to make. Because there are hundreds of web hosts and all of them have something to fall for. That’s why we have rounded up four of the best web hosts based on user ratings and satisfaction. Plus they have less price and best specifications. So you won’t have to worry about choosing from these. Because four of these are the most trusted web hosting platforms of the world depending on user experience.

Straight Up Comparison: Which Web Hosting Should I Use

Domain RegistrationCosts $5 per yearCosts $14.95 per yearCosts $14.95 per yearFree For lifetime
SSL CertificateIt costs $50Free For lifetimeFree For lifetimeFree For lifetime
Customer Support24/7 available24/7 available24/7 available24/7 available
Money Back Guarantee45 DaysAny time 30 days30 Days
WordPress Installation1-click Installation1-click InstallationAuto Installer1-click Installation
Sale OffersYes. Ultimate
Web Hosting
No sale offers.
applies regular price
with 50% discount
No Sale Offers.
applies regular price
with 60% discount
No Sale Offers.
applies regular price
with 50% discount
Regular Cost$122.40 For 1 Year
$205.80 For 2 Years
$394.20 For 3 Years
$107.88 For 1 Year
$191.76 For 2 Years
$134.35 For 1 Year
$253.75 For 2 Years
$373.15 For 3 Years
$107.87 For 1 Year
$203.76 For 2 Years
$287.64 For 3 Years
Total Cost After Offers (least)$36 For 1 Year
$129.02 For 2 Years
$142.61 For 3 Years
$52.86 For 1 Year
$93.96 For 2 Years
$62.35 For 1 Year
$109.75 For 2 Years
$157.15 For 3 Years
$65.40 For 1 Year
$118.80 For 2 Years
$142.20 For 3 Years
Take me To My destinationVisit HostgatorVisit A2 HostingVisit SitegroundVisit Bluehost

Detail Specifications of Web Hosting Platforms

Read the following specifications, you will get the answer to which web hosting should I choose

Domain Name Registration

which web hosting should i use - domain name review

Just like your company’s name, for your website, you must have a domain name that will be registered under your name so that no one else can use it. For example, Bloggertracks.com is our domain name and its registered under our name so no one will be able to take or use this name. But its validity is just for a year. Every year you have to renew your domain registration with a specific amount of money. But as you can see, without BLUEHOST all other three web hosts cost from $5 to $15 per year.

If you are willing to go for HostGator, A2 Hosting or Siteground, you would have to pay the amount. But this amount can be lessened if you decide to register your domain name from a cheap registrar. That would be GoDaddy. They only cost $0.99 per year!! So what you can do is Register your domain name from GoDaddy and host your website on any of these web hosting platforms.


which web hosting should i use - up time review

Uptime refers to the time of operation. All the four web hosts have an uptime percentage of almost 100%. So it’s not really a problem regarding the operation time. Because on all of these hosts, your website will be earning money for you even when you are asleep. According to user experience, the downtime of these web hosts is hardly for a second or two in 2-3 months. So your website will be active 24/7. This is a big reason why we have selected these 4 web hosting platforms in our comparison. Because billionaires’ say, “if you don’t earn while you are sleeping, you’re not working hard enough.”


which web hosting should i use - discount review

This is another big reason why we have chosen these 4 web hosts to compare. Because they offer discounts up to 77%. It is really a great marketing policy from these companies, yet so helpful for guys who are starting fresh. Usually, the regular price for the smallest package starts from $8, but right after the discount applies, the price falls to a maximum of $4. This exclusive opportunity is only available in some of the web hosts. These are the best of their class. In this standard, HostGator is up top, because only they offer up to 77% discount on their Web hosting bundle of the shared hosting plan. 

Customer Support

which web hosting should i use - customer review

All web hosts guarantee about their customer support to be 24/7 active and reachable. But the reality is customers have to wait for 10-30 minutes till they get their service. The reason why we chose Hostgator, A2 Hosting, Siteground & Bluehost is that their customer support is actually 24/7 active and they have an average hold-up of 5 minutes max and no hold up on phone calls. This is actually figured out from their annual customer support report and customer reactions. So if you want proper customer support without any interruption, you can rely on any of these web hosts, but our personal favorite on this term is A2 Hosting.

Money Back Guarantee

which web hosting should i use - money back review

If you think you are not able to run your website anymore, or if you think that working online is not for you, then this is the option that you will seek afterward. We have calculated and measured other blogs as well and our result lies in these 4 web hosts. They provide 30 days money back guarantee to anytime money back guarantee. Means you can claim your money back within 30 days or even anytime of your blogging journey.

A2 Hosting is the best one in this criteria because they are the only web hosting platform who offer anytime money back guarantee. Means you can claim your money back even after 10 years, 20 years or more!! HostGator have 45 days money back guarantee and both Siteground & Bluehost have 30 days money back guarantees. You can now easily think of your time duration. If you have any second thoughts regarding this line of work, means if you think that you will try and work for 6 months and test your ability, you should definitely go for A2 Hosting.

SSL Certificate

which web hosting should i use - ssl certificateSSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which refers to a technology for establishing a secure encrypted link between server and client. So SSL certificate is a must. It’s a great technology to keep the link between a server and a client secured. SSL certificate not only in a secured encryption link but also a very big ranking factor. If you see closely, you’ll find that some websites have HTTP in front of their link and some have https.

Those who have activated SSL certificates, their URL starts with https. Those who don’t have, their URL starts with HTTP. So the site which has an https URL has more efficiency in Google ranking. It’s not specified that why it is a ranking factor by Google algorithm. But actually, it is really a major ranking factor. Most of the web hosts provide SSL certificates but you have to buy it from them. Very few web hosts offer free SSL certificates. BluehostSiteground, and A2 Hosting are three of those web hosts who give SSL certificate for free! Means if you use BluehostA2 Hosting or Siteground as your web host, you will surely secure a major ranking factor.

To know more read: What is HTTPS

Which Web Hosting We Recommend

Our comparison is done, now it’s time for you to decide. We have compared all the factors that are actually notable and noticeable. And while we compared, we have reached a result as well. According to our comparison, we have created a rank sheet for you, and we will recommend as per the rank sheet.

which web hosting should i use - rank sheetFrom our comparison of which web hosting should I use, A2 Hosting has ranked 1st, HostGator has ranked 2nd, Siteground & Bluehost both have gained the third position as they tie with their points!! So according to our rank sheet, we recommend A2 Hosting for you to use.

Why We Recommend A2 Hosting

Which web hosting should I use? Our answer is A2 Hosting. Why? Let’s find out.

If you look closely with proper attention toward the table and the comparison factors, apart from the price, A2 Hosting has the 100% satisfactory like specifications. Their customer support is great, they have auto installation for WordPress and the best part is they are providing 51% discount on purchase. If you don’t want to run your website you can seek your money back from them anytime. So there’s no way of losing if you get your web hosting from A2 Hosting.

Another thing is they guarantee 20X more speed than most of other web hosts in their price range. This is another reason of keeping A2 Hosting at the first position. Have you decided o follow up our recommendation? If yes then click the button below, it will redirect you to A2 Hosting homepage and you will receive 51% bonus. If you don’t agree with our recommendation, go back to the table, judge the factors again. Or if you think one of the other three is the answer to your question which web hosting should I use, click the visit buttons, they will redirect you to your desired web host’s homepage, and you will get the maximum bonus out from them.

However, if you have a budget issue choosing A2 Hosting, then go for HostGator. Because they are providing 77% discount to new web hosting plans. Choose wisely and according to your demands. But if you have enough budget, don’t hesitate to go for A2 Hosting. I hope now you have the answer to which web hosting should I use.

Go To A2 Hosting Hompage

We Are Happy To Help

We have helped you to find the answer to which web hosting should I use by comparing between the best 4 platforms regarding some important factors. But this is not the least for us to do. Here is the step by step sign up guides for you so that you can sign up perfectly and enjoy the discount offers accordingly.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading our article. If you are facing any kind of an issue regarding the comparison of which web hosting should I use or the sign-up process, tell us in comments. We are here 24/7 for your assistance. Help us to grow by sharing our post. Subscribe for more important and helpful articles like this. 

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