Why is Spam Score Important ? – A Guide To Know What Spam Score Is

Now, fasten your seatbelts. Because this is something that will blow your mind as a blogger. Spam score? Now, what is this? Never heard of it? Wait till you know. You will get a shock for an instance. And trust me, you’ll become very careful after seeing this. We’ll tell you why is spam score important.

Why is spam score important

For every blogger, knowing about spam score is very important. This is one of the basics of blogging. But mostly, people don’t know about it because everyone only searches about how to gain better ranks, or how to increase domain authority or even how to write a better content for SEO. That’s how they forget to search for the negative factors that may lead their website to such a position that it never may gain a single keyword ranking again.

Spam Score is something like that. This is a very deadly factor for a website to lose ranks or even a search engine’s indexing. So, before starting with its importance, let’s know what spam score really is and why is spam score important.

What is Spam Score?

Just like domain authority and page authority, Spam score is a metric to count the penalizing flags of a website. A website can be penalized by a search engine for many reasons. If you know about domain authority, then compare to it. Domain authority counts all the factors that will increase your domain’s rank. Negatively, spam score is the count of flags that your website has gotten from a search engine. Most people don’t know about it, that’s why whenever their website starts losing ranks, they are not able to find the error.

Why is spam score important

There are in total 17 flags those weren’t disclosed till now. Yes, now in this article you will be able to know about all the flags of which are triggered can harm your website. I had to do a lot of research for this, it’s result time to see why is spam score important.

The List of Spam Score Flags

  1. Low MOZrank
  2. Huge site with fewer links
  3. Website link diversity is low
  4. Subdomain contains thin contents
  5. The ratio of follow/No-follow domains
  6. The ratio of follow/No-follow subdomains
  7. Huge quantity of external links
  8. Too many Anchor texts
  9. Small number of branded links
  10. Website markup is very small
  11. Low amount of internal links
  12. External link on navigation
  13. Very low number of pages
  14. Lack of contact info
  15. Top level domain related to spammed domains
  16. Domain name length
  17. Domain name contains numerals

These are the 17 flags that cause spam score to increase. Spam score is given in between zero to 17 points. In the case of spam score, the ideal number of the score is zero. First time in forever getting zero in something will give you extra perks. It is believed that a site with zero spam score tends to gain better ranks than the site with spam scores. So it’s very important to maintain this score. This is why is spam score important.

Why Are These Flags Important

These flags are called penalties. These are given by a search engine to limit spamming. So that only the real and pure informative and high-level contents can easily rank over the low-level website. In this case, you can also write high-level and highly informative contents. But if your spam score is high, your contents will not get any ranks. because your website has violated the terms that are set by a search engine.

To stay on a game field you have to play by the rules that have been set by the referee or the gaming council. A website is shown on a search engine. So to keep yourself in the game, you have to maintain the search engine’s term and condition. Violation is not tolerated at all. Because it’s maintained by a bot and bots don’t know anything about tolerance.

They just analyze the data, if your website is found to be spammy, the bot will directly stop indexing it. Then there will be no ways to regain those positions. Or even you cannot make a request to a bot to rerank your website. All you can do is check if the flags have been triggered and solve the issues. But if a long time is passed after the flag has been raised, there’s nothing you can do. So how can you solve this problem within time?

Why is Spam Score Important?

Just like DA (Domain Authority), PA (page Authority) Spam score is just a metric calculated by MOZ. If your DA is high you will have higher ranks, everyone knows that. Just in the same way, if your spam score is high, your website will never get ranked. That’s why knowing about spam score is very important. Otherwise, you won’t even know which flag you have triggered and why your website is going down. You can find your spam score on MOZ Open Site Explorer.

So if you know about spam score, you will know which flags exist. Which you will not want to trigger, which you won’t even try to trigger. Again, by knowing about this, you will check often to see if your spam score is okay or not. You will understand which rules you have to maintain.

Spam score is a total negative result sheet for your website. If you don’t analyze the result sheet you will not understand your faults in an exam. In the same way of speaking, if you don’t analyze your spam score you will not understand yet know which faults does your website have. Thus it will result in three things, losing ranks, losing visitors and losing money.

No One Wants To Lose Visitors

Nobody wants all these right? Nobody really does. But these can be triggered anytime within the journey of a blogger. So one has to always keep in mind that there is a little something called spam score and one has to avoid it.

Apart from the importance, the next thing to know is how to avoid getting a high spam score. Before that there’s another thing to know what is the ideal spam score. there’s a lot of search on this question on Google. okay, let’s answer this one first. Then you will understand why is spam score important.

What is the Ideal Spam Score?

Why is spam score important

This is the first and last time that someone would tell you to keep your marks zero. Yeah. The ideal score for spam score is ZERO. Why? Everywhere it’s said that having more marks is important. But in the matter of spam score, if it were possible I would have suggested keeping the score in the minus area. Because more spam score means more trouble, you will get into trouble if your spam score is more than zero.

Other websites with zero spam scores will then overtake your website with their shitty content. However, keeping zero spam score is a very hard job. You gotta stay focused on all the major factors or should I say flags and penalties so that not even a single one is triggered. Because if one is triggered, you will be in trouble.

So keep in mind the ideal spam score is zero. You gotta keep it zero to gain proper ranks. That’s why spam score is important. No other metric gives you the chance to see if your website is violating any terms that are set by a search engine. No other metric can tell you about you penalties. Only spam score can thoroughly and directly let you know about your negative results. So keeping track about your spam score is very important for any blogger who has the idea of earning from his website.

How to Avoid Spam Score?

Now that you know why is spam score important, you should be concerned about how to avoid them. Trust me, so much hazardous description that you read about spam score has a very hilarious remedy. It’s very easy to avoid spam score.

MOZ has created this metric for the sake of bloggers. They also have created many other things. Among them, there’s a Google Chrome Browser extension called the MOZ bar. MOZ bar here is a unique creation of MOZ. In this bar, you can check a website’s PA, DA and spam score at the same time without even clicking or doing anything.

You just have to keep the MOZ bar open, it will show the domain authority, the page authority and the spam score of a website just as you enter it. For example, if you have added the MOZ bar extension to your chrome browser, visit BloggerTracks you will see that on the MOZ bar the domain authority, page authority and spam score are showing.

What MOZ Bar Does For You

Now, what help will the MOZ bar do? The best chances of spam score increasements are while you’re creating backlinks. A backlink is another term which refers to an external link on a different website, which will redirect to your website. So, while you’re trying to create a backlink on a website, you will not know about its spam score if you don’t have the MOZ bar. If the website’s spam score is high, and if it starts to redirect to your website, your website will be flagged and penalized for this action. it will count as a spam score for you.

Trust me this single flag triggers other flags as well. Some of the minor flags like having long domain names or having numerals on domain names can be overcome without doing anything. But if the spam score back linked website redirects to your website and creates a flag for you. It will eventually trigger other minor spam score flags. Thus, your spam score will turn to become very high.

So if you have MOZ bar for these kinds of situations, it will show you a website’s spam score before you are trying to create a backlink on it by commenting or doing a guest post. It will stop you from doing something like this. Thus, spammy links will redirect to your website.

Are There Any Other Ways?

Another way to avoid this is not to create backlinks on nudity based websites. These websites are usually marked as negative web content containing website. So if such a website redirects to your link, it will be very harmful to your website. It will be counted as a spam score. This is why is spam score important.

Other flags can be maintained just by having strong and balanced internal link building, writing powerful and informative high-quality content, keeping branded links in a limit, having a limited amount of external links on your website and much more. These things are minor. The major factor is that I’ve mentioned. About creating spammy backlinks.

Another thing that you have to maintain is you have to have original contact information, to make it sound easy, you have to link your social media profiles to your website. It will help people to know you more, and also it will help your website not to get flagged.

That’s all about why is spam score important and remedy to how to avoid it. I hope this will help you to solve your problems and know more about your website’s spam score and ranking abilities.

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