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Being a blogger everyone is busy trying to create a better article than other bloggers. For that, everyone is looking for something better to highlight their articles. People are searching for Drag and Drop builders, Table plugins, Button plugins, coupon code plugins and so on. We have already written about two of the above things mentioned and researching about the best drag and drop builders. This article is about the best coupon plugin right now for WordPress – WP coupons and deals plugin review.

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There are a thousand of other plugins for everything in WordPress. But what it lacks is a good and user-friendly coupon plugin with necessary templates and edit options. So, we have decided to review the one coupon plugin which has the potential to be the best WP coupon plugin and is absolutely new in the game. WP Coupons and Deals plugin.

WP Coupons And Deals Plugin Review

If we judge by the features that are written on the website, then it’s a pretty sleek plugin. The usage is very easy. To learn about this coupon we had to install it first. This Plugin is already registered on WordPress. So you can find it on WordPress plugin directory for the free plugin or buy the premium version from the WordPress Coupons and Deals official website of the plugin. Once you have installed this plugin, follow our lead and see how easy it is to use.

Before giving you a demo of how to create a coupon code with this plugin, let us share an important fact first. Just like most other plugins, this plugin also has a free version and a premium version. With the free version, you can create a standard looking coupon code. But with a premium version, you can have a lot more features and customizing options according to your necessity. We are using these plugin and we have both the free version and premium version running on two of our websites. 

Take a view of the settings of the two versions of the plugin. The settings only can show you how different can the premium version be and what more features you can have while using the premium version.

Here’s the setting layout for the free version.

wp coupons and deals plugin review

And down below is the setting layout of the premium version which looks really rich in options.

wp coupons and deals review

Just by viewing the images above, the settings of the free and the premium versions, you can easily compare the benefits that you will get from buying the premium version. Now, we have already published an article about how to create a coupon with this plugin. Let’s continue with the review.

The Free Features

These are the free and universal features of this plugin – 

  • Fast Loading and Responsive
  • Creating option with live preview
  • Direct Shortcode insertion facility
  • Click to copy function enabled
  • User-Friendly and easy to use settings panel
  • Coupon Categories to categorize the created coupons
  • Coupon expiration entry to show expiration date of a coupon

These are the free features that are available if downloaded and installed from WordPress plugin directory. But if you buy this plugin from the WordPress Coupons and Deals official website, you can get more features.

The Premium Features

  • Hide Coupon Code for better conversion
  • Expiration date countdown to create urgency
  • Coupon templates for single coupons
  • Extra coupon templates are unlocked
  • Show coupons from a specific category
  • Show specific coupons
  • Coupons archive page is open

If you compare the features head on, you’ll surely see that having the premium version has a lot of perks. We have already written a post about the introduction and usage of WP Coupons and Deals. You can catch up that article to know about the usage of this premium plugin. We have written just the features, now it’s time to point out some pros and cons.

→ Works to Increase Affiliate Sales

wp coupons and deals review - content builderThe best plugin after Yoast SEO is a content builder, and the best content builder is Thrive Content Builder. But it is quite expensive. So, you might search for some alternatives to highlight your articles to have more sales. Button plugins and Table plugins are already out there. But the main commodity of your affiliate marketing is coupon codes and deals. If you don’t have enough budget, you can easily go for WP Coupons and Deals.

Adding coupon codes is much easier with this plugin than using content builders or other plugins. So, in this case, this coupon plugin is better than a content builder to add a coupon code.

→ Click to Copy Functionality

wp coupons and deals review - click to copy

This feature is very sleek. Before you had to click-scroll over a coupon code and right click to copy or memorize and type a coupon code after going to the very website. But with this plugin, everything happens in just one click. By clicking the code, the code gets copied and also you’re redirected to the very page where you can use it. All you gotta do is paste in the empty coupon code box and click on activate.

You will get your discount is no time. It saves a lot of time and effort for your viewers which makes them return to your website.

→ Hide Coupon For More Conversion

wp coupons and deals review - hide coupon

Nowadays, versatility leads to more earnings. And if you can keep yourself different from others, you will be the person who earns more than others. This coupon hiding option is completely versatile. Other coupon plugins don’t have this option. Those which have, don’t have such a good layout. But with this plugin, you will get the best layout along with one of the most versatile option. When anyone clicks on show code, a new window appears and the code is shown. You can always check the demo and buy from the WordPress Coupon and Deals official website of this plugin. This is one of the reasons to state this plugin as the best coupon plugin.

→ Special Deadline Counter Feature

wp coupons and deals plugin review - counter

A good offer with a deadline makes people act and go for it without thinking about its necessity. The deadline countdown creates an urgency. Unlike other content builders and pop-up ads, with this plugin its possible to create a timer so that people act quickly.

This helps everyone to increase their revenue. This is an eye-catching and attention gaining method to increase sales. As we stated earlier, this plugin can help you to increase affiliate sales in many ways. This is one of the ways and an effective one. Because it’s not necessary to prove for this plugin, a timer is proven to increase sales.

So what more are you expecting from a plugin worth $29.99? It’s almost the same as using a content builder to create a coupon code. You can get this plugin at the above-mentioned price and have a button and table plugin. That’s that. It’s all you need to highlight your affiliate posts. It will increase your affiliate sales by numbers.

Now here’s a twist. We have not just written WP Coupons and Deals plugin review, we are provided with a coupon code for this plugin. We have created the coupon code with this plugin. Which will be a demo for you and also a coupon code with which you can save 20% of the price.

WP Coupons and Deals Plugin - The best WordPress coupon plugin. You can get flat 20% OFF on Purchase. More Less
20% OFF

Now Over To You

We have collected all the data and researched about this plugin’s abilities. What we have found out is that if you buy this plugin for the price, you will not regret later. Because there are so many things that you can do with this plugin. If you invest once, you can get profits for a lifetime. So think straight and get what you need right away.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions regarding WP Coupons and Deals Plugin Review, feel free to ask away via comments. Help us by sharing this post.

Editors Review
  • WP Coupons and Deals


This is the best plugin among those we have used so far. We have rated it 5 stars. If it was possible we would have rated it more than that. Because the feature it provides is way more than the money we have spent to have it.

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