WPX Hosting Black Friday – 95% OFF For All Plans [3 Months For Free!]

People are now searching for reliable hosting platforms more than cheap hosting platforms. Because cheap platforms have a list of perks that they don’t provide most of the times! But when you’re asking for reliable hosting platforms, the best one is undeniably WPX Hosting. And this year, WPX Hosting Black Friday deal is here with an outrageous discount offer. They are offering an offer that starts at a 95% discount! And 95% Discount for all plans! Also, 3 Months free on Yearly subscription. Only available for Black Friday week that’s running now. So, the clock is ticking. Let’s find out more details about WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal and how to get the best offer of the year!

wpx hosting black friday - web hosting for $1

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2018

The best thing about this year’s WPX Hosting Black Friday deal is that they have created three offers for three types of people! It’s true that WPX Hosting is expensive than most other web hosting platforms. But with these Black Friday deals, everyone can get the taste of the best web hosting platform of today. So let’s find out what the offers are.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals
WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals

Offer #1 - 3 Months Free Hosting

This offer is 1st on the list. Because this offer will let you have a hosting plan for a year and you will have to pay only for 9 months! This means the first three months payment is cut off from your bill. The rates of this offer lessen the price on each plan by the price of 3 months cut from the annual billing. So you do the math yourself. Or you can check the prices below to find out.

wpx hosting black friday deal - 3 months free

You can check above and see that the above-mentioned prices are less than regular prices. Which means the prices have been set according to discount to provide you 1 year of service with 9 months of payment. This is the 1st plan on the list. But there’s another exciting plan under WPX Hosting Black Friday.

Offer #2 - 95% OFF For All Web Hosting Plans

This offer allows you to have more than a 95% discount on your web hosting plan purchase for one month! You can get the best web hosting service on the internet right now for a month with 95% OFF discount. Let’s check out the plan prices and see for yourself.

wpx hosting black friday deal - $1 web hosting

If you want to test WPX Hosting’s performance level or if you want to write a review about them, this can be the ideal plan. Because this is the highest discount on the internet this year. 

Which Plan Is Best For You?

WPX Hosting has three basic plans. Business, Professional & Elite. All of these plans have different specifications. But one specific thing that differs one plan to other is the number of websites. 

  • Business Plan – 5 Websites
  • Professional Plan – 15 Websites
  • Elite Plan – 35 Websites

So, the math’s simple. If you have less than 5 websites, you need The Business plan. If you have more than that go for The Professional or The Elite plan. Most important fact is that if you’re looking for speed and have websites with high traffic and content, the best plan for you would be the Elite plan. But if you are starting a new website then go for the Business plan.

Which Black Friday Offer Should You Take?

There are three offers to choose from. Let’s point out the negative facts of these offers.

3 Months For Free – 1 year by the price of 9 months. Not so bad but the specifications remain the same.

95% OFF For One Month – This offer is good enough if you wish to test their performance. But if you want to become a part of WPX Hosting, this offer is not worth it. Because the first month, you will save a lot but from the 2nd month you will have to pay the regular prices. 

So, the most suitable offer from my viewpoint is the 3 Months For Free. You can also go for the 95% OFF deal if you have less budget and fewer websites.

7 Reasons To Choose WPX Hosting Over Other Web Hosts

The right plan, the right Black Friday offer, but is WPX Hosting the right Hosting Platform for you? Undeniably yes. Here are 7 reasons –

1. Better Loading Speed – We have done our research and talked with their clients. All have said that their loading speed increased by somewhat 200%.

2. Best Customer Support – To get the support you will get from them, many web hosts cost money. But with 24/7/365 free customer service, they have a response speed of 20 seconds.

3. Free Website Migration within 24 hours – This service is free and exclusive. No matter how many websites you have, they will do it for free and in the least period of time.

4. Free SSL Certificate – SSL Certificates can cost up to $15 per year. WPX Hosting gives it for free.

5. Enterprise Level Malware protection – It cant cost a lot with other web hosting platforms. But WPX Hosting provides Malware Protection for free with every plan.

6. Regular Backups – WPX Hosting does regular backups of your website so that you can retrieve them whenever you want to.

7. Less Price Than Other Managed Web Hosting Platforms – Compare with other managed web hosting platforms, WPX hosting ahs the least price than most others.

You can read the full review of WPX Hosting from our article WPX Hosting Review. This review is enlisted on WPX Hosting Website as well. If you face any kind of difficulties regarding this discount post feel free to contact us or else you can contact with WPX Hosting.

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