WPX Hosting Review 2018 – The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

A biased review of a web hosting platform comes from either haters or users. The users will praise them as always, and haters will keep on hating them. These two type of people cannot write an honest review. So I decided to write web hosting reviews honestly as an average person. In this project, this is WPX hosting review – describing and explaining how they are considered as the fastest managed WordPress Hosting platform.

wpx hosting review - intro

Who is WPX Hosting Anyway?

WPX hosting (formerly known as Traffic Planet Hosting) is built by Terry Kyle who is also known as the creator of  Bluechip Backlinks, SEO Traffic Hacks, Traffic Planet, Cloudboss.pro and Wayback Rebuilder.

Terry Kyle is an Australian Search Engine Optimization expert and entrepreneur living in Eastern Europe. He is confident about WPX hosting to be the Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Platform. I have researched their customers’ reviews and have the same thinking as him. Let’s discuss in this WPX hosting review how I found out that they are actually the best and the Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting.

WPX Hosting Review: Price & Feature Highlights (Pros)



Least Plan Price



From 5 to 35 Websites


10gb to 40gb


50gb to Unlimited

Site Migration

Free for up to 35 Websites

PHP 7.X, 5.6, 5.4, 5.3

For All Plans

WordPress Installation

One Click

Average Loading Speed

0.4 Seconds Only

Uptime Gurantee


SSL Certificate


DDOS/Malware Protection

Enterprise Level

Customer Support


Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

User Rating


Check & Buy a Plan

Price of SSD Managed Hosting

wpx hosting review - pricing

WPX Hosting has three Managed Hosting SSD plans. Business, Professional Elite. On the basis of quality. the best plan is the Elite plan. But it’s not the ideal plan for you. The ideal plan for you is the Business Plan. It’s true that better quality costs more. But you have to consider the price too. Otherwise, you might take a plan that is not coverable by the money you make. So it’s better to consider the price while comparing the quality.

But their price will seem a bit up to you. Which as a matter of fact is totally legitimate. Why? Because check their least plan specs. All of the features it has are better than most other Managed Hosting SSD plans of other web hosts. Even it has less price than them. So Don’t worry about the price and start worrying about qualities. Because when you are serious about your website, quality matters only, price doesn’t.

1. Number Of Websites

wpx hosting review - websitesUsually, when a web host offers a plan, the first plan always contains a single domain. But on WPX Hosting even their first plan offers 5 websites! And their most expensive plan in this series offers 35 websites! 

This is why it’s a mentionable factor on WPX Hosting Review. Most other web hosts say that they provide unlimited domain websites. But after a number of websites, their platform starts to make websites slow. This does not happen when WPX Hosting is there. So it’s better to go for WPX if you have a number of websites. And for more than 5 websites, no other web host will be as comfortable to work on as WPX hosting.

2. Storage under a Single Plan

wpx hosting review - storage

Cheap web hosting platforms which provide unlimited storage actually start slowing down from their Avg. speed (which is already slow). If you read their terms and conditions properly, you will find out that unlimited storage is actually a negative factor.

Don’t fall for the unlimited trick. Just find the web host who provides the highest storage space. In WPX Hosting review it’s a mentionable fact that they provide up to 40GB storage. Which is more than enough. You might think you need unlimited storage for a website, but honestly, you don’t.

3. Plan BandWidth

wpx hosting review - bandwidth

The web hosts which tend to have less price and offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, at a limited threshold, start to run slow. Because to maintain unlimited bandwidth costs a lot of money and hard work for the web host. Let alone those who say can manage to give unlimited bandwidth, are not at all trustworthy.

WPX Hosting does not offer unlimited bandwidth at their first plan. They offer 50GB and maintain that. They promise to give how much they can, which is highly mentionable in this WPX Hosting Review.

4. Website Migration

wpx hosting review - site migrationWhile migrating websites to a new web host, it may cost some money as it does. Most of the web hosting companies do not migrate websites for free.

But WPX Hosting never costs a single penny. If you have websites and wish to migrate them, go on. You can do it for free. So why not migrate to them if you’re sure about their quality and service? I mentioned in WPX Hosting Review because it’s totally free. It’s a very important feature. let’s face it, people who are starting new, don’t actually start with hosting companies like WPX hosting, rather they go with the cheap ones. This is why they have kept their site migration option free.

5. PHP 7.X, 5.6, 5.4, 5.3 ForAll Plans

WPX Hosting review - phpPHP is a recursive acronym for Hypertext PreProcessor. It’s a widely used general-purpose scripting language which suits for web development and HTML. To say easily, PHP is the most widely used coding language suitable for web development. The latest PHP versions are 7.X (1,2,3,4 etc).

WPX Hosting Review won’t be fulfilled if I didn’t mention it. on WPX Hosting, PHP7.X and others like 5.6, 5.4 and 5,3 are used for a coding purpose. On all of their plans, this language is automatically fixed and can be updated according to necessity. Usually, so many versions together are not seen. And the versions that are mentioned are the best versions of PHP ever.

6. WordPress Installation

wpx hosting review - wp installThe best CMS(Content Management System) is, undeniably, WordPress. WordPress is not too old. Before WordPress, Blogger was the most known platform. But after WordPress came with its cool dashboard and settings with easy options, it took over the market. This is why WordPress installation in just one click matter in web hosts review.

WPX Hosting offers one-click WordPress installation. All you gotta do after buying is, Login to the Cpanel with your username and password, and click on install WordPress. Thus you’re done with your WordPress installation. It’s that easy.

7. Average Loading Speed

WPX Hosting review - avg loading speedAs you can see on the image beside, it’s speed test of a website that’s hosted on WPX Hosting. The average load time was 406ms (0.4 seconds)!! Means your website, if hosted by WPX Hosting, will be loaded just within less than half seconds. How fast is that?

If you are browsing the internet right now, check how much time does it takes to load a website. Then find a website hosted on WPX Hosting. Compare the loading speed. You will understand the difference by yourself. Or better you can try their speed by yourself on your website. Do it, and later you will feel great about yourself for making a great decision to go for WPX Hosting.

8. 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed

wpx hosting review - uptimeThe good thing about the recent web hosting service is they always guarantee 99% uptime. But nowadays that’s not enough. Because if you calculate that 1% on the basis of 365 days a year, the amount of downtime is 3 days! That’s really a long time.

WPX Hosting has a reputation for maintaining 99.95% uptime. It’s a guarantee from them. If you want to calculate their uptime and monitor it for yourself you can go to this website Uptimerobot. We have calculated their uptime on this very website. We have monitored them for last six months and found out that they have a 99.95% uptime which is their guarantee.

9. Free SSL Certificate for all websites

wpx hosting review - ssl certificatesIf I summarize all the search engine ranking factors and find the main 10 factors, one of them is to have an SSL certificate for a website. When a website’s URL starts with Https instead of Http, it’s a proof of secured search and the contents of that website bear security to the visitor. That’s why it’s considered as a great ranking factor.

Now this ranking factor can cause up to $19.95 a year for a single website. But WPX Hosting is giving this great ranking factor for free to their customers for up to 35 websites! Which is absolutely great. You can read more about SSL certificate in this article.

10. DDOS/Malware Protection For 

wpx hosting review - malware protectionI was talking to a support agent once and asked her about this feature. What she replied was very convincing. She said, “We offer free DDOS and malware protection, and if your site gets or is infected, we provide a free clean up. We take security very seriously and don’t charge extra for security optimizations and servicesOne of our main goals is to keep your website clean and safe. We also do daily malware scans, so you don’t need to worry about anything like that.”

This proves the necessity of this feature and this is free of cost. This is an important factor in this WPX Hosting Review.

11. Customer Support

wpx hosting review - customer supportWPX Hosting customer support has a maximum threshold of 60 seconds only! Most of the web hosts make customers wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes before he or she is connected to a customer support agent. Which is very depressing and frustrating. Because you might need help right now. But you have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes to get a solution. Which is not right.

But with WPX Hosting, it’s just a matter of seconds. Their threshold is set at 60 seconds, but their response time is less than 10 seconds. Which makes it even better. So to get the best customer support, you should definitely choose WPX Hosting.

12. Money-Back Guarantee

wpx hosting review - money back guarantee

Having a money back guarantee is a safety precaution. If you think it’s not possible for you to run your website anymore, you can grab your money back within 30 days of issuing your order. This is a safety precaution for you. But this offer given from WPX Hosting is not actually given as a detour if you think WPX Hosting is not for you. They have given this offer to show off their confidence.

They of such confidence that if they provide a 30-day money back, people still won’t take it. Why? Because they have a top-notch quality which cannot be rejected. And they are confident about the service they provide to their customers.

I discussed the pros till now. It’s time to reveal the cons. I have made my research and found only two cons. Only two cons. But ultimately, I also realized those two cons are actually pros! How? let’s see.

WPX Hosting Review: Cons

Least Monthly Price is $24.99

The price is really high. But within the price, they are giving many free things that you must need – 

  • Free SSL Certificate (Costs up to $19.95/year)
  • Free Daily Backups (Costs up to $79/month)
  • DDOS Protection For Free
  • Continuous Malware & Hack Scanning (Costs up to $199.99/year)

All of these you’re getting free of cost with an expensive plan. (Same plan costs $49.99/month on many other renowned web hosts!).

Very Simple Interface

Their website interface is very ordinary and simple. While other web hosts have very beautiful and complex interfaces. Which actually makes their website load slowly. With the simple interface WPX Hosting loads very fast and is very easy to use.

WPX Hosting Review without Comparison? Never!

Now let’s compare WPX Hosting with one of the famous web hosting companies. You must’ve heard about GoDaddy. They have their web hosting platform called Sucuri. Sucuri here promises the best protection a web hosting service can provide. Let’s see.

wpx hosting review - comparisonAs you can see, to get the so-called best protection and priority customer service, you will have to pay $400 extra. Which you can have for free on WPX Hosting. So how can Sucuri be best in protection while they are costing $400 and WPX Hosting is costing nothing?

What Do The Users have to Say about WPX Hosting?

I have researched on the user experience basis and read over 500+ reviews on different web hosting forums. The cons I mentioned above were also recognized as Pros just like the way I have mentioned. Maximum Users have rated them 5 Stars. The overall rating would stand as 4.93 stars as I counted and calculated. That’s why I have rated WPX Hosting 5 stars myself. It’s not about what their features offer you, it’s about the service they have already provided to their customers. I found them praising WPX Hosting for their customer support, for their protection service and even for their backups. This is why the rating is like this. 

So, 5 Star for WPX Hosting from the user rating basis. Now the real question stands. Will I myself take the risk of recommending something to you?

WPX Hosting Review: Do We Recommend WPX Hosting?

Undeniably yes. If I didn’t, it wouldn’t have made any sense. Because the features they have, what their users say about them and after the head to head comparison to one it’s best competitors, on everything, WPX Hosting has won. So why wouldn’t I recommend them to you? It’s a must recommendation from my side. But the decision is for you to take.

I can guarantee you something. If you take the decision to go with my recommendation, you will surely feel great about yourself later. Because WPX Hosting has so many qualities to offer and services to you. It’s not at all wise to leave such a great opportunity and go for something else. Because this is a great idea. A Great idea never fails. Even you believe that, don’t you?

In case you need here is the signup procedure – How to Sign Up For WPX Hosting. Don’t forget to use this -(WO3O0NBLS5J) promo code, it will help you to get 30% discount for your first month hosting.

My Work Is Done, Now It's Your Turn

It’s totally your decision to make. But trust me if you choose WPX Hosting now, you will feel like a winner everytime you think about the moment you decided to choose them.

If you have any questions or anything to share, simply comment. I am happy to have you here and will reply to you as soon as possible. Share my post and help me to give my service to more people like you.

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  • One Of The Best Web Hosting Service
  • Best Managed WordPress Hosting


This is the best Managed WordPress Hosting Service. Their price is high but their hosting quality is 1000 times better than other hosting services. By using this promo code (WO3O0NBLS5J) you can get 30% discount from WPX Hosting Platform.

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