How to Write Good Meta Description For SEO – A Guide Of 2018

If you are searching for meta description in such a short time means you’re a very advanced learner. We have to appreciate you for that. Honestly, it took us a lot of time to figure out what actually the meta description is. By the time went by, we have perfected the methods of writing the best meta description for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). In this post, we will provide you with some methods to write Good Meta Description For SEO.

Before proceeding further to make sure that you have proper ideas about the basics, read these articles

If you don’t need to read them, I must say, you’re actually learning very quickly. Now for another information about the core subject.

What is Meta Description?

The Meta Description is a meta tag that describes a post or page. It is mainly the Short or summary of the post or page. Google or any other search engines often use the meta description to let the visitors know about the post. Also, social media like Facebook or Google+ uses meta description. Whenever you share a post on the social network, it will also bring the meta description.

write good meta description for seo

Be very sure that a perfect meta description will be best for SEO. If it’s most possibly unique and eye-catching than other people, it will drive more people to your blog and you will eventually get better rankings on the SERP(search engine ranking page). So when you are writing a meta description be sure to maintain the following mentioned things.

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Tips to Write Good Meta Description For SEO

1. Write It Between 280 to 300  Characters

The first question to answer about writing a meta description is “How long would it be?” 

Truth is there’s actually no limit to meta descriptions. But In Google search or any search, you will see that in every post it just shows up to 160 characters. If that exceeds then the rest part is neglected. You can check the above image to see that it has exceeded the limit and the rest part is not showing. So try to keep the meta description between 280 to 300 characters.

2. Write Main Keywords

This is actually the most important thing. Google doesn’t actually guarantee that they will show the meta description on the search. Sometimes they show some of the lines those actually contain the Keyword. So try to put the main keyword at least two times so that Google only shows the meta description of the post on the search. But that’s only if you truly want to rank up your posts on Google or other search engines.

Who doesn’t want that? So remember to write main keywords in the meta description.

3. Unique and Connected Description

Before I actually knew the proper use of meta descriptions I used to copy and paste two or three lines of the post I wrote. Many people did that in their beginning period. But the idea is to keep it as unique as possible and the description has to relevant and connected to the content you have written. Otherwise, meta description will just be a useless description. It won’t help you to rank up in Search Engines.

4. Use Call To Action

Use call to action phrases like, ‘Click the result’, ‘View here’,‘Learn how to’ ‘Find here’ etc. These words create interest among the viewers to click on your link.

This is not a mandatory tip but you can use when it’s necessary to use these phrases.

5. Try Not To Write Same Words

You just have 160 characters to write Good Meta Description for SEO. So it is better not to use the same word except for the Keyword that you choose.

It will let you write a perfect and most relevant Meta description.

6. Adding Benefits

It’s an exceptional tip for writing a best meta description. Suppose you are promoting HostGator Or Themes From MythemeShop you can add some significant benefits that your visitors will get if they buy products from here. You can also add the coupon codes of different Web Hosting Platforms Sale Offers On the Meta Description.

So that’s all. These are the best tips to write Good Meta Description For SEO. Thanks for spending your valuable time reading our post. If you have any further questions just ask via comments. We will reply as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share and help us.

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