How To Write Perfect Blog Post Title For SEO in WordPress – [Full Guide]

Writing the title just like those posts which are top-ranked in Google thinking you’ll be on top just like them? Well, this is not the reality. The reality is a bit harsh on everyone. It’s not so easy to be ranked top. You need every single bit of your blog to be optimized for Search Engine. That is what we call Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. By every single bit, we actually mean every corner of your blog. Starting from the title to the ending including Meta Description. In this post, we will provide you with the perfect tips to Write Perfect Blog Post Title for SEO in WordPress.

This post is divided into two major parts

  • How To Add a Blog Post Title In WordPress
  • Tips To Write Perfect Blog Post Title For SEO

How To Add A Title To Blog Posts In WordPress

This process is simple, Yet you must be thinking why are we showing you all this. But in writing a blog, one has to be properly descriptive in order to maintain the chain of writing. First the intro, The description and lastly conclusion. Now let’s start with the step to Add Blog Post Title.


In the dashboard of your WordPress, You will Find option of Posts. Go there and Click on Add New to start writing a Post.

write perfect blog post title for seo


A window will appear and you will find a notepad like a page. There, you will Find two boxes. One just like a line, another one very big. The Upper line box is for writing a title. Fill in the box where its written “Enter Title here” just like the image below.

Write Perfect Blog Post Title for SEO

So this is the step to add Blog Post Title. Now for The next Major Part. That is How To Write Perfect Blog Post Title For SEO.

Tips To Write Perfect Blog Post Title For SEO

So this is the thing that you were looking for ‘The Sorcery’ to write perfect blog post title for SEO.

1. Look For Perfect Keyword – “Research”

Suppose you want to write about Bluehost Discount Deal or Mythemeshop themes remember this that there are hundreds of more people who are writing the same posts. Don’t follow what other people are using as their post title. Always use those words as keywords that people are using in their search. For this, you can easily rely on these keyword tools. All you gotta do is go there and write your main word, it will show you a list of search suggestions. The most searched keywords will be listed there. Choose your keyword wise and use it on your title.

2. Keep It Between 60-65 Characters

Keep the title in between 60 to 65 characters so that the search engine can show the whole text that you have written as a title. Search engines have a view limit of 65 Characters. So use them wisely.

3. Use Unique Words

Use unique words like best, top, rated, great etc. These words easily attract people to click your posts.

4. Use How to Words

If you’re giving tips, try to use how to words so that the search bot understands that you’re writing a suggestion post and it’ll give you a better ranking.

Above all these tips, try to do the keyword research perfectly. If you hit the perfect keyword, your posts will be shown more by the search keyword basis. That’s how you will hit the jackpot of having more optimization than others.

Thanks for reading this. If you have any questions ask away in comments, we will reply as soon as possible. Help us by sharing our post.

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